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Pie Lollipops and shop hundreds of other gifts at vat19.com (dramatic music) – I think we lost them. – Where’s Waffle? – Oh no, did they eat him? – I’m here guys. – Come here buddy, come on, come on. – Oh man, he’s losing a lot of syrup. – Hang in there old friend. It’s going to be okay. (choking) – I think he would’ve
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and leave this dessert menu here, so whenever you get
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Bean Boozled Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly has become world famous by perfectly recreating real world flavors in their jelly beans. Bean Boozled is a fun
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and buttered popcorn. But each of the ten
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go but they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t let go of Eggo. Sorry, I’m getting bacon grease everywhere like an idiot. Thank you. So as we stand here today, in front of his favorite maple tree. We sprinkle his crumbs and hopecc that he finds peace. There you go buddy, nobody is going to eat you anymore. – Rest in peace dear friend. Hey, that’s Waffle! – My bad. Good, try him. (bouncy music) – [Narrator] If you can’t get enough breakfast in your life, feast on delicious Gummy Breakfast. Each piece, handmade in the USA, has its own fruity flavor. And the waffle has an added kick of maple, for a sugary breakfast fix. Buy the Gummy Breakfast
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it up just like at the fair. But without all the
other carnival elements. – Knock over a bottle,
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is uh, it’s right there. – Oh, yep. – [Narrator] That’s
not how it was created. But it was created. Pickle cotton candy,
an airy treat flavored like the verdant vegetable. This batch of pickle candy has notes of the real dill so it’s
time for a taste test. – There are sweet pickles, that’s a thing so I can’t think this is
going to be that weird. The pickle soda wasn’t bad. – Whoa, super savory right off the bat. – Wow, okay, I got like this instant like pickle flavor and
then it was like a sweet kinda cotton candy behind it. – Just the right combo of like sweet and pickle dill, it’s perfect. – It’s definitely, it’s
an experience food. – I have never had
anything like this before. – It’s so good. – Oh my tongues going to be weird? – I definitely taste like
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