How to level up as a teenager? This is a bit of an unusual video that I’m making, because my audience is mainly women who are over the age of 18. But I am very much aware that I do have a younger audience also watching my videos. We are on YouTube after all, so I’m very much aware of that. But I do want to reach out to you who are under the age of 18 and watching my channel. Something is probably interesting for you here and of course, I do have some advice to you that I wish somebody would have told me when I was a teenager growing up and preparing myself for the life as an adult. So here are some of my leveling up advice for you. The number one thing I actually did myself, but I want to recommend them to you as well. That is to wait with becoming an adult as long as possible. With that I mean, if you can be a child as long as possible, if you can be a teenager as long as possible. And when I say as long as possible, I don’t mean forever. I just mean that you should really enjoy the years you have being a child, being a teenager to the fullest because those years you are never going to get back ever again. You’re going to be an adult for many many many years. So many years you’re going to be fed up with it at some point. So make sure you enjoy! Not obsessing about boys, not thinking about intimacy, not thinking about any of these things as adults. Think about a lot. Just enjoy the time you have now. Really do it because it goes so quickly! Now one of the most important things I would definitely tell anybody who is still a student. That is, study as hard as you possibly can. I know it sounds like a cliche but this is one of the best investments you will ever do in your life. The sad part is that we don’t really realize it when we’re young. What I’m trying to say, try to get in to the best possible college or university that you can. If you can get into an Ivy League school, that is of course the dream. If you cannot then maybe a boarding school, maybe some other prestigious school, anywhere where you have a higher ratio of affluent kids. The more you can connect with affluent kids, the better. You want to make friends with them, you want to have them in your network. When you start having these people in your network, you’re also setting the foundation for the future. Because those people that we meet when we are children, when we are teenagers, we usually tend to stay in contact with many of our friends we meet in school. So if you get access to these people who might be future billionaires, millionaires and so on through school, you’re going to have a great advantage when you are my age, when you are an adult, when you really want to level up and really make your life happen. When you have these connections, you will have it so much more easier. Never chase boys. Boys are supposed to chase you. Don’t listen to what society says about being 50/50, that the women have to approach men and also be like a man, No! You are the prize. Boys should be chasing you, not the other way around. And also, don’t allow any boys to treat you like an object in school to humiliate you, to tease you, to do those things they do because they want your attention. Don’t fall for the whole thing of you starting to just provocatively or vulgar just to try to impress them and just because you think that that’s what they want. Don’t forget that these boys are never going to do the same for you. So why should you do it for them? You are the price! Let them chase you. Don’t put too much attention to them because that’s usually what will trigger them and benefit you. Go in Google and Google for Etiquette Schools in your city. There are many etiquette trainings for children and teens, and I would really advise you to get that training. Maybe you come from a family who haven’t educated you in the way where kind of the affluent family would do. You want to learn how to eat properly, how to sit properly, talk properly, walk properly and so on. And this is a great investment in your own refinement and opening up the opportunity for you to feel more at ease with the affluent society. Having said that, try and seek out the rich kids in school. There is always those kids in school that are more well-off than others and I really want you to try and befriend them as much as possible. Now some may be snobby but try and find your way around how you can still become friends with them. Sometimes they want help with the homework. Maybe you are much more clever than they are and they would actually need you for something. Do them a favor, do them two favors. Try to see how you can help them because that is usually the easiest way to access somebody that is a little bit hard to get. Also, don’t forget that you are in school. There are bullies around everywhere. And also people are opinionated, people will criticize you, people will try and dump their rubbish on top of you just because they feel bad about themselves for whatever reason. Now this is the hardest part of being a child, being a teenager but I want you to really think about. Never allow anyone to criticize you! Never believe anything they say. Always follow your own direction. Never let these people influence your direction. Never let them steer you off your direction or make you feel bad for some reason. I want you to stay on your path and I want you to do what you feel is right for you. Don’t listen to this criticism, that is just a distraction! I know school can be quite boring at times and so on. I’ve been there myself. But one thing I would advise is to really try and memorize as much as possible when you’re in class. Take those history lessons seriously. Those are classes seriously. Actually, take all the classes seriously because it gives you this wide foundation of knowledge that you can use for future conversations in affluent circles when you want to impress somebody with your intelligence and so on. That’s why you should really stay awake during class. Because if you will be an intelligent woman when you grow up, you’re going to be so appreciated with men in the career that you choose, in anything! Brain and beauty is such a killer combination so make sure you get both. I really hope that you have some form of sport and a hobby that you do that is so so important as a child, as a teenager. To have something that you really develop a passion for and expertise in and that you find is fun. I really hope you’re doing some fun activity. And if you don’t, make sure you start doing something. Try out some affluent activity, some affluent sports that will serve you really well in the future if you decide to take on the path in the affluent society. I personally did horseback riding, ballroom dancing and I also dance ballet. Very prestige feel things and I’m really glad I did because it has definitely helped me connect with affluent people and present myself in an elegant way when I was older. If you can study French in school, do choose French, very beneficial language and definitely very affluent. If you want to study more languages, then maybe Mandarin, maybe Russian, Spanish, German. Try and study as many languages as possible I personally speak 5 languages and that is something that I’m actually very proud of. Now lastly, whenever you get an opportunity to do a study abroad program or maybe you have finished your studies and you don’t know what to do next and you want to maybe do a gap year, definitely go travelling! Definitely take that year abroad by yourself where you get to experience different cultures. Live by yourself and really grow as an individual. As soon as I’ve finished high school when I was 19, I moved abroad by myself and it was the best school I’ve ever been to. You will meet so many people, you will build incredible network of connections, but most importantly, you will really get to know yourself and really understand kind of what you want in life and who you are. And that is a process we all have to go through, so try and travel as much as you can. It’s definitely the best thing you can do in your 20’s. Now, that was it for me. I hope you enjoyed this different video that I made for my younger audience and that I will see you in the next video.