For all of these projects I’m using clear epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight I add the pigments immediately after mixing, and then let the resin sit until it starts to thicken before pouring Spill 1: Gloss Paint Prime the brush with the same acrylic paint that you will use to pigment the resin Allow it to dry thoroughly before continuing 15g epoxy resin mixed with 0.6g spring green acrylic paint (4% of the weight of the resin) Grease-proof paper is a good alternative to a silicone mat, as the resin won’t stick to it Ready for your first prank victim 🙂 Spill 2: Blueberry Ice Cream This is some leftover resin dyed with purple epoxy pigment and a tiny spot of blue Cut it into small ‘blueberry’ chunks Washed and dried ice cream tub 20g epoxy resin mixed with 0.4g violet and 0.4g white acrylic paint About 5g epoxy resin dyed purple as before Carefully pour out the resin to create a spill I emptied the last few drops of purple onto the surface, and swirled it around Add a few blueberry chunks, and mix them in a little This wooden spoon was from the craft store Leave it on the kitchen table xD Spill 3: Nail Polish 15g clear epoxy resin mixed with 0.6g pink acrylic paint Empty nail polish bottle, all dried out Leave it on someones dressing table xD Spill 4: Caffè Latte 20g clear epoxy resin mixed with 0.35g chocolate brown, 0.35g white and 0.1g yellow acrylic paint Maybe pour a little inside the rim of the lid for a better effect Use it to reserve a table in a busy coffee shop xD Spill 5: Correction Fluid 10g clear epoxy resin mixed with 0.4g white acrylic paint A quick blast from a flame pops any surface bubbles Empty and washed correction fluid bottle Put it on your school friend’s essay xD Spill 6: Red Wine An old wine glass, washed and dried About 50g clear epoxy resin mixed with wine red epoxy pigment This uses a bit more resin than the other projects because I wanted to leave some in the glass Leave it on a white carpet – I dare you xD Spill 7: Syrup 20g clear epoxy resin with 3 drops of Castin’ Craft Amber pigment Dipping the drizzler into the resin pot was immensely satisfying Let the resin soak into the wood for a few moments, then pop the tiny bubbles with a flame Add a bit more resin if necessary. You may need to re-visit after 10-20 minutes to pop any further bubbles. Leave it on the breakfast table xD ! Spill 8: Banana Milkshake 20g clear epoxy resin mixed with 0.2g yellow and 0.6g white acrylic paint Simulation cream off eBay, which is a real thing Dried banana chip That does actually look good enough to eat xD Spill 9: Ink 10g clear epoxy resin mixed with blue epoxy pigment and a tiny bit of black Put it on your homework and take a picture of it as evidence that it was ruined xD Spill 10: Chocolate Ice Cream Cut out the shape from 3mm Foamex board, then double it up with another piece Take a bite out of it Paint it with chocolate brown acrylic paint, and leave to dry Take some gravel and paint it brown also 25g clear epoxy resin mixed with 1g chocolate brown acrylic paint A lot of ice cream was eaten to gather the materials for this video Leave it on the back seat of the car xD Thanks for watching! Leaving a like is the best way to support the channel 🙂