– [Man] Do you think that
Alvin’s gonna be able to do it? – If anyone’s gonna do
it, it’s gonna be Alvin. – There’s no way, it’s impossible. – If anyone can do it, Alvin can do it. – Alvin can do anything. – [Alvin] I feel like my whole life has lead up to this point. Today, we’re making the 100 layer lasagna, it’s gonna be great, I’m a little nervous, 100 layers is a lot of layers,
I’ve never made this before. It’s kind of a crazy idea,
and hopefully it goes well. Oh, I forgot my concealer,
hold on, I need to. No, I need to put on concealer, hold on. The ladies at Sephora
were very patient with me when I learned how to do this. Not gonna get on the food, I promise. But, you know, gotta take care of these hands because I throw them a lot. The idea for the 100
layered lasagna kind of came from an internet challenge. It was kind of like this
100 layers of makeup, 100 layers of clothes,
and we work at Tasty, so like why not do 100 layers of food, and lasagna was the first
layered food that came to mind. So instead of doing the
usual ricotta mixture and a chunky meat sauce,
I went for a thinner meat sauce and a bechamel
because when I assemble the lasagna, this is going to help keep those layers nice and smooth. When I’m done, this will
have 50 layers of noodles, and 50 layers of sauce for
a grand total of 100 layers. The biggest hurdle with
this is going to be its size and how it is
contained, because there’s no baking dish that can fit a 100
layer lasagna, and you know, you could definitely go and maybe get a custom metal pan, but to
do this at home I wanted to see how you could maybe customize or MacGyver regular baking
dishes to fit this. It’s gonna be really tall, and definitely figuring out how to bake
it while maintaining its height and size was
the most difficult part. I thought of using foils
and lasagna noodles to sort of hold the foil up, and
to make these four walls to contain the lasagna while it
baked, and I hope it works. So I’ll start with the
pan as a base, and as the lasagna gets taller and taller
and taller, we’re gonna put the walls in to help keep it in place. Each layer needs to be extremely
level and extremely smooth. Guys, I think I lost track, I’m at like 5. Does anybody have a
piece of paper and a pen? It’s almost like Jenga,
if you do it all one way, the lasagna might split
down the middle, but if you can alternate them it’ll
create this interlocking pattern that’ll help them stay
more stable when you cut it. I just put the foil walls on because I want to make sure it doesn’t collapse. But I would feel bad about
naming my lasagna because then I would cut it open and it would
be eaten by like 500 people. I think George would be
nice, but spelled Sjors. 41, ladies and gentlemen, 41. I would make this for a
really big party if I’m really trying to show off to a bunch
of fancy people, I don’t know. I also just might make it for lunch. Don’t get lost in the sauce, kids. I think we’re in a good
spot, not gonna lie, it’s still not over the
edge and we’ve only got seven more, so I’m feeling
pretty good about this. You know, it could just
totally collapse and explode, and you know,
then it’s not all good. (upbeat, jazzy music) (grunting) – Oh my god, it’s so heavy. – [Producer] That a boy.
– [Alvin] Look at her go. Look at that, the rack is bending from the weight of it, the rack is bending. – [Producer] Claire.
– What’s happening? – [Producer] His lasagna’s so heavy that it’s bending the oven rack. Oh Alvin, put two racks
on top of each other. Massive, oh my lord, still bending a little bit, attempt number three. – [Alvin] There we go, see you in an hour. So, it’s been an hour, I think it’s ready, I took off the foil halfway. Oh my god, it smells so good, oh my boy, George right there, look at this. The walls are holding up pretty great, so I’m very happy with the success of this. Oh man, look at that, that’s
pretty fricking awesome. Smells so good, I can’t wait to eat you. Take it out, put it on a board, cut it. This is pretty tough, I haven’t
thought about this part yet. I put the handles there so you
could like lift it out, but it seems like some of the
sauce is making it stick. Come on George, come on George get outta there, guys, I can’t get it out. (light, melancholy music) Oops, oh well, it’s just
one piece, George is being a little stubborn right now, come on dude. The sauce like made the foil
stick to the pan, so now it’s preventing me from getting it out. I’m just grabbing as many
flat utensils that are made out of metal as much as I can. Just tear it off, tear
off the tin, keep going. Okay hold on, hold on, put it back. Back down, back down,
okay, let’s not do that. We got it onto the cutting board. What a wild ride, kids, now it’s time to see what it looks like. Wow, look at that, once
I removed the foil and it kind of stayed in its
own shape, that was a turning point, because I
felt like that was one of the biggest risks of this
video, is that if you take off the walls and it falls over, then there’s no point, I’m so nervous, holy moly. It’s very soft, which
I’m very happy about. Cut number two. Oh my god, that is what
I’m talking about, oh my. We gotta get an official counter, Pearce, we need you to count the layers. I’m counting 49.
– [Man] 51. – I got 52 again.
– [Alvin] Wait, what, 52? – Let’s take an official count. Seven, 19, 30, 42, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52. – [Producer] 52? – And this is the.
– Oh that’s Parmesan though. – No, but this was 52. – When I was given the news
that it was in fact not a 100 layer lasagna, in fact
it was 104, I felt a little confused, did I do what
I set out to do, is overachieving better,
is 104 cooler than 100? It tastes surprisingly
super delicious, I think my biggest fear was that because
of all those noodles it was gonna be dry, it was very
flavorful, it was very moist. I was super, super
excited about how good it actually tasted, I think it
was pretty awesome to see people come up, and their eyes just go a little bit wide, they’re
like wait, wait, is this it, is it actually 100
layers, did you make this? Yeah, like, it was just something
that I thought about, and I made it, and it turned
out pretty awesome. (upbeat orchestral music)