let’s learn English conversation good afternoon evening are you Mike Jones yes I am no I’m not Wilson how is DOM how is your wife how is your husband she is very well thank you how are you fine thanks and you I’m fine too good night Mary goodbye John see you tomorrow see you later I have to go now let me introduce myself how do you do how do you spell it a name may I have your name my name is Thomas just call me what’s your family name my family name is Johnson this is Jack he’s my classmate nice to meet you too who is the lady in white dress could you introduce me to her George let me introduce my friend to you are you I’m 28 years old I’m two years younger than my brother is still in his 30s her brother is one year older than her husband father is over 80 years old for their 15th wedding anniversary he looks much grrrrrr than he is I came here when I was 22 school at the age of seven I after all 25 I guess he’s about 40 he’s the youngest in the family she’s going to be 20 next month our motherland where are you from what’s your nationality the population of India or country are you Chinese I come from I was born in UK and brought up in the USA how many states are there in your country country is Paris Natural Resources it’s tourism you do I’m a lawyer what does he do he’s a photographer who are you Kathy who is the guy over there he’s Tim is that boy a student no he isn’t can she be a teacher yes I think so I really don’t know I have no idea about it is this your bag no it isn’t yes it is phone is this it’s Brian is that an apple no it isn’t it’s a pair what’s this it’s a pencil it’s an apple which is the right size where is the post office how big is your house how long is the street of the dog what do you call this in what is the color of your new shoes founded under the desk no mine is red where is my bag on the desk over there are these notebooks all yours some of them are mine which is your wallet the bigger one the one on your right do you know where I’ve my bag is this yours yes it’s mine what’s the date today sixteenth 2016 today this it’s October what year is this it’s the year of 2017 it’s been four years since I last saw you does the story at 10:00 a.m. on weekdays 9:00 a.m. on weekdays but at 10:00 at weekends what will you do during this weekend six days what did you do last week what will you do the day after tomorrow is today today is Wednesday today is April 27 the sale lasts only two days what time you name the time when were you born I was born on all first 1992 check the date I’ll be back in six days I’ll meet you tomorrow do you know the exact date what were you doing this last year what time is it now it’s half past nine it’s one o’clock sharp it’s not five it’s a quarter-past for your watch it is 6 o’clock on my watch my watch is three minutes fast we must arrive are on time there are only three minutes left the meeting is put off is delayed can you finish your work ahead of time you mr. Peter do you have an appointment sorry I don’t yes p.m. he is on the phone sorry mr. Peter can’t see you now would you wait here for a minute would you like something to drink tea please mr. Peter mr. Smith is here you may go in now nice to see you my old friend in these years do you still remember that Halloween you’ve changed do you speak English yes a little he speaks English fluently very good you speak English pretty well is excellent are you a native speaker of English my native language is Spanish can you write an Engel you studied English spoken English he has a strong accent difficulty in expressing myself do you like traveling I get a great deal what are you doing I’m reading a magazine are you watching TV now yes I’m watching channel 12 no I’m listening to the radio what will you do this weekend I’ll go on an outing with some friends who are you writing to I’m writing to infer and where are you going I’m going to work I get up at 7:00 every morning daughter up I then take a bath in the bathroom shave brush my teeth and comb my hair of makeup breakfast for the family I go downstairs and have my breakfast I read the newspaper over breakfast wash her hands and face office at 8:30 I leave the office at 6:00 his school I buy some food on my way home 11:30 what do you do in your spare time baseball I like listening to jazz music where do you have your lunch what did you have for lawn I had a fried chicken and a hot dog up every day I usually get up at 7 o’clock what do you do at work I do some typing time do you start work nine o’clock what time do you finish your work sharp when did you get up yesterday morning six I didn’t sleep well I read a magazine in bed soundly all night clock but I didn’t get up until 8:00 got up right away is eight minutes late I was just on time I had my breakfast on the way I hurried to my office and of mine I finished my work at 5:00 p.m. I stayed and did some extra work I Carl is it really you I marry nice to see you again in that whole year since I last saw you you been these days bad have you seen amber lately no I have no contact with her I heard she got married last week oh how nice sorry I’ve got to go now so do I see you later keep in touch I have some lab do you have eraser I need some here if you have more please give me some do you have a digital camera yes I do do you have my pen yes I have your pencil too he has the 10 doesn’t he doesn’t do you have any brothers or sisters no I’m a single son do you have toothbrush here what a beautiful guy and you have I used to take a walk in the early morning I had thought he knew the time of the meeting each other for ten years mr. Smith recently I arrived at the station the train had already left they’ve been working on this project since last year I’ve been listening to the radio all night he used to live in my neighborhood the movie began a su as we got there the late arrival of the ship had messed up all our plans it has been a long time since last came here me to go with them that was the second that I had visited the place hello may I speak to mr. Taylor please hold on John speaking there’s something wrong with the phone would you answer the cell I want to make a long-distance call through I tried to call you but the line was busy would you tell mr. Taylor that I called back tomorrow I must have dial wrong number I have to hang up now he’s not in may I message for him yes please would you mind closing the door for me may I ask you a question please give me a hand could you do me a favor would you help me remove frigerator get me my coat please could you tell me where and find these books I’m sorry I’m engaged now – but I’m afraid I don’t have the time certainly make me a cup of tea will you call me tomorrow if you have time would you please open the window for me stayed there just a few months will you stay there for long No I’ll move to Chicago next month oh really I am moving there too hi Andy where do you live now live at 409 Charles Street Street isn’t care living there the street out Carol how long she lived there she’s been living there since her birth we can drink wine together yes and you may stay there longer I hope so good time where are you going what were you doing when I called where did you go for dinner the day before yesterday when will he come to see you out to leave when did you buy the car how did you doing spend your holiday can you guess what I was doing this afternoon what did he say in the email told you what are you going to do with the books will accompany you to the station why don’t you agree why not go out for a walk how are you doing these days what’s the height of the apartment how much does the tiger wait of your new shoes this metal is harder than that one of your shoes watch TV every day of your balloon book here daaamn how wide is this river kate is smarter the how often do you go swimming my brother is twice as tall as your sister Ranma is 40 years older than me excuse me how can I get to the station you can take the bus and get off at the next stop choose me where is number nine Street the corner where are the stairs and it’s on your right side excuse me madam could you tell me where the supermarket is straight ahead and turn right at the third crossing can I use the elevator sorry it’s broken you have to use the stairs use me can you tell me how to get to the post office go on for a 200 meters it’s on your right side you can’t miss it mr. Smith’s office I know two on the second floor directions are you married I’m single do you live with your parents no I live in my own house you have a younger sister don’t you how is your family she’s engaged / married to Charlie you’ve been married for ten years they’ve been divorced my parents got married in 1981 Charlie has his own family now Mary gave birth to a baby last week come to live with me for some days died a year ago now he lives alone how will you spend the evening we stay home and watch TV what will you do about it what do you want to do after graduation what time are you going to leave for the airport tomorrow to dinner I’m going to the post office will you go with me they’re going to at the meeting next Monday I’ll be waiting for you at the restaurant this time tomorrow at home I’ll call you for the summer holiday a visit to London there’s going to be exhibition at the art gallery cast a few days it is said it will clear up tonight clear weather I’m afraid it won’t be cold enough for a snowfall year we had a big snow tomorrow no I don’t think so how is the weather today the weather is nice today tomorrow yesterday is it training now yesterday it rained all day cool breeze this evening what will the weather be like tomorrow the days are getting hotter yes but you know global warming may raise the temperature what’s the temperature today two degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon it’s quite cold today cloudy all morning it’ll probably clear up this afternoon first day of spring how are you feeling today I don’t feel very well matter with you how are you feeling today not sick my father has I don’t feel very well this morning my fever is gone do you feel better now I hope you’ll be well soon take two pills and have a good rest suppose he was sick my fever is gone but I still have a cough take care of yourself where did you get injured how did you break your leg leading I’ve got a pain in my back shoulder right here is swollen does it hurt headache it really hurts I was sick yesterday but I’m better today left leg hurts it hurts right here arm hurts is it the left one which of your leg is sore what do you think about it do you have any idea please give me your advice I want to hear your opinion do you really want to know what I think I think you’re mistaken about that absolutely right is that okay that’s fine that’s excellent I’m considering buying a house what are you doing next week plan to do this Sunday I have no idea I plan to grow the theater skiing of the weather permits I’m thinking of going to my grandma’s the project next year good luck have you decided it’s still undecided no I haven’t decided yet you have the final say up to you I’ve changed my mom I’ve decided not to sell the house I’m determined to leave don’t hesitate anymore it’s really hard to make a decision it is hard to make a decision answer please she insists that it matter he’s made up his MA to quit his job the supermarket will you go shopping with me is there anything you would like may I help you excuse me would you tell me where I can get some bread may I try it on may I have a look at the ring this is too small for me do you have a bigger one do you have any more colors yes I’d like to buy a book all right here you are yes I want to buy a shirt eyes slash style do you want I can M size sweater I want a yellow one this makers had out of stock when will this be in stock how much is it this is $40 for me could you make it cheaper can you make it a little cheaper anymore alright I’ll take it I’ll take it where do I pay here’s your change may I use my credit card you pay at the can over there the check please here’s your change please give me the receipt thanks for your good service thank you you’re welcome what would you like to eat anything to drink a small glass of wine please are you ready to order like some spaghetti and dessert do you want some fruit yes please I will an orange what would you like for dessert cheesecake here you are here is your food waiter check out can I pay by cheque or a credit card that’ll pay sorry we only take cash I’d like to make an appointment with mrs. Johnson she’s free on Monday and Tuesday sorry can I see her before Tuesday from 3:00 to 3:30 let me see she has 30 minutes Monday afternoon all right if there is something please call me I am accept Sunday or you come I have an interview this afternoon so the meeting please make an appointment with my secretary I have to change my appointment from Tuesday to Wednesday do you have any discomfort quite a cold you need an injection you have to be operated on is it serious do I need to be hospitalized long have you had it have you seen the doctor I had a shot of penicillin affected with influenza what did the doctor say what sort of medicine do you take should not eat anything oily this house is for rent for sale it has central heating bargain the houses downtown are very expensive nice house of furniture do you like I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen a rather old house the bathroom we have a few the dining room set I feel at home living here landlady is very kind to me have a dog but it’s very quiet for a month I don’t like wearing the uniform and the collar buttons the shoes are worn out put stamps on your letter do you want to airmail it or not you’ve got an Express Mail my cousin he hasn’t answered my yet to me when you arrived in Tokyo documents in the envelope fast you can send a fax a parcel into the mailbox in front of the post office I haven’t heard from him for a long time touch with each other by email since he left Canada long does it take for a letter to get to America from Japan evidence to support what you have said cannot agree with you on this point got the point this is very interesting the point he is a very creative student well it depends on tuition anybody else anything to say on this finally we came to an agreement the whole class is in a heated discussion please sum up said just now think about Karl’s opinion there are always two sides to everything flattery makes me sick you look radiant tonight we enjoyed ourselves very much it was a terrible experience the Christmas tree or just what a boring movie it is the party is making too much noise of the world you look elegant in that dress sucio the dinner was wonderful how fragrant the flowers are we had a good time I am bored to death which do you prefer playing football or fishing what’s your favorite spa I would rather sleep than watch this movie I like basketball best baseball is my thing what do you like best oranges pears or apples and clothes what do you like to do in your spare time I like collecting stamps prefer tea to coffee what do you dislike most about this movie she dislikes hockey she is sick of watching hockey looking for I am old enough to make up my own mind might be I suppose good try but not quite right pointing if you really want my advice I don’t think you should quit school ten yen you should take the your teacher not satisfactory I generally agree with you in my opinion your new coat is not worth so much money it’s only a suggestion you don’t have to take it for your advice but I have to consider it myself would you be so kind as to lend me some money would you mind opening the window please do not open would you open the door for me please excuse me would you give me a hand to help I wondered if you could buy me some pencils sure I hope that we’ll know you too much trouble not bothering you I really appreciate your help I do not want to bother you would you mind mail letter for me children enter primary school at the age of six John is already a junior high school student Computers a senior Bruce is writing his thesis from Yale University five years ago it is desirable to apply to good schools in Australia there are open universities freshman year quit school due to poverty meaning classes and night classes tim is a sophomore now mr. Smith is a of the faculty may I come in come in please down please any different opinion are you with me have I made myself could you say it again any questions that’s all for today I plan to learn of programming I want to be a programmer after graduation he will probably follow in his father’s footsteps as he comes we’ll let him know she will go into business when she likes to we’ll certainly remain single he intends to stay his friends finish my work today for four years and then go back to school he will meet me at the airport I’m thinking of quitting the job what do you say we have a party this weekend if it doesn’t rain tomorrow we’ll have a picnic have studied much harder what does your father do he is a lawyer he has his own offer do you have any plan for your career promoted last month if possible I hope that I can get a decent job with a good salary I have an interview next week of a famous corporation writing but I wouldn’t take it as my career in turn in that firm last summer restful career in business and twisted in how do you spend your evenings what are your interests do you have any hobbies skiing in winter appeal to you hagh Rafi is an expensive hobby what do you do in your spare time do you go on English literature she has a particular trust in painting he plays the piano for enjoyment music do you often go concert I have never heard the piece before who wrote it like pop music I hate rock music it’s too noisy their skill he has a passion for a literature this column do you like traveling just come back from Canada why did you go there on business how did you get there I got there by plane where did you visit I only had time to at Toronto how did you like it and do you have friends there lot of friends yes and I took pictures please let me see them you must have enjoyed yourself my favorite winter sport is skiing yesterday my class went camping last summer we are sure to defeat them how many years have you been playing tennis I like football he is good at table tennis tn ship is exciting track team five years ago I prefer swimming to fishing she is a member of the snowboard club I lost the game yesterday make yourself at home I’m very proud of you we are in the same boat everything tastes great of humor your English poor pronunciation you piss me off he is the happiest man alive what about having a hamburger first so modest found my lecture interesting get you down you’ve got a great personality I want to have a part-time job between you and me you are kidding with you when is the most convenient time for you fed up impressive you did a good job get out of my face what are you up to you mustn’t aim too high you’re really talented who do you think you are my mouth is watering a job whatever I said he’d disagree you shouldn’t have done that with his work are you insane she hired a car by the hour cut it out thanks for your cooperation she is a composer for the harp how often do you eat out you better look before you leap you make me sick what do you do for relax you are just in time take my word what shall we do tonight the same to you my parents want me go abroad he has been sick for three weeks I go to school by bike every day my friends fasten your seatbelt I have a large election of books when was the house built where is the restroom please he has a large income this Ben doesn’t write 12 you need to work out where are you going he had a good many for here brush your teeth thoroughly another cat came to my house by that mr. Smith is fixing his bike why did you stay at home you look nice in that color the food is delicious boss and stealing are immoral pens there is no doubt about it I lost the dorky about here he is about six feet high what are your plans for the weekend I don’t want to see your face business what happened to you scream how late are you open he is respectful to his elders we’ll see we are divided in our opinions we all desire happiness what are you talking about a red tie will not that suit this boy has no job the eggs are sold by warning is there any sugar in the bottle here’s a gift for you I’m not guessing I really know life leave me alone he repaired his there’s a possibility I can’t tell we have a lot in common next year your work I found him seated on the bench not true I have never seen the movie he covered himself with a quilt my room one is ringing the bell this is only the first half problem what a coincidence she dressed herself hastily who is in charge here that’s the way I look at it too that’s fair get lost I hate you it doesn’t make sense it’s a friendly competition it is not so easy as you think keep your temper under control I am busy dot how is your business don’t talk to me like that me we look forward to or visit what is the price of per kilogram while you look great today it’s time to tell her the truth the shortest answer is doing you should look at it yourself don’t bother his talk covered many subjects your hand feels cold you can say that again don’t bother me I have my haircut every month talking with you is a pleasure I go to the gym after work every day you get up every day neither you nor he is wrong the Smiths are my neighbors problem don’t play with your cell phone while eating you can count on me does she like Tom you know what I’m talking about found the volume of the TV please rings a bell how dare you long did it last the price is reasonable I don’t think you are right serves with mine did in nothing he resolved to give up smoking I apologize I don’t think much of the movie you stupid jerk all right there are many stars in the sky this house is my own don’t look at your cell phone in the bed good taste take your time I feel very regretful angry whatever you think is fine with me days ago drink out of you that makes no difference is really surprising please replace a light bulb cigarette whoever comes will be welcomed it’s none of your business what do you think of mine new shoes is quite introvert you’re very professional would you like some help example is better than precept don’t jump too huijin’s able to see him today like today speak louder please take me to the airport please I am very happy spending time with you the sooner the better she has been collecting stamps same Zook lovers you look as if you didn’t care he knows English better than I he came to the up with her when will it be ready I appreciate your invitation what I was thinking I couldn’t agree more these shoes don’t would you do me a favor complaining would you like a cup of tea it’s very thoughtful of you I haven’t seen you for ages I bet you can what an adorable baby I was alone but not lonely where can I go for help two heads are better than one picnic I can’t resist the temptation how much does it cost a pair this I can’t afford that my carny there is nothing I can do that’s more like it could you please take a pic for us can I do for you see in case of need this is really a nice place that’s good to know did you enter the contest could hardly speak good idea that makes sense we can work it out there is a call for you you