Jessica barely made it back safe after
the intense weather outside! Well, at least halfway safe… Apparently, I spoke too soon. Her boot got soaked in water. How did that even happen?! Did you step in a lake or what? *chuckle* So much for staying dry… It would be a shame to throw them away. Jess, is there any other way you could
reuse them? Let’s just hide a small jug of water inside the boots and fill it up with a handful of flowers! Add a playful bow tie and you’ll have yourself a
lovely welcoming vase by the door! Emily has had enough of Jacob’s late nights
ending up with him oversleeping! Oops! You went a bit overboard with that
pillow, Jacob… And now the picture frame is in pieces ! On the bright side, you just want an extra 20 minutes of
sleep due to Emily’s enthusiasm for crafts Good boy, Jacob! Lay down a bowl upside down
and get yourself a plastic glass. You’ll need a thermal heater for this next step. Slowly start melting the edges of the
plastic. The more wrinkles the better! Once you’re finished, lift up the plastic and
flip it over. Give it a good wash and we’ll be set
with a fabulous glassy looking fruit bowl! Best part is – its light and fall friendly! Time to enjoy that breakfast, Jacob! Jess just came back home from the market and her dress decided to get caught up in the doorway. There goes another fashion favorite! Any chance you can salvage it for scraps? Like, into something that would help you
set up those newly bought pots Lay down the dress and cut it out into vertical strips. You’ll need six for this piece. Tie a knot on the very end, space it out and separate the strips by to two. Tie them together with a simple square knot. Next step, shuffle a bit and connect the
strip’s together with a following strip. Depending on the pot, you might need to
do this three or four times in total. And it doesn’t have to be too perfect. Once you’re done, just knot at the top. And you’re ready to put in your pot. Set it up high so your plants will look like they’re part of a fabulous floating garden. Well done, Jess! Madison took quite a while to set up her dominoes ride. And, by the looks of it, she’s about to break a wall! *chuckle* It’s funny how a small piece like that can damage something so much bigger
like a clock on a wall. Although we can’t reverse time, I think we might not even need it in this case. Firstly, let’s remove the actual
mechanisms out of the broken clock. Search the house for an old unused vinyl. You’ll want to stick 12 domino pieces
according to the number of dots. Insert the mechanisms through the back of the vinyl
and connect the dedicated arrows. Now just set up the clock and hang it on
the wall. Perfect, Madison! You managed to create a
truly vintage clock! *chuckle* Let’s keep those dominoes moving, shall we? It looks like the girls are having
a sleepless slumber party. From girl powered selfies,
to horror movies their night ended up with them
passing out on the couch. Well, good morning, Emily! Not much of a morning routine when
you’re the only ones eager to clean up. And your princess guests aren’t planning
to move an inch… It’s just you and a bunch of paper cups, Emily. How come every PJ party ends up like this? But wait a minute!
Are you sure you want to throw them away that easily? Is there any other way you could reuse them? There you go!
Let’s start with the first cup! Add a dash of hot glue by the top
and attach some wool to it. Spin the cup until you cover it up
with a layer of colored wool. To keep it intact
add another dash of glue on the very end. Now just slice a plus sign in the center
and squeeze the light bulbs inside. Perfect, Emily! It looks lovely! Rise and shine, couch potatoes! Check out what we’ve been up to! These colorful cups sure spice up
the atmosphere of the room! And it looks even better in the dark! Oh wow! That looks really
mesmerizing! Emily starts her day with
her favorite comic and a bowl of cereal. Too bad she just ran out of milk. You forgot to buy more, didn’t you? Hmm, have you noticed it
has a lovely bottle shape though? Any chance that we could make a whimsical creation of our own out of it? *chuckle* First remove the label. Cut out a heart shaped window and a tiny door. You’ll want to use PVA glue
and paint it all over the bottle. It will help us to cover the bottle in sand. Take out your hot glue gun and use it to
cover the doors with tiny pebble stones. Do the same with the window and the rest
of the bottle. Continue using hot glue to stick various
other sizes of pebbles. In addition, you’ll want some lichen to fill the gaps and
add some greenery to the piece. Or even go an extra mile
with a bird nests and a small figurine. Lastly, lay down a bit of moss inside
and add a battery base candle. Our birdhouse can be quite flammable and this way it will prevent any
fire hazards. Perfect, Emily, you nailed it! That’s a really cozy looking nightlight! All right, it’s time to go to sleep. Wow, that looks magical! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you
haven’t already! And, most importantly,
don’t forget to leave a comment down below! We read them all! Anna is about to leave the house. As per usual her nephew
has left legos scattered everywhere. Well, as long as she doesn’t step on them barefoot,
we should be okay! *chuckle* Wait a minute! Looks like Anna can’t find
her keys! I really hate how this always happens
whenever I’m on the way out! As if the day wasn’t going to be stressful enough… How did they even manage to get under there? Hmm… Keys and legos… It looks like Anna has a
way to combine both of these items! Don’t worry, we’ll just need a couple of pieces. Attach 2 lego tabs together
to create the perfect heart-shaped key chain. This big flat lego piece
will make a great base for a funky door sign! We’ll use the rectangular pieces
to create some lego font. Simply attach the Lego key chain to
your board. Now let’s see it all come together! Perfect! It looks fun on the wall! Anna won’t lose her keys anymore with this fun, new and creative key chain holder! Jess is going through some clothing ideas she found in various fashion magazines. Oops, so much for the newly set up cork board… It literally got shattered to pieces! Is all of it going into the trash? I think you just came up
with a genius idea there, Jess! Lay down the cork board and use a
utility knife to cut out a hexagon shape. Paint it! But make sure to use sticky
tape for some cool outlines. The best part about hexagons is that they fit
together perfectly giving you a neat visual on the table while having your
friends over for some tea. Madison is quite hungry. And her mighty fridge, surprisingly, still has a sandwich in there. Lucky her! One hour later. Tomato… tomahto… why not! One more hour later. Cauliflower. That’s all you got, love? Hey, it’s moldy… No, don’t throw it away just yet! You can still use the other half, right? Or, at least, save the day with a cool hack! *chuckle* First grab yourself a plastic bowl. Fill it up with cement. Two-thirds should do the trick. And add some water almost to the top. Find a spoon and give it a serious mix! This is where the cauliflower comes in. Flip it
and neatly dip it into the bowl. Leave it overnight and then
the next day remove the vegetable. Flip the bowl and drop out the piece. At this point, you might want
to sandpaper the vase. Go ahead and give it a quick paint job. Perfect! You’re done! What an affordable vase! Thanks to the cauliflower detailing! Feel free to fill it up with all your drop in accessories. *chuckle* I see those cross didn’t kill your
appetite, Madison! Sarah is playing with her dog in the park outside. Looks like our little guy bit through the tennis ball again! Which is a common occurrence for any dog owner. Sarah came up with an idea on
how to reuse these destroyed balls. Turn the holes into a single opening by cutting out a line between them. Using superglue attach some air horn and leg shaped felt cutouts for a custom-made tennis monster! Perfect! We’re done! The ball can be repurposed as a
leash hanger or a doggy bag holder. Let’s just set this puppy up and get going! Sarah, don’t forget those poop bags! Now, who’ll play with the tennis monsters…? Hey, Panda Lovers! I hope you enjoyed
these hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more
feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button
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