Today we’ll show a new funny prank compilation trust us your friends will appreciate your sense of humor I Like sewing it’s a quiet and pacifying activity until the moment when I give a special pincushion to my friend We’ll need a pin cushion made from a cup and a sponge Remove needles take out the sponge base snip off half of the sponge Blow up a little balloon and put it into the cup put the sponge on top She sticks the needle and bang! Balloons are always a hidden threat. She’s angry that I’ve scared her. I’m going to scare my friend with a torn ear We’ll need two colors of polymer clay Knead the beige clay add a little pink to create a natural skin tone yeah im awesom And cool mix the two shades until blended Make an ear in clay mold notches to imitate the shape Dip your finger into water and smooth the clay bake it in an oven Attach a black earring stud We’ll try God jewelry’s my friend did I fight for a mirror again? I’ve got a secret weapon and ace up my sleeve I Casually smooth my hair. She looks at my mirror reflection and her eyes widened well She’s not used to seeing an extra ear on her friend’s head run darling run. You won’t escape the prank revenge My friend and I are doing our makeup. She doesn’t have her own mirror again. Okay, take my compact mirror We’ll need a used powder container Mark off your mirror on a thin piece of plastic a sheet protector will do Paint a scary face using acrylic paints teeth eyes a full set cut it out Attach it to the mirror using double-sided tape However, she doesn’t look surprised when she sees a face on the mirror It’s strange is she used to looking at her own similar reflection every morning or maybe she knows it’s been a prank is Your friend fond of solving jigsaw puzzles let her puzzle over this brain teaser print out two identical photos Print jigsaw puzzle shapes on the back of each photo make them as mirror images of each other cut out the puzzles We’ve got two sets of the same image Take away two pieces from one set and substitute them for their mirror images from the other one this puzzle can’t be solved the two objects all puzzle pieces won’t let you complete the picture I Changed the puzzles mix them up and offered to my friend She enjoys assembling the jigsaw puzzles But some parts don’t match. It should be a photo of my friend however These parts are definitely mixed up she sees her best friend on the photo. She misses her wishing her friend were here Okay, I’ll give her the correct puzzles let her complete her her picture and continue thinking of her Nothing can distract my friend from her selfie except my corn puffs scent she asks to treat her as well I have a special bag for her Open a bag of corn puffs put in crumpled paper cutouts instead hot glue the bag, so it looks like it used to My friend opens the bag and takes out crumpled paper I just care about your figure stop throwing paper balls at me I Show my new eyeliner to my friend. She certainly asked for it to do her cat eye makeup. Do you really want it? Open the eyeliner Apply a coat of clear nail polish on the brush Pour a little polish inside rotate the container to let it spread over the inside let it dry My friend closes her eyes and waits until I apply my new eyeliner. I can hardly do anything with this makeup Still I pretend I do the perfect cat eyeliner. I tried to make even lines you look superb She looks in the mirror, and where are my cat eyes is it invisible eyeliner No, this magic makeup emphasizes your natural beauty. It’s cool. Isn’t it? Black mascara is too boring. Let’s add a little color For lip tint into a clear mascara tube my friend does her makeup She’s going to apply mascara on her eyelashes. She opens it, but doesn’t notice anything wrong stop It better put this mascara on your lips, otherwise your lashes will stick to each other hey What are you doing? Help! Has your friend forgotten to take milk again? It’s okay shift yours to her. You’ll need an empty milk carton cut off the bottom fold the flaps inside Put it on a coca-cola can your friends going to pour some milk and oops surprised? Well if I can’t add milk to my flakes. I’ll drink some Cola and you eat the flakes yourself Mmm. What a nice cookie unlike this one it contains a special filling? You’ll need sandwich cookies Carefully remove the filling out of the center put mustard instead Then mayonnaise and ketchup remove the excess cover it with the other cookie layer We’re having tea I treat my friend with the cookies she chooses one with a weird filling Oh No the cookie with mustard is an awful combination She wants me to try it okay. I’ll take the risk and choose another one I certainly take the cookie without any strange fillings while she thinks I’m insensitive to the unusual taste Do you like fried eggs for lunch? I can’t help laughing. Let’s look at her reaction The egg looks real, but it’s an imitation Though it’s unexpectedly tasty. Okay. I’ll reveal the secret. You’ll need the liquid milk jelly again Pour it on a plate. Let it cool Leave a little jelly to make a yolk Add the yellow liquid food coloring Stir until smooth, we’ve got a saturated sunny yellow tint Take a dome shaped container Fill it in half Let it cool the jellied milk looks like the egg white remove the cooled. Yolk from the shape Wow it looks like the perfect fried egg so tempting I’m going to share the photo on Instagram Have you ever seen such an exquisite Friday? It’s actually edible, but let it be untouched for the photo Huh the fried egg is nothing compared to the stuff. I’m going to suggest let’s see how you react to these weird creatures Will need drinking straws with a bendy part Stretch it Take straws of different sizes be careful to take more straws with a long flexible section put them upright Make the necessary ingredients Pour in a spoonful of cocoa mixed with the hot water you can use brown food coloring instead add some sugar stir well mix with the gelatin follow the instructions on the package of how to make jelly stir again Pour the warm jelly in the straws Put them in the fridge for a night sometimes three to four hours is enough put the cup in the bowl with hot water for a couple of seconds the jelly near the cup walls melts and Now we can remove the straws easily squeeze or blow out the jelly What cute little worms To make the composition complete take a chocolate sponge cupcake Break it put it in the plastic container to imitate soil Put it on top of the worms Ugh, they seem to crawl around right now You can have this awesome worm collection meet your friend Let’s taste the sweet creatures Tempting isn’t it just don’t laugh until your friend doesn’t get what’s going on the worms are fresh and nutritious Full of protein by the way good for health oops. She’s gone away Come on. It’s a joke. They don’t bite. They are sweet, and the cupcake is yummy. I’ll take some more Don’t forget to subscribe and share the link with your friends Click the bell and watch a new video. See you on room true