Hi guys, we just got to the LA County Fair which like yes, there’s rides and stuff, but everyone knows it’s all about food Fried Food They have a bunch of weird Donuts. They have a lot of ice cream things I think Lauren wants to go in so we can start eating Look at that donut, it’s as big as my face and you have a pretty large head Huge head Oh my gosh, I love big D’s Banana fireball donut that is what I had at my wedding actually. Anyway, can I get one? I just want a big D, I haven’t had one of those in a while Cotton candy one. Oh that seems yes. Let’s do that caramel Samoas that one I will stop. Yes Mads I could tell you’re just freaked it out calories. Don’t count No today they don’t count at all It’s not the prettiest dessert so this is a caramel banana caramel infuse donut Do you think the fireball is in the sauce? Let me smell Yeah, you can’t tell, you can’t tell at all Let me bite it and find out. You’re not going to use a fork? No Good taste like fireball. I mean fireballs really just like cinnamon, right? It fell through the bottom Is amazing the caramel feels like regular caramel and the bananas are great with that. I don’t taste the fireball smell besides Maybe I just like immune to it. Yeah Remember we have like a no finishing rule Lauren. Oh That’s million died over god Lauren and I were filming a video and we were like joking that she was taking my pizza and she literally bit my finger Really really good definitely don’t taste any fireball maybe Let’s just say if I was making a fireball donut it would taste like barf Oh, this is a recreation of the it Samoan in the left Samoa the Samoa girl 50 Which is by far the best selling great. Oh Right, you like coconut. Oh my god, I’ve never been with so many people that are that Paquita leave a comment below because I’m not I mean I don’t like anything but coconut. I feel like it’s like an acquired taste Samoa oh my god. Ah, no way. You’re not gonna be here. Okay, here we go Oh my god Girl Scout cookies. Almond donut. Well, I should not get better. That is the best thing I’ve had all year. I think Girl Scout cookies are better. Oh, oh a warm fluffy freshly baked dough Mix is not like my favorite Jonah ever. It’s delicious And I don’t think I can have a Girl Scout cookie again after having this So this is the Big D doesn’t come on a plate and you just pick it up with your hands like you would another D And it’s just your good classic Kids don’t just pick up DS with your hands wet with this called the unicorn jam Yeah, so messy, I’m gonna take a bite and then a bite and then it’s like a shot Chase it with a doughnut no nothing or you can’t really mess up cotton candy cotton candy is a secret thing You can’t just make it have it be good. Now, you know how to make pumpkin, you know, it’s actually like a really Surprising combination of flavors the candy and the cotton candy together. It’s like okay. This is really sweet done Come try part hood going up with it within my white and the nurse. It’s once the Nerds mix it Yeah Like that all make this together. It’s like a new flavor. It tastes like candy bread it tastes like instead a funfetti nerds in it like We should try that Yeah, throw it at someone throw a little kid Trevor that’s fair tell my mother-in-law Bright it’s surprising if you like really sweet things. You should come try this first often these coming home with me Does Matt know I’ll share it with them Oh Yankee stinky ones. So now with my eyes closed fucking dude Charlie’s chicken Charlie’s chicken so excited they have so many fried things. I’m gonna be home. Hope I don’t have a heart attack Who loves iffen dog dippin dots are not go Lily. We are on so many different pages today It just tastes like cold little balls. Yeah, you like hot big balls big dude. I like the Big D Are you gonna wear their many options here we only had four things we wanted All of it, we have the car let’s go we’re gonna get a really nice sandwich the deep fried Fried rabbit you wanna get the bacon wrapped pickles? Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich over the cheeseburger girl nothing cover anything. We’re buying it all bigger pants For after she eat all of us, it didn’t translate it’s fine All the way that’s what you drove all the way here from whoever thought of putting buffalo chicken and mac and cheese In an ice cream cone. I want to keep that person because they kicked our my husband Is that amazing? Is it everything you dreamed up and more the chicken is so good. It’s like all white meat It’s really crispy and it’s very very Buffalo. Oh My god, this is life-changing The mac and cheese is so creamy the pastas perfect, Lauren and Aaron are still ordering in the background I couldn’t wave. Do you need help? So obviously we already had someone dig into there’s a little early you ain’t already and while you guys were still ordering We get some chickens here Also, so convenient you guys I haven’t she’s like in a cone walk around the fair like this is genius so they Breen wants to Be nice for you, and it’s not speaking of ice cream Let’s move on to this which I feel really been working for create the donut ice cream and chicken and three couples all the other It’s confusing because you don’t really taste the trick it’s kind of like this like a jelly doughnut with ice There’s so many other things going on. Look. How much jelly is it? Wish I wasn’t a chicken patio, which was like shaking me like that – like you’re advertising it I really want this avocado, but you need a ranch dip Yes, in ranch you don’t like it so I don’t like really don’t like avocado So this really isn’t feeling at all and I’d read either Lilly Prado it’s a fried. Avocado area a smaller piece with more batter. Yeah the balance Okay, so we’re moving on to the next thing which is a triple cheeseburger With Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as the buyer out of all the things that we’ve gotten which I’ve already seen pictures up. It’s the most What do you think it is? No, it’s not it’s not like chicken in the shape of If it’s in the yard and it’s something that we could kill we eat it Okay, I Get all day you do you yeah, that’s a really good burger. I love it They were pleased with Jonah a little savory it is it tastes like chicken a waffle I’m jealous Claude tries to say, okay You seem a little disappointed no The Krispy Kreme donut with hot no. No, it’s weird Lord are you kiddin? Well, then Back over It feels like it tastes healthy, oh It does not air. It definitely wasn’t a cell because he’s healthy. I mean it’s a burner just would like a little This is a slam Good the only thing that I don’t like because that is swelled up, you know eating a rare, but other than that, oh my This definitely feels healthy. Yeah just like me I’m starting to worry about Eric cuz she thinks all of this It tastes like really good steak, you know, like those crispy onions that people put in salads the amount of grease on this camera It’s next level. All right, let’s jump into those frog legs It looks like a real frog Look what you just killed the Frog No, it’s No, I won’t know it’s like jumping around and it’s locked and then you’re just eating it Can you like smell like ketchup on it or something? That eats flies for a living Aaron your turn since you love eating frogs. Oh, yeah, I Did I am from the south? I just don’t recommend it I like it your turn Lauren. She was actually banking on not having feet Lord. You’re the one who wanted us to order this Tastes like cuz they got a lot of muscle Hill a muscle nose leg how they jump so high Cuz it’s a frog that’s why ribbit these are deep fried bacon wrapped pickles Girl, I ate an entire like half of the jar pickles. That’s because I got some bad at something Unsure Bacon I don’t love baking Winston. We love baking on our knees then grab your bacon. I don’t need it on top of things So like I would have preferred probably just deep-fried pickle Both saltines if there’s a lot of salt in Hitler’s war are pickled cucumbers first pickles are a type of cucumber They’re pickled cucumbers. I think if you know the origin of pickles, please let us know in the comments I’m so full of bread and the fried stuff that I just I’ve reached your path. Oh, we have Oreos. Keep mine Okay Oh you look so disappointed It’s very pinky I feel like you meet ice cream or something with it because like when you think about it if you just deep-fried Oreo It’s like double cooking an Oreo. It was really good, but you’re right. It’s like Not enough Oreo too much go look so cute It looks like I’d have like these own little pixar short, you know, mine’s is way too my mouth I love Oreo America’s favorite cookie Mario Jonah. How does everyone feel? Coming home. I think I have to go to the You think you can go to the gym after that? Are you guys I have to I had a burger with a donut on top we all did has what was everyone’s favorite thing I’m just gonna go with the Big D. Come up day 16. I’m a basic beat Deity I grew home with the mac and cheese and buffalo chicken on top with some of the best buffalo chicken I’ve ever had It’s so shocking that that was your favorite cuz you so we’re looking forward to it at all Even if she didn’t is so unbranded not say anything else. I’m under contract I Don’t know there’s so many guards. Okay. We have to go find the car in this maze. We’re never getting home. I Wasn’t driving the craziest most dirty car on the market. I would be really worried We’re all states also that there was another car involved it with hitch ball Aaron with foot driver But we’re gonna get our uber and go Not illegally no, bye-bye Mrs. Bennett day you guys thanks so much for watching this clever style video, but guess what? We have so many and you can click right over here to see a brand new video that I know you’re gonna love