Hello, and welcome to the channel! My name is Annalisa and today I have a Christmas book tag for you. This one is going to be the symbols of Christmas book tag by Books with Brandywine, who will be linked below. So this tag is all about the symbols
that we tend to associate with Christmas, like gingerbread people and Christmas
trees and poinsettias etc. So Books with Brandywine has come up with a prompt for each of those things twelve of them to be specific, as is associated with the twelve days of Christmas, which, by the way, is a video event that I am
doing where I upload twelve Christmas themed videos from the first of December to the 25th and they’re coming out about every other day. This is day ten or so, so there is quite a backlog and I will be linking a playlist of them below if you would like to check out some festive content. So let’s get started with the tag which by the way I’m gonna be reading the prompts off my laptop, so that’s what I’m looking at down below. One: gingerbread cookies are a
traditional delight that we enjoy every year – I don’t, I hate gingerbread, but they
are very fun to look at. What is a book you can’t wait to sink your teeth into again and again? and so for this I thought of – I kind of went down a list of my common rereads, and I have several, but the ones that are my most cuddly and warm and I just really really want to dig into all the time are these from the In Death series by J. D. Robb – there’s 47 of them – full-length novels – there are also multiple – what are they called – novellas that are in various collections that I
don’t think I’ve read quite all of because they’re hard to track down
sometimes but I’ve read most of them. And I’ve read the whole series of the 47
novel [mumbling] the full-length novels I read through all those four or five times and I’ve read like halves and bits of it more times than that because they’re just so enjoyable! They’re great police procedure so the main plot is fun and then my favorite part despite very much enjoying the main plot is I really like the subplots. The subplots are the best thing ever! They’re just the – characters are amazing
so they’re just – they’re really good! It’s about the family you make rather than
the family were born into and the main character, Eve Dallas, makes quite a family by adding a couple characters gradually every few books so when you’ve had 40 some
of those it gets to make quite the family. So whenever I am just in a bit of a reading slump or I just need something to make me feel better because I’m feeling sad I pick up an In Death book. The second symbol is snowflakes: snowflakes are part of the snow that we all recognize but each is different, so like a special snowflake type of thing going on here. Name a book that introduced
a new concept to a long-standing archetype. And for that I picked this one:
Language of Thorns because it is such an interesting – it’s just got such a good way of looking at old stories that you’re very familiar with like Hansel and Gretel, the Little Mermaid the Minotaur in the maze thing, which actually is a lot less familiar but still a lot of people know about it. What are the other ones? Things like that. It just turns them on their head in such a creative
way and also without being the grim dark down in the depths and just depressing
sort of thing they’re just different and new and somewhat darker, darker than the
retellings that we get from Disney and such but actually slightly less dark
than the original tales in my opinion. The original tales were pretty dang dark. Gifts are the third symbol of Christmas so the prompt is: name a book
that you received as a gift. And the one that I received as a gift last Christmas was actually River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay. It is about . . . ancient-ish China and a particular general
and a particular poet in those times. It’s really hard to explain so I’ll just
link the video where I talk about it below. It was really really good and it was gift from my uncle for last Christmas. He did a good job The fourth symbol of Christmas is the and
for this one there’s actually a little story apparently in the legend of the
poinsettias a young girl gave a bouquet of weeds as gift to baby Jesus and they
bloomed into bright red flowers never heard that before
and so the problem for that is what book or bookish item have you Cuban as a gift
me my mom my brother and my grandpa all absolutely love the Lord of the Rings
and so we have given and gifted each other back and forth
various lotr merch over the years one of which is these which is a Christmas
ornament or bauble as they say in England or the British Isles and it’s so
cute it’s so cute it’s it’s the tree of Gondor love the tree of Gondor
me and my grandpa and my mom all have ordering shirts which I have worn in a
couple of videos that have their dark darker blue with the tree of Gondor on
them again and my brother some Lord of the Rings the fellowship silhouettes
climbing up a mountain art print as a gift and just all sorts of things we
love it so much oh and I’ve given my mom earrings that were blue and had written
on them in elvish not all who wander are lost which she really likes she wears
them all the time I’m really happy because she likes them cuz she wears
them a lot the fifth symbol of Christmas our Christmas lights which brighten the
room even on the darkest of nights who is a character that you felt lit up
their story for this one I picked an animal sidekick because I got to
thinking that really one of the bright spots in a lot of books are the animals
Kix and so I chose faithful from the lioness series by Tamora Pierce and I
just love faithful so much faithful is a this little black cat starts out as a
kitten Ellen as the main character on it gets faithful in the second book of her
quartet and keeps him through the through to the fourth book his name is
faithful because he sits on her shoulder when he’s small enough to do so and when
she has to go into classes without him because she’s at night school he stays
and sits outside and waits for her to come back and he’s just a faithful
little friend and protector and he’s don’t care of the sweet I love him and
he’s also magical cat he’s actually a constellation so he was sent down from
being a constellation to be Allen as protector companion and is literally
alike a sixth symbol of Christmas is Santa Claus Santa Claus brings gifts to
the good children and in some stories is even thought to be a guardian of
childhood like rise of the guardians which is a movie I love by the way
so the prompt is to name a character who is a guide or protector for these
stories heroes and so for that one I chose McGonagall
she is probably my favorite all-time Harry Potter character Remus is right up
there but McGonagall they kind of beat each other out sometimes she’s so steady
she’s so not unstable like all the other hope her guardians of the heroes are
she’s just so stable and so wise all the time and she doesn’t do jerkish things
like Dumbledore and some other people don’t she was around for her heroes from
the beginning and continues to because she actually survives unlike everyone
else sorry I get salty about Harry Potter anyway love mechanical she’s
amazing the seventh symbol of Christmas is reindeer Santa is rarely seen without
his reindeer named a favorite animal character / companion sash sidekick and
for that I chose filli and Kree from the Deltora Quest
series I couldn’t remember what word was paired
with Deltora fuck it’s because there’s three different series with different
words with windows hora one of the three main characters is named Jasmine and
Jasmine has two pets and their names are filli and Kree Kree is a raven who likes
to sit on jasmine shoulder and fili is a little bird thing like hamster but
fluffier and cuter I don’t really like hamsters like a small guinea pig but
different oh my god I don’t know he’s a made up creature but he’s a little furry
cute thing that can climb and run fast and he likes to stay inside Jasmine’s
jacket and there are various times when these two creatures have been very loyal
and very helpful to the quest Cree is usually the spy he flies ahead when the
three are going somewhere and checks out to make sure no bad guys are around
Philly has chewed them out of nets before they’re just wonderful and
faithful as well just like faithful is the eighth symbol of Christmas our
Christmas bells which can be heard throughout the season the prompt is to
name a book that has original music and for that I chose space opera space opera
is by Katherine Valente who is one of my newer favorite authors she’s really
amazing that she wrote some of the books that are coming gonna come up in the
next few prompts and so she wrote a book about a space opera kind of it’s a space
opera in that it takes place in space as in the genre but also it’s a singing
competition or a musical competition more like that takes place in space to
figure out whether the contestants are sentient or not the author Katherine
Galante actually wrote in some original lyrics
for her main characters who are a rock group land rock group apparently
whatever that is who are from our riffin are going to represent earth in this
competition to determine whether earthlings are sentient and therefore
whether they will be exterminated or not I haven’t finished the book and
therefore haven’t reviewed it yet you won’t see it on my channel because the
sentences are so long and I love Catherine Valente and she’s great but
she writes two really long sentences and sometimes you have to read him a couple
times to figure out what the heck she was saying but I will finish it soon and
then I will I will tell you more about how good it is ah
the next one is indeed by Catherine Valente so snowman that have been
animated or a popular theme and Christmas stories not animated like as
opposed to live action but animated as in they were Iraq now they can talk type
thing so the prompt is to name a character that was an inanimate object
that became animated and so prevent of course had to choose blunder us from the
very land series the boy who lost fairyland
specifically is the one she is introduced in and blunderbuss is a
stuffed animal wombat made by the boy in questions
mother who heathen enchants to come alive and is a character it’s
amazing I love blunderbuss I’m gonna do some fan art of blunderbuss in during
which I will during the art video I will tell you that’s more about blunderbuss
because I need to see blunderbuss and actually this here is blunderbuss but
it’s not accurate in the book there’s specific details about the way blender
bus looks and this isn’t it and I need to see blunderbuss so I’m
gonna draw her the tenth symbol of Christmas is hot chocolate and it is a
dessert we love to enjoy during these cold cold days so the prompt is to name
a book that warm do left on a cold and for that I chose one of my cozier
reads from my childhood that is heavily heavily the nostalgic and just brings up
all sorts of memories and that is the Avalon series by Shelly Roberts
this is a story about three girls who find magic stones and then use those to
basically fight evil and protect magical creatures who live locally and create a
shelter for magical creatures refugee magical creatures in their local
wildlife park the eleventh symbol of Christmas a Christmas tree during
Christmas every one can be found gathered around one so named a book that
has been eight integral part of your childhood and so for that I need
Chronicles of Narnia I you know seriously and this particular
one is the magician’s have whole series and hardcover covers my mom would read
through the Chronicles of Narnia for us when we were kids
we’d all sit around and she’d just read to us a couple chapters at a time which
one thing about it is CS Lewis’s terrible with cliffhangers at the end of
chapters he won’t just end a chapter in a nice cozy place he and his chapter
with a cliffhanger almost every time so very frustrating don’t go to bed when
just finish of chapters on a cliffhanger I don’t wait for the next night it’s
terrible and the 12th symbol of Christmas is mistletoe and mistletoe
actually also has a story it became a symbol of love after being used as an
arrow by Loki to kill foul door and the prompt is to name a bad character that
you came to love which is funny because it’s kind of a two part association
because the mistletoe was used as a weapon but Nass considered just a little
love but also having Loki involved if this problem if this tag included movies
Loki as someone that probably a lot of people would pick for this from also
before I get onto the book part of this prompt I would like to mention my
favorite ever Redemption arc which is suka from Avatar The Last Airbender if
you haven’t watched outside of that stand bender you need to it’s got the
best Redemption arc ever but for a book I picked this this lady right here this
is the Marquess and she is the main bad lady from the first fairyland book which
is the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making
this one is the girl who raced fairyland all the way home and basically
throughout the fairyland series you get more information about the Marquess and
you find out that man was she pitiful and she had some bad things happen to
her one thing about her is you do care about her and love her but also totally
recognize that she was genuinely bad like she wasn’t just confused or in a
bad spot she was genuinely bad but also has genuinely good points basically
she’s Looney berry and deservedly so bad things enough happened to drive her a
moon berry and so by the end of the series I loved her very much
so I take everyone who would like to do this thank you so much for watching and
I hope you enjoyed and I hope you tune in to the rest of my 12 days of
Christmas series I’ll be seeing you in the next video bye