In the previous episode you’ve seen me
finally fill up the patreon shrine. In particular, the sea of blue. There’s
a few more things that I would want to tweak here but they are insignificant.
They are minor changes, so I can push them on to some other time. Now what I
wanted to do next is the adjacent section in the garden. This is the stream
which connects to the bowl and the sea of blue in the patreon shrine.
Design-wise the idea for the whole thing was it was supposed to be a hill an
echeveria hill, and I’ve done a few iterations of this spot in the past few
years. In this episode we’re going to do a bit of planning and see what we
could do on the hill. As I said earlier I finally finished
working on the patreon shrine last episode, and that’s about filling up all of the
gaps in the ground. I got so excited about this milestone that I shared
photos in social media, particularly in reddit and various Facebook groups and
it was met with a very good response. People loved it! It generated lots of
discussion and it gave me the chance to retrospectively look at each section of
the design, you know nitpick, do some detailed view. And there were three things that stood out to me. Things that I would like to tweak, things that I would like to
modify. They are so minor but they would still be clawing at my head so I would
have to do something about that in the coming weeks. The first issue of course
I’ve already raised in that video and that would be placing some top dressing
on these “greige” (grey + beige) bowls. I think it’s a no brainer at least for me because I would
like the bowls to stand out from the ground. Right now the ground and the
bowls have the same soil composition. Right now the gaps aren’t fully filled
up yet, and if you look at them closely they’re still the same colors of the
ground, and the soil. Since the same soil mix was used. I would like to make the
bowls look distinct from the ground and this is where top dressing would be very
handy. I would be going with something light because light signifies an
elevation. So everything lower would be shadows, would be shaded, and everything lighter would be higher. But rather than just going with white pebbles I’m going
with something off-white. Something a bit yellowish, to blend with the “greige” bowls. It would be a bit lighter than the bowls. The bows are a bit brown, beige, so
something in that color scheme would be perfect. Now speaking of color scheme the second issue that I have with this design right
now are the large tall pots that you see on the pedestals, the way they look right
now, they are not contrasting enough from the plant. The plants that I’m using are
more or less the same hue, the same shade, the same range of colours, and I really
like the contrast that the lighter bowls, the paler bowls are producing. But if you
look at the dark brown pots, the plants are not standing out as much. It seems
like everything is muddy, everything is blended together, and personally now that
I am aware of it, it’s sticking out like a sore thumb. So
something that I would really like to do is to replace those pots with something
similar color as these bowls. And besides doing it that way would mean that
there’d be consistency between the pedestals and the bowls. Everything would look the same – very uniform and that would be more visually pleasant. Now the
third and the last thing that I noticed is something right here at the very edge.
If you compare both the right and the left edges there are lots of plants on
the left side but it’s a bit sparse on the right edge. So I just might have to
fill it up, no dramas there. This is the next part for the garden that I wanted
to work on. This is actually adjacent to the patreon shrine. You can tell by the
big bowl right here. This is the stream which connects to the sea of blue. Now
this entire area this is one of the first few landscapes that I made in my
backyard and I used to call this mount echeveria. It has undergone a few
iterations. This is I think the third or fourth design now. In the first design it
was just a simple mound simple mountain with lots of echeverias all around in
the terrace. And I think right at the top was a was a bush of Senecio barbertonicus. It’s still somewhere here in the garden I
just can see it right now. Oh there it is! If you inspect it closely, right now you
can see that there’s lots and lots of… lots of growth basically. Everything,
everything you see here is overrun, has overgrown their spots. It’s getting a bit
tight and I think this mountain requires an overhaul. So what I intend to do
before I think of a design is just to clear up the spot of the non-essential
plants. The plants that I don’t intend to keep here, and that means everything
apart from the stream. With everything removed I think it would make it easier
for me to think what I would like to put in here. Because it’s easier to add stuff
than to just remove stuff. At least in terms of planning. With every project the
first step would always be planning but without cleaning up the area, without
seeing what I’m up against, it would be hard to plan… so. Cleanup time! All clear! Now what am I going to do with
all of this space? I’m thinking of having this go back to its roots as an echeveria area mound. I used to have this as my nursery for my, for most of my small
echeveria plants, and it seemed like those that I place here would be growing
crazily if they do not die within the first year. You could clearly see that in the
growth of echeveria in my echeveria tray that i pulled out just now.
There would not be a specific design here for the moment, at least I’m just
going to randomly plant a bunch of echeverias. I’ve got several echeveria in pots that I’m getting quite frustrated seeing their growth rate.
They’re being quite slow with their growth and I’ve had them here for over a
year now. I believe close to two years, a year in
half? So this Mount Echeveria around the stream this tends to be a booster of
sorts. The plants that I grow here provided I give them enough space, enough airflow, they grow fast they grow large and it has to do with the big space that
I give them. I’ve had a few issues with snails and slugs and weevils eating the
plants but I’m not concerned that those types of pests. They are easy to… the
damage they do is not permanent and it’s relatively easy to control them rather
than mealy bugs, so… This spot I think is relatively mealy
bug free or at least it has been for the past couple of years. It’s mostly just the
larger insects infesting this area. I’m going to look around in my potted plants
see what I can put here, let them grow, plant them in, and leave them alone for a
season or two. By the time spring comes I might be able to use them in the
competition, assuming they do not get further damaged. Before I could do that
though some soil replacement is necessary. I love the sight of fresh soil mix. So
bare. Lots of possibilities. It makes me so excited just thinking about what I
could place in there. As for what I’ll be planting in there, some of the plants that I pulled up just now are still tiny so I, I could put them
back in, and there’s a lot more potted out here that I could use. They could use
some boost. We will be planting and lots of ID opportunities here. They’re all in now. I might be adding
more echeverias down the line. Cause there still a lot of gaps between the
plants. I gave them lots of space right now because I know that some of them
would be growing really large and that’s the main goal anyway, and I do not want
to unnecessarily stunt their growth by making, by constricting them, making it
crowded. I’m going to give them a few weeks or maybe even months just to
settle in and once I start seeing a bit of growth that’s probably when I could
start adding more plants. Because I do not want them to be robbed of any space
or at least they… I would want them to be able to send out send forth their roots
without any, without any obstructions and since my soil mix is pretty loose they
won’t be having any problems with that. So yeah just give them time. That’s going
to be the first iteration of the current work on Mount Echeveria. I’ll be making more changes down the line. For now Mount Echeveria is just a nursery
of echeveria so I’m going to be redesigning it, doing the layout on it… It will be quite a while. I’m expecting that it might happen sometime next year.
There’s no rush. That means I’m now free to work on other parts of the garden.
It’s getting a bit dark and I’m quite hungry so I’ll see you next episode, bye.