Very fresh today! -Every day, you say that.
-Today, it’s really very fresh. -I won’t lie to you.
-You say that every day too. Thank you. Rani! Aishah! -Still here? Usually by this time…
-I know. -Arun…
-Arun again? Again. Pa… Pa, Tanisha and I are
planning for the wedding. There are a thousand and one things
to do. You know that, right? What? This is how you
want to cut it up… One of the ways… It’s really easy. Morning. Auntie, you asked for egg plaster,
this is egg plaster! -I can’t eat this. How can you expect…
-You asked for egg plaster! -When I ordered, I already told you…
-You asked for egg plaster, this is it! What happened? Boss, when I ordered,
I told your son not to cook the egg yolk. Look! The egg yolk is cooked.
I don’t like the egg yolk to be cooked. Madam, this is roti plaster. This is roti, this is egg.
Put them together, you get roti plaster. I know what is roti plaster. -I eat it every other morning.
-If you want us to specially cook for you, -you will have to wait.
-Is it so hard not to cook the egg yolk? -There’s a long queue waiting for food.
-It’s just one simple instruction, your son can’t even follow! If you want to eat it, eat. If you don’t want to eat it,
then don’t eat. Also, no need to pay. -Thank you, and good morning!
-What? I’m going to complain! Do not buy prata from that man! -Kopi siew dai.
-One cafe latte. Thank you. I’m so sorry, Auntie! Sorry. -Here, from your boyfriend.
-Thank you! No need…
You may drop it again. Go…! Today marks the day
that the 128 Circle Food Centre has been a Singaporean
institution for 40 years. 128 Circle… had its humble beginnings in 1979, as a motley collection
of street stalls, just outside there,
where the main road is now. Then, it was known as
Assam Hill Food Centre. They moved to this building
in the mid-80s, and the food centre
became known after its address, Block 128, Assam Hill Circle. Most people simply called it “128” because “128”
sounded like “want to eat”. Now, even with the news
of 128 closing down, locals and tourists alike still come here
for a familiar taste of the food that residents have grown up,
and grown old with. Young man, what do you want? I’m from the TV station.
We’re reporting on the hawker centre. It’s 128 Circle’s 40th anniversary today. Really? I’m going to celebrate my
40th wedding anniversary on Friday. You want to report on that? -By the way, how old are you, Uncle?
-65! You know what’s Merdeka Generation? Of course. I was there
when PM Lee first mentioned… Let Uncle tell you. I was 11 years old. I remember…
I came home from school. For the the first time,
I saw LKY cry. My parents were in the
neighbour’s house, watching TV. I saw LKY stop, and he said, “All my life…” “All my adult life…” He asked me,
that’s why I answered him! -Why don’t you interview others first?
-If there’s nothing else, just go… because I have to serve
my customer, sorry…! Okay…! The usual, Aishah. Special order! One of the most famous stalls here,
synonymous with the hawker centre, is 128 Mee Rebus, run by Halim and his wife, Aishah. The stall claims to be
internationally-renowned, proudly displaying a Gold Star
from gourmet publication “Le Voyage”, -as well as…
-I’m sorry. -Are you a regular customer of the stall?
-Yes, of course. I’ve been coming here
ever since I was in primary school, when Halim’s father
and mother ran the stall. To this day, Aishah knows
what my order is. No need to tell her, she knows. Did you see that mee rebus stall? No crowd control. Sherry… You can stop making sausages.
We have more than enough. Sherry… We have too many sausages.
They just won’t keep. -The best cut to use is picnic shoulder…
-Okay… -but it is hard to get. A good substitute is pork butt.
-I’m sorry… -Just get back to your…
-Whatever meat you use… -It should always have some fat in it.
-It’s fine, it’s okay. It’s fine. It’s fine. You know what? I’m going to try to get us
some free publicity. -Maybe just a few minutes of your time?
-We’re very busy now. Later… -It would help to promote your stall.
-Halim! Brother, can you please come back later?
We are very busy now. Would you like to tell us more
about the mee rebus? -Later, please? We’re busy now.
-Alright. We didn’t manage to get
that interview just now. -Hi!
-Hi. I’m Dominic,
the newest stall owner here. Would you like to feature our stall?
We call it “hipster hawker fare”. -Hot Diggety Dawg?
-Catchy, right? Come on over.
We’ll give you guys a free sample. -Alright, sure.
-Come. -You come from a family of hawkers?
-No… -Did you take over…
-Believe it or not… I was actually in finance
before this. -Finance?
-Yes. “From Shenton Way to 128”,
that could be your tagline for me. Come, I will show you our menu. All our meals are priced
very reasonably because the ingredients that we use
are usually very premium. -Let me show you our sausages.
-Sure. We make our sausages fresh
in the stall, unlike some hot dog stalls
that buy frozen sausages in bulk. And you are… That’s my sister, Sherry. Why don’t I make you
one of our specials? Sure. As you can see, the ingredients
we use are the freshest. Stop. So I’m going to make you
our original… -Stop.
-Alright. Stop. Stop! Sorry, can you just wait outside?
Just wait outside. Sherry… Are you okay? It’s okay. Kor is here, okay? Whatever you do, do not
put that on my desk or I will kill… I am scared! Criminal law is just one floor down. I’m sure one of the partners will be
desperate enough to defend you. -Has that been out since morning?
-What do you think? My breakfast. Six more depositions to review
before I can go out and eat lunch. And if I can go and eat… Don’t tell me… Sorry…! -Have you been waiting…
-No, not long. 45 minutes, Audrey.
I waited 45 minutes. I’m really sorry. -Now, you’re going to kill me…
-Because you can’t make it for lunch? Sorry again. It’s okay. Dinner then. I’ve already made reservations
at that place you wanted to try. Okay, thank you. -I will pick you up at 7pm.
-Okay. Promise. Sorry! -Can you buy lunch back for me?
-I will buy lunch back for you. Thank you. Surprise? Sherry, please do not make
any more sausages tomorrow. We haven’t even sold
the ones from Monday. At this rate,
I will have to take out a loan. Hello? Hi, dear. Yes, just about to. Today? Business was great! I’m just trying to count
all the money that we made today. Okay. See you at Ma’s. Love you. What? Why do you keep telling her that? -Tell her what?
-That you love her. You just told her yesterday.
I’m sure she remembers. Sherry, I don’t have
the energy today, okay? Just… When you’re done, let’s go. Why is it so hard?
You’re only in P2. Pa, Ma… Why are you both so late?
The food has already gone cold. It’s your Pa! -Mee Siam…
-My name is Michelle. You didn’t greet your Ah Gong? -Ah Gong, Ah Mah.
-Guai. -What is this?
-Homework. I’m doing maths. Maybe your Ah Gong can help you? He always says
he’s good with numbers. Okay, let me see. This one. How heavy are
eight $1 Singapore coins? 6 grammes, 60 grammes,
600 grammes or 6 kilogrammes? -Is that a real question or not?
-Real. It came out in the PSLE. But you’re only in P2,
why are you doing PSLE questions? -Ah Gong, you just don’t understand.
-Okay… Read the question one more time. How heavy are eight
$1 Singapore coins? 6 grammes, 60 grammes,
600 grammes, or 6 kilogrammes? Tomorrow, I will go to my stall
and weigh them for you. Then I will tell you the answer. Waste of time. -Hi, dear.
-Hi. -I need a hug.
-No, that bad? Worse than yesterday. You smell like caramelised onions. -Sorry.
-Sorry. When I first opened the stall,
you thought it was sexy. Yes, you know,
too much of a good thing. Anyway, I’m thinking of
keeping the stall open for dinner. What? But Dom,
we talked about this before. -And you said that…
-Yes, I know what I said, but… -Good, you’re here. The food’s ready.
-Hi, Ma. Can you call your sister? Why do I always have to
call her out for dinner? -Why can’t she come out by herself?
-Just call her. Sherry! -I’m almost done.
-I had to release the reservation. -Julian, I’m so sorry.
-It’s okay. It’s okay. We can always reschedule. -I promise, we’ll do this. Tomorrow?
-No, tomorrow’s no good. I have to entertain my clients. -Well, I don’t know. Maybe…
-Right… Some other time. -Have you had dinner?
-It’s okay. I will call FoodStop or something. -Sure?
-Yes. -Are you sure?
-I’m sure. Alright then, I will see you. -Bye.
-Okay, bye. I… Why can’t you watch TV after dinner?
Must you watch now? Hang on, Ma. The reporter said
it will be on tonight’s news. What? A film crew came to 128 today. They were doing a news report
on the hawker centre. -So they filmed your stall?
-Yes. They came over to the stall
and interviewed me and Sherry. The camera guy triggered her. And you let them? Ma, it was an accident. You know how fussy she gets… -It’s not whether I let them or not.
-You should control the situation. -I was just teaching them how to make…
-Don’t be so self-centred. Self-centred? -I’ve been looking after her all my life!
-Dom… Everything you asked me to do, I did!
Including letting her on board… -this hawker thing. I told you, didn’t I?
-Lower your voice. I told you! I told you that this hawker
thing may not be the best for her. -She can hear you.
-But you insisted. So I tried. Do we always have to cut her some slack
because she’s special? Dom! -Why don’t you cut me some slack?
-Dominic… Forget it! Happy now? I think it’s indigestion. My heartburn is starting up again. How many cups of coffee
did you have today? Only three. You know, right?
I’ve told you before, caffeine… Sayang, okay… I need my coffee, Sayang. You want to get a heartburn again? You’re always right. Auntie… Seriously, Auntie.
Have you eaten your dinner? No? Come and eat. Come. Auntie, eat. Why? You don’t like Indian food? Sorry, I only sell Indian food.
You have no choice, eat. Come, take it. Come, eat. Take it… Good. Come, sit down. For you, Pa. Ma, eat this. So I was I was saying, this job… Doing what? Shipping? The company does shipping, Ma. I take care of the accounts, and I
help them to set up the computer system. -How’s the pay?
-Better. 20% more. So now, I can pay for
Michelle’s tuition. Tuition? Waste of money. We never sent you to tuition,
you still turned out okay. Everyone in her class
has tuition, Pa. If I don’t let her have tuition,
she won’t be able to catch up. I don’t want her to fall behind. You must take care of yourself.
Not everything is about Michelle. I know… Anyway, this company
has more benefits. More leave. Medical, dental,
even 13th month. So good? Are you sure? There’s one thing. The company has branches all over
the region, so I may have to travel. But they said it’s only a “maybe”. The previous person in my position
stayed for three years, and never travelled. As long as you
take care of yourself. Okay? She’s always doing this, blaming me whenever
there’s a problem with Sherry. Your sister does need
some taking care of sometimes. -Before you say anything, I’m not…
-So you’re blaming me now? blaming you. Stop, dear. Stop. I’m simply asking if you made
the right decision about the stall. What do you mean? Maybe if you had stayed on at Gordon
Fellows for a couple more months, -things would have blown over.
-So this is about the job at GFA? -Maybe you quit too soon?
-Why must we always go back to that? It’s never too late to go back. -For your information…
-You just opened the stall, -I’m not going back to them or that life!
-you can close it down! You are losing money every day. And every day,
our savings goes down. -How much longer do you want to do this?
-As long as I have to. Alright? Look, dear… I’m sorry. I just need you to
hold on a bit longer. For me. For the two of us. Alright? Dear, it’s not going to be
the two of us much longer. -Elise…
-No, what I’m trying to say is, it won’t be just
the two of us much longer. I’m pregnant. Okay! Thank god. Thanks. I suppose I deserve it. -Working late?
-Yes. -Had your dinner, madam?
-Not yet. So late, and you still
haven’t had your dinner. There’s a hawker centre near my place,
I will probably get some food there. Right. 128 Circle, right? Famous hawker centre. My parents used to date there.
Can you still get food at this hour? We’ll see. One ice kacang, no red beans. One ice kacang, no red beans. -You want ice kacang without kacang?
-Yes. $2. There’re no red beans, right? You put red beans in it. -I just put a bit of red beans…
-I said “no red beans”! Which part of “no red beans”
did you not understand? -Change it.
-I already made it. You don’t expect me to
take the red beans out, right? And you don’t expect me to eat it
after I told you “no red beans”? Miss, no need to be
so uptight, right? -Uptight? Who is being uptight?
-Anyway, it tastes better with red beans. -It’s not like you’re going to die…
-I had a long, long day, and the last thing I want to do is to
quarrel with a freaking dessert guy… -about red beans in my ice kachang!
-You’re not the only one with a long day. I don’t care if you’ve
had a long day! You’re not the customer!
I am the customer! And I’m not having any
ice kacang with red beans. So if you’re not going to give me
a brand new bowl without any red beans, then you can take this bowl and… Two ice kacang… You can leave the red beans in. Take this. I have something I want
to discuss with you too. My cousin, Julia… She has a friend
who just gave birth. She said this friend
is looking for a couple to adopt the baby. I know you want to
expand the business but we’ve always wanted a family. Before you know it,
we’ll be senior citizens. So if we want to have a family, we have to start now. Okay. -Okay?
-Okay. I am about to show you the recipe
for my special version of Chicken Kiev. This is the one that won me the top prize
at last year’s Gourmet World Cup. Combine one-third cup of butter, half a teaspoon of pepper, one teaspoon of garlic powder. On an aluminium foil, like this, spread the mixture… like this. Sherry… -You’re going to be an auntie.
-On a piece of waxed paper, I’m going to place
the half chicken breast. Congratulations, Dom. Like this. And pound it. You want coffee or tea?
Just wait a minute. I’m looking for Uncle Larry. -Why?
-You don’t remember me, Auntie? No. Last time you saw me, I was… this big. -What’s your name?
-You can call me Ah Seng. Even if I tell you my real name,
you won’t recall. But… you know my father’s name. Uncle Larry knows him too. Who is he? I mean, your father.
What’s his name? My father… You all used to call him “Skunk”. Gek! -What happened?
-What do you mean “What happened?” Look at your face. -Skunk.
-Skunk? Nurul… Hi, Halim! How’s your cybercafe business? How many times must I tell you?
It’s not a cybercafe. It’s an online food business. Sayang! Nurul’s here. Can you wait? Sayang, never mind,
I will take care of it. -Are you sure?
-Yes, I will take care of it. You just go. Bye, Halim! See you later! Hopefully not. Twenty years since school,
and he still hates me. -He doesn’t hate you, he just…
-Can’t stand me! Twenty years since school,
and you’re still paranoid. I’m not paranoid! Hot Diggety Dawg. We’re here. This had better be good. If not, my blog post of the week
is going to be about my best friend -dragging us out to a hot hawker centre.
-It will be good. Trust me! Quick, order. Hi, excuse me, may I know
what’s your daily special? Hi! Excuse me! Did you see that?
She just completely ignored us! Excuse me! Hello! Anyone there? Excuse me! What are you doing? Don’t worry. You won’t be
the subject of my blog, she is. Darn it, Sherry. Careful, Uncle. When you’re old,
you must avoid accidents. Sometimes, you can even die. If you want coffee, come and order. -Otherwise…
-I… I don’t want coffee.
Uncle knows that. I’m just here for the money
you owe my father. Since he cannot claim it,
I will claim it for him. With interest. Ah Seng? Tat… You think I’m an old man,
you want to try me? Uncle, I don’t want to fight. I’m just here for the money,
and I will go in peace. -I don’t owe your father any money.
-Yes, you do. And now you owe me. If you don’t pay me in cash,
you pay me in blood. Excuse me. Who is the stall owner? -What is this?
-I’m Mr Toh, from the EAS. Environment Agency of Singapore. Just want to inform you that this area
has been earmarked for developments. After much deliberation, we are closing down
the 128 Circle Food Centre. As a stall owner, you will have to make plans
to relocate in the next 12 months. No way.