You guys guess we’re out right now it’s truly the most magical day ever And of course, you know, we’re here to take pictures with Mickey and ride the rides But we’re also here to bring you some of the best food in Disneyland. Basically, we’re gonna eat our way through Disneyland Yeah, and it’s gonna be amazing Now I know you like the pineapple going way up but I Could I have a feeling we’re gonna find something that you love even more honestly You know what? I’m willing to take that challenge. Are you ready? Yes. I’m ready. Let’s go. Let’s do it All right, first up we have to get here. Yeah, this is Disneyland without the gears You know, I’ve never ever bought the gears at Disney’s, you know are so funny. I’ve never owned Mickey ears. I’m really excited. Oh My god like I don’t need to be looking, right So obviously everybody knows that I must be excited to try a pineapple dolet, yeah, we’re excited to check I honestly just want to eat everything in the Mickey shape. I want the Mickey pretzel those beignets opinion like I can’t even contain myself thinking about like going to Star Wars land and like eating in there dudas the first storm people I See, I’m gonna cry like in a puddle But let’s start things off flow, why don’t we start with the classic cheer whoo the classic the legendary legendary Disneyland Classic sure I’m saying let’s us come If you’re not dancing Before and after you eat something then it’s not good. First thing we’re trying today is just feeling are you ready ready? Mommy good that’s a good sign Which I love, dr. Goosby and not doing Honestly the perfect Breakfast not fill that bucket. I mean, I know we have a lot to eat today, but I might eat this little bit Yes sighs maybe I may get this before wow, you’re really confident right start Yeah, I mean, I know that we’re gonna be trying a lot of other foods today. So I feel like this one I’ll give three Mickey’s it didn’t blow me away. It taste good. But it what is this? Yeah, but it’s not like Whoa, I didn’t dance It’s good it’s Good start I think I breakfast. So let’s move on to like I don’t know like a late morning snack every well run down This is like piping high also might be the biggest corn dog I’ve ever seen mind those are cute Jude Okay, so obviously the corn dogs are not your average corn dogs. I love for dogs This one looks very thick which I think means it has extra extra batter Let’s go ahead and dive on in The batter is very good crispy on the outside, but on the inside the bread is actually really soft Definitely do not as it contains. I thought it was interviewed. So, how book is very delicious. Hmm I don’t know if I’m a big fan of it. How much of the batter though? It’s too much powder for me. So I’m gonna get this one a three. It’s very delicious The taste is good, but I’m if the batter is a little over here I mean, it’s so surprising for me that I’m not going to put off by the batter. Okay. I’ma be real honest I think it’s the perfect one dog. I’m gonna give this why So we’re here at maurices treats we’re gonna wash down all that corn dog with a nice roast lemonade, I’m really I’m really excited I’ve never tried its fancy it It looks beautiful So as far as I think this nation goes I’m very excited about it. This is what you need. It’s hot outside I mean a nice refreshing drink It’s like candy Wow What does this remind me of? Sugar a pixie stick in liquid form. Yeah, that’s my only thing. I’ll say it’s a little cheese I could not drink this whole thing. This far as taste goes Extremely delicious. I will give this for mickey’s because the flavor is Almost undescribable. It’s delicious I’m gonna give it a three Mickey’s only because it tastes too similar to me to a Snow cone this building the Nazis like it please it the syrup that they put on the snow cone. Okay, it’s Larry I won’t that my whole life it is dessert they put This is a big one you guys we went to the mint julep bar. That’s a really popular bar here And we got our Mickey beignets, which is a really big deal And this is actually technically our first Mickey shaped food that we’re going to be trying today And you know, okay things are about to get all messy already One more than you asked for it Powdered sugar and flour, you can’t really go wrong with these things the flavors on point taste like sugar and Bud ship I think these head so For a vignette I’m gonna give this one five minutes really it’s soft. It’s quite deep and sweet we give it four because there is something Something that’s missing. I’ve had the maids that have a little bit more flavor texture though. Absolutely right Alright guys, we found another Mickey classic a good old chocolate ice cream bar That’s literally a Nestle bar that you can bring episode. I just didn’t know about it to hear that screaming in the background Splash Mountain no big deal. It is dark chocolate. No, it’s just regular milk chocolate Are you sure just regular chocolate the stock drops to me? It does smell like dark chocolate. You just say, let’s see Let’s see what it is. Okay, are we not using? Oh Rosie the guy did warn us and say he told us that be careful. It’s a really really really cool Oh my I can use my knee to let it bow see what they know is. It’s so hot outside They don’t want to give you one that schmuck secret rosetta stone about it like two seconds to actually I respect that I respect that dude. Maybe I wouldn’t like this dark chocolate It was the first thing we ate today, but besides this is like the gajillion fish we’ve eaten today you got a lot of heat a lot of heat this actually like feels Nice, this definitely gets five Miki’s for me. Just because after a long day, I feel like it’s just not super sweet It’s tasty the fact that it’s dark chocolate really surprised me which I love so bye Mickey somebody give us five Mickey’s a small app flavors are great all coming today. Also the ice cream Mike Like no wonder you get that for gas engine, you know I said we started this Disneyland food adventure with churros But this is also a churro right Oh cake style. Yes times 100. It’s like a pitcher Oh Went to a party. This is what it Anything so porous Disneyland is known for its Shiro’s there’s all different types. So we have to try it in a different form, obviously It’s Justin in cinnamon has a little bit of a caramel drizzle on top and of course They top it off with whipped cream in the shape of me I’m gonna show you part of Mickey, of course, so I don’t even know like I think we’re supposed to have utensils, but let’s just do it on and there’s nothing so right cuz you need a bit of a Break and funnel cake on, okay This is fantastic, I was long a Moment along with a joke everything the other total package. This is definitely right this is provide across the board on looks taste and it’s Making me dance Okay, I’ve never been to proves corner So this is a really big first for me, but we are here and we’re trying to take your tail We’re actually outside of his house right now Which essentially is four five marshmallows, but it’s okay because you look about freaking cute So there’s definitely caramel inside oh, yeah, that’s that’s not what I was expecting there’s some type of orange flavor I don’t know what that is. You tasting orange caramel and chocolate With marshmallow and the marshal isn’t like it’s not warm enough where I love it But it’s also not a raw marshmallows with dipping in the pot candy You know, I’m actually pleasantly surprised labor secrecy for my personal taste I would give it three Mickey’s but for someone that does love orange and marshmallows like the flavor is very It’s exciting. Yeah, it’s nice. So I would give that a four for someone that like, yeah Not the presentation like this is something that definitely belongs on the gram I would agree with you on this when we did three Mickey’s as well But like I said, I actually am really puzzling right now that it’s good I just know it’s not my front, right exactly, but I know it’s good, right which is great It is great mark because it’s just marshmallow So we got to the pretzels I’m really excited about it. This is what I’ve been waiting for all day So should we get to or one Billy we can share it? You want to share it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Yeah He’s smiling, he’s happy, you know why you happy is we’re gonna eat if he knows that we’re happy, so he’s happy Oh, I just I just ripped off his ear I went for it whatever man to steal dip it in the cheese Flavor is bad a little softer I’m actually really disappointed guys because I’m so looking forward to this pretzel all day. There’s one Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to give it to you because it’s just bail Okay, so the moment that bullshit Nate’s been waiting for is the pineapple Dole Whip is taking everything in me not to just put this out Now you like it if it melts into like liquid I’d be really sad I wouldn’t be seven out of my gourd New York or frozen form. It’s still delicious. I feel like I transport it to Hawaii I’m in front of an ocean right now. There’s palm trees behind me. This thing is amazing It’s like it actually makes me feel Good. It’s like it makes me so passionate. I’m like I Can’t what is there little bird? I need you to be the favorite this tastes like actual pineapples I don’t know how they pull it off, but it’s incredible this obviously gets five Mickey’s it’s delicious It’s five Mickey’s ooze five Mickey’s before I even had it’s amazing and you know, I taste like grow pineapples. It’s infused with real pineapple Juice, I think it’s my favorite dessert of all time I’m gonna make you dance and you know when it makes you dance, that means it’s good Did you hear that somewhere Try the gray stuff it’s delicious To get the reset with unsubmitted Maurice Was on the menu I was like what is very right out. What is gray stuff? I’m glad to know that there’s something underneath all of this green stuff, which is apparently red velvet cake. Oh, yeah, that’s actually really beautiful Very pretty The red Velvets actually very good soft boys Way too much Honestly I give this a 1 I get it they wanted to make some kind of dessert that went along with the song I get it But this is a fail. I would be bad if I bought this as an actual the day So no Mickey’s I would say save your $6 and okay something else because the same it Already, so we have in their way through Disneyland But now we’re going to the place that Sinead it’s so excited to see you guys. This is Star Wars This is the brand-new It is Wait, wait, hold up. So we want to give you guys an insider look up what they have here What kind of drink what kind of food is house? If we just heard some basic Disney insider that the blue milk is? everything But they also have an element, this is great It looks yellow to me and I’m not sure what it’s in the blue or the green milk. It’s definitely not milk thank God but it does smell very fruity and it’s more of a Slushie type of drink. Yeah and what she did say, she said we have to mix it together So I think we should try them separately. And then yeah dump them in together. All right. Yeah. There we go Oh, it doesn’t taste like a slushy is that the bike is bad like it’s not detection It’s a little confusing right? It doesn’t taste like a smoothie but it has like a 6/8 like a milk So I have to slave her like a vibrant group. What is it? I wish I could express or explain to you guys what I’m tasting. I really don’t know how to Never ever doing anything like this Like this I can’t even you know, but I get both of them the pikemen This is fantastic. If I can even fix my keys. I was this unlike an eBay again. I’ve never tried anything like that before I Know I can get this So cool guys have to come to galaxy’s edge just for this drink alone, honestly. Okay, let’s mix it I really want to mix it do a little bit of that beautiful, so just not So blue and green milk mix together. Yeah I like them better separately. This is like up threes. Don’t mix them. I’m gonna give it a five Our roll pop, I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually really excited to eat food that’s actually okay, so this is a Bronto wrap essentially like a bunch of different boots in a pita wrap I Normally wouldn’t want coal saw am on a hot dog with a gun or bread doesn’t that sound weird but honestly, all of those ingredients together are delicious this One of the best things that we want, yeah, so what do you think in terms of me I can’t even talk. I just want to finish the whole but I’m gonna give this a 5/5 I agree You guys we could not be Star Wars Galaxies edge without trying these deserts people have been raving about them like, yeah First of all their V you would have this is an OE boy Ha you can basically a raspberry cream puffs with a passion fruit mousse, which if you know anything about me It’s my Jim say we’re gonna freak out about pineapple Dola I Feel like you would have this desert like a fine dining restaurant It’s like faces. It’s a fancy dessert. I’m irate stairs Bergna news doesn’t sell the nitric oxide. I feel like it wakes you up when you eat it, right? everywhere in doubt like foods that are Flavored a little bit Oh my gosh, you guys we did it We hang our way through Disneyland and we’ve barely even scratched the surface, but I feel like we did a good job We did a lot actually and now do you have a new favorite from business? honestly everything that we ate at galaxy’s edge the way the hands-down the best the hotdogs the dessert the terrine mil of blue milk was so Good and you guys know her never ever gonna cheat on my pineapple Dolan? But I drew these Darwin son was so good. And you guys bin. Did you see that before? Have you tried the Starling today? Ah, do you have other favorites of New Zealand? Yeah, what did we miss? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know should we do a round two of this? Should we go to another Park? Woo. There are a lot of parks section We could go to yeah, but leave those suggestions and leave your mo G’s in the comment last time I told you leave doughnuts this time plebos oh and lots of those. So love you guys so much Thank you so much for watching this video. Yeah, subscribe hit that Bell so you got Notifications from us because we’re always here and then if you guys do watch these videos then maybe we’ll be able to come back Yes, so like subscribe and all the good things. Maybe we go to Disney World Disney World, oh That was so much fun. It’s been a little weird, but mostly fun mostly weird Also, you can click right here in this box for another fine slash weird experience Yeah, and subscribe, which is also down there. So right there and right there it’s really easy and it’s free Yeah