♫ You want my ♫ Sugar sugar ♫ Sugar sugar high ♫ Wanna, wanna ♫ Wanna make it ♫ (pop music) – [Both] Hey, guys! – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and for the beginning of our summer, we decided to stay in
a cabin in the woods. – Oh, yeah. – So for our video this week, we are going to show you 15 different kinds of– – [Both] Gourmet s’mores. – I love them all. They all have to do with yummy chocolate. Some of them are a little
bit more out there, but I’m sure some of y’all will love them. – They’re fantabulous. But before we go onto the video, we have a huge announcement Kamri! That’s right, our little
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to the gourmet s’mores. Hello guys, so the very
first kind of gourmet s’more, I’m gonna be teaching you how to do today is one including a
Ghirardelli chocolate piece with caramel on the inside. So you can see, we’ve got the
graham cracker right there, we put the chocolate
on it, and then we put the marshmallow on top
and then squish it down with another graham cracker. Cuz who doesn’t like Ghirardelli, right? (pop music) Because Rice Krispy treats
have marshmallows in them, they make an easy
replacement for marshmallows when it comes to s’mores. So instead of a marshmallow,
you’re gonna put a roasted Rice Krispy treat, three pieces of Hershey
chocolate and a graham cracker, and you’ve made yourself a
Rice Krispy treat s’more. (chuckles) – Awesome. – [Brooklyn] All right so
this time we’re gonna be combining two classic treats into one, so you can see we’ve taken part of an Oreo and put it as the base
instead of a graham cracker, then we put the marshmallow in between and put the top cookie on top. So now you have an Oreo s’more. (pop rock music) Everyone loves the classic Twix bar, but what about a classic
Twix bar with a s’more? So instead of a Hershey
chocolate, you’re gonna put two Twix, then put your marshmallow and a graham cracker on top. I don’t know about you
guys, but I can honestly say that I’ve never used chili powder while making s’mores before,
but this one was delicious. So make a classic s’more. You’ve got the graham
cracker, the chocolate, the marshmallow, and then
you go ahead and take your chili powder and
sprinkle it on the top, and bam. You’ve got yourself a chili powder s’more. (pop rock music) Sometimes the classical
graham cracker s’more can get a little boring,
so instead we’re gonna use Chips Ahoy chewy cookies,
put out chocolate on there and our marshmallow and then
use it as the top and bottom and you’ve got yourself a cookie s’more. Now it’s time for our Snickers s’more. So instead of doing the
typical Hershey’s chocolate, we decided to mix it up a little bit and cut a Snickers in
half, and then we put a roasted marshmallow
on top, there you go. Voila, you’ve got Snickers s’more. I can never get enough of my
Reese’s peanut butter cups, so we are using (mumbles)
Reese’s peanut butter cup for this s’more, putting
the marshmallow on top, and then creating a
Reese’s ginormous s’more. All right guys, so now it’s
time for a definite classic, PB and J. We’ve all heard of the sandwich, but have you heard of the s’more? So, as you can imagine,
you put the peanut butter on one graham cracker, you
put the jam on the other, and then you put a marshmallow
in between, and bam. You’ve got yourself a PB and J s’more. Instead of going for the
classic chocolate flavor for this s’more, we’re
gonna use something fruity and try four different Starburst. And then we’re gonna add
the roasted marshmallow, and then the top layer of graham crackers, and you’ve got yourself
a Starburst s’more. Nutella! Nutella! That’s right, it’s time
for our Nutella s’more, so we’re gonna take our Nutella and put it on one side of our graham cracker, instead of the typical
Hershey’s chocolate. Once you’ve finished
that, go ahead and put the roasted marshmallow on
top, and there you have it, you’ve got yourself a Nutella s’more. Woo! (pop music) If you’re looking for
something a little bit fresh and minty, you can try
putting a York on your s’more, then adding the marshmallow on top, and the top layer of graham
cracker, and there you have it. I know what you guys are thinking. You’re probably thinking
we’re a little crazy, but that’s right. We are making a bacon s’more. So go ahead and take some
cooked pieces of bacon and put it on top of your graham cracker, and then add your roasted marshmallow, and there you have it, a bacon s’more. I promise guys, it’s delicious. To add a little bit of a
crunchy chocolate flavor to your s’more, put a
KitKat on and then add the marshmallow and the graham cracker, and then you can have yummy KitKat s’more. And last but not least, you’ve got your chocolate pretzel s’more, so go ahead and just take some chocolate pretzels and then add your marshmallow. Very simple, very easy,
and very, very yummy. There you have it. (camera clicks) – Thank you guys so much
for watching that video. I hope you all enjoyed making or eating these gourmet s’mores. Please be sure to go check
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s’more you like the best, or thought looked the best. I personally liked the
Ghirardelli one because– – I think that’s my favorite too. Or the Reese’s peanut butter cup one. Oh yeah. – We’ll see you guys next week. Love you guys so much, bye! Muah!