Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today is the day we’re going to make somewhere around 150 cupcakes see all my stuff? so we got all the supplies that we need I got these very cute rings over on Amazon that
we’re going to top them off with thought the rings are really cute that the kids
would just love for Halloween so they get a little treat and a little bling love it so every year I volunteer to make the cupcakes for our cake walk at school they have a big festival it’s always so much fun so they play a cake
walk game and as the kids walk around music stops and then we draw a number
and whoever is standing on that number gets a free cupcake oh my gosh let’s
sugar these babies up right so I am the school’s cupcake lady and I love doing it so let’s get all these cupcakes made it is 8:45 in the morning let’s see how
long this actually takes hmm baking time and cooling time always get you so I hope this motivates you to help out your kid’s school if you can go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below be sure to share this video
with all of your friends let’s make some Halloween cupcakes alright guys we got all the cupcakes
done they look so cute I think the kids are really going to like the rings I do have a few rings left over so I’m going to give those to the teachers to hand out
at their booths because there’s like game booths and everything at this thing so it is a really fun so that will be awesome but look how cute these are Oh too cute and it smells amazing in here of course so I’m going to get these all
packed up in boxes and we’re going take them to the festival so cute so thank you so much for watching this was a lot of fun to make and it’s going to be a lot
of fun seeing the kids faces devour them and eat get all sugar high you’re welcome mom and dad it is now 1:24 so that took like 4 hours
and 45 minutes ish Wow so thank you so much for watching go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below be sure to check out those
videos I picked out just for you and I will see you next time
Happy Halloween