Well, did you know that there is a
National Festival of Breads? And a competition associated with it has a
Kansan as national champion right now. This is not the champion, but it is the
champion of Good Morning KAKEland here. We appreciate having you here, Charlene
Patton with the Kansas Soybean Commission, because we’re talking about doughnuts, and if there’s one thing Alison and I enjoy oh my gosh we love our doughnuts here on
the show for sure but you’re showing us a way that we can make it a little bit
healthier and this recipe was actually created by a Kansas native and how do
you know how old he is he’s the youth champion yeah I don’t know how old he is
definitely in the youth category he’s the one who came up with this recipe
this is created by Michael Favor of Madison, Kansas, and he is now a national champion when it comes to bread cooking or cooking bread or baking so let’s talk
about his recipe that he created well it’s part of the National Festival of
Breads contest that was held in June in Manhattan and I think we talked about it
earlier encouraging people to enter it they have an adult category and a youth
category and this is the youth winner the Kansas Soybean Commission supports the Kansas Wheat Commission in this promotion and sponsors a special soy
award so if they used a soy ingredient they were considered for that award so
he also won that all right so I have cream the unsalted butter and sugar
together just do that till it’s light and creamy and then we’re gonna add the
egg and we have again two eggs and kind of like what we did with the one this
morning they just want us to add them separately and that just helps in the
mixing process but you can go ahead and add that so we have two eggs and then to
that we’re also going to add some flavoring you have the vanilla and, Shane,
you can smell that it doesn’t look like anything’s in there but that is a little
bit in here it’s almond extract it’s almond extract so just a little bit of
extra flavoring there and then we have another healthy option that he did was
that he used whole-white-wheat flour so we’re using that along with oh you can
do that I already sifted it together with the baking powder and there’s four
teaspoons of baking powder in here so there’s a little bit more leavening and
little salt now I want you to add that and that is cappuccino powder you can
smell that so that’s gonna give that extra little flavor boost we could have
sifted it there but I wanted to make sure that we talked about it and then,
Shane, you can add the milk this is one cup of soy milk and all we want to do is
just mix this until it’s all mixed together
great job, Shane, good job flair there’s a little bit of flair and these doughnuts
look so fancy honestly the final product over there so you have to bring it right
yeah we’re gonna do a little extra touch to it and you mentioned you know this is
a youth winner this is a great recipe for kids to make they could have this
for breakfast because we’ve got this healthy doughnut option and he’s I think
did we read what he said he tried he said I researched doughnut recipes to find
a healthier option and these are baked instead of fried I like french vanilla
coffee and doughnuts so I thought it’d be a good combination yes good logic so
that’s what he did and you can purchase a doughnut pan and that’s what we’re using here and then we’re just gonna take a spoon and fill that just a bit not quite
full because if you do when it bakes it will close your hole up there in the
center but you bake them and the only bake at 350 for about, what do I have
there, 13 minute about three minutes well that’s to stir it
Oh 13 to 15 minutes until lightly really long to bake it and then as you said,
Shane, there’s a special touch when it comes out we’re going to melt some
additional unsalted butter and then we mix that cappuccino powder a tablespoon
of it with some more sugar and we’ll dip the warm donut in the melted butter and
then dip it again in the sugar we gotta take a look at this look at how pretty
and this is with that doughnut pan that you combined these are baked instead of
fried so another great thing another healthy thought for breakfast have them
ready to go that sounds awesome well, Charlene, let’s take a look at where we
can find these recipes and others like it you can go to their website, KansasSoybeans.org, or call that number to request the free soyfoods guide
it has some fantastic recipes in there and again this is all about using soyfoods and into your normal recipes making things a little bit easier on you
well healthier they can start planning now for the recipes for 2019 the contest
is every two years awesome, Charlene, thank you so much what
do you think, Shane? it’s really dense too so it’s gonna fill you up
I believe you wanted too many so that’s that’s healthy too I’m usually
grabbing for. Charlene, we love having you here can’t wait to see what you bring to
us next month thank you so much just be right back after the break stay with us.