welcome friends welcome back to Sunday
morning and another one of our old cookbook shows today we’re going to do
another recipe out of the five roses cookbook put out by the Lake of the
Woods milling company and we’re gonna try something today called pepper cake
it uses black pepper as one of the flavorings something you don’t often see
in cakes so I’m going to start out with creaming the butter so put the butter
into the stand mixer and start softening that up okay while the butter is
softening I’ll deal with the dry ingredients so I have flour baking soda
cinnamon black pepper and nutmeg and we’ll just give that a bit of a stir
okay the butter has softened up nicely so next in is some white sugar and we’ll
cream that in and at the same time it also calls for baking syrup baking syrup
isn’t something that you see in a lot of mainline grocery stores in Canada
anymore it’s essentially refiner syrup so if you can get baking surfer refiners
syrup go ahead and use that I think Lyle’s golden syrup in the UK is a
refiners syrup if you’re in North America and you can’t get it corn syrup
corn syrup works and so we just pour that in and next in our two eggs one at a time
you put one egg in and you make sure it blends in fully before you put it in a
second now a lot of people ask me this question why why why do I do that why
can’t I just put all the eggs in at once and I don’t know that it’s critical I
think you probably could put all the eggs in it wants to put what I found is
that if you put one egg in let it mix in fully and then put the second one in
they are going to mix into the batter better then if you put them in all at
once sometimes it just doesn’t mix in correctly it’s up to you if you find the
other way works go right ahead in the end it doesn’t take long for the
first one to mix in anyway so there’s not a huge time savings by putting them
all in at once okay next in is a half cup of sour cream it’s about right
maybe a bit more okay now I just turn the mixer down to low and I spoon in the
flour mixture a little bit at a time don’t overload the mixing bowl okay last
addition are some raisins I’m going to pop those in and just stir them in it’s
a really nice kick batter really nice and light and fluffy okay so the only
instruction for this cake is to bake for 40 minutes doesn’t say the temperature
or the size of the pan so I’ve got a 9 by 9 with a sling in it just so that the
cake will come out easily and we’ll transfer this in the oven is preheated
to 350 okay smooth the top just a little bit into
the oven hey Glenn hey friends okay I’m not gonna
tell you what this one is what sounds smell cinnamony if there is spice
there’s spice there is it one of them because I never get it right I always
say things like smells like this and you’re like oh there’s none of that in
it yes there’s there is cinnamon in it okay I see raisins
yes sir Brown so now that has a lot of brown sugar and molasses perhaps it was
a pretty standard kind of spicy cake mmm-hmm mmm so it has baking syrup in it
um which is just a refiner syrup a darker refiner serpentine it’s an invert
sugar okay um it’s got a bit of a bite to it though
like after you’ve eaten it mm-hmm so my initial has black pepper in it hmm
so my initial taste was oh I can’t taste the pepper but after I’ve chewed it
it’s like yeah and it’s not necessarily peppery but they you know they have
pepper kind of adds that ah yeah like it’s it’s a little bit of heat it’s not
hot it’s not peppery yeah it’s not like someone put hot sauce in it no it’s just
a little bit of heat after you’ve eaten it interesting
Wow there’s some spice in this game what inspired someone to put pepper in it I
have no idea do you know of any other do you know of any other mm-hm
recipes that have pepper in it like this I’m curious as a I mean
spices and cakes make sense yes and we eat a lot of cake and and and pepper is
a spice so it makes sense to have pepper in a spice cake but um I’ve never had it
and I’ve never seen another cake with it in it and I’m sure though that it is
part of someone’s culture that it has made it into this this book I mean it
tastes it he’s great I’m in this is this is a
pretty good kick I like that um you probably put like a light cream cheese
icing on it yeah that would level but really really yeah okay so don’t fear
putting pepper in a sweet cake it actually works really nicely thanks for
stopping by see you again soon you