[Music] so we’re back part 2 and we are throwing a holiday potluck that’s right we’re inviting a bunch of our friends coworkers closest acquaintances to a potluck that we’re having a little bit later but today we’re going to be seeing some of those desserts that are gonna show up at the bottom of one of them is going to be homemade and one of them is going to come from a bakery here in Los Angeles we’re on our way downtown to the PI point where we hopefully put some pie into our pie policies bless you sneeze hole back there Google how is traffic to the pie hole downtown there’s light traffic from your location to the pie hole so it’ll take about 28 minutes okay hi-ho silver away hi I’m Sean Brennan I’m one of the founders of the pie hole today we’re here at our original location and we’re gonna try some of her awesome holiday pie tell us about the pie hole the file was founded in 2011 we’re coming out of a terrible economy and people were looking for something that made them feel good which is comfort food we always think about what could be served at the dinner table you can’t disappoint grandma and it also has to impress your friends who have really high expectations joining us in the kitchen today is gonna be Bianca and she’s gonna take us through the making of all of our awesome on holiday selections I am bianca molina i’m the director of training for the panel which pies are making the ACMA today we’re starting off with the mom’s apple crumble the mom’s apple crumble has a butter crust we salute it make it super pretty then we go ahead and we dump our apple mix inside it’s too worth of apples we top it off with our house-made crumble bake it off for about 30 to 45 minutes and it’s ready to serve and so this is it has a crumble topping and not like a pastry topping we’ve done the pastry crust top we’ve done a poodle top but this one is what guests love so we do it and then our newest pie it’s the salted chocolate it’s on a pretzel crust then you had a dark chocolate ganache super thick and decadent then we top it off with olive oil sprinkle it with a little bit of sea salt flakes then it’s topped off with pomegranate it adds lots of flavor makes it a little bit refreshing really juicy might be my new favorite line then the third pie will be me vaulted caramel pecan we add pecans then our secret little caramel filling the pecans rise to the top we finish it off with a little bit of sea salt we bake it off and then you have our salted caramel sauce the Earl Grey he was put on the menu when Downton Abbey came back guests loved it we haven’t taken it off since it’s got a layer of dark chocolate ganache salted pistachios then you have our Earl Grey tea infused white chocolate mousse we’ve brewed the Earl Grey team it seats overnight and then we cook off the mousse then it’s topped with house-made wet screamed and roasted salted pistachios it’s funny because I don’t think that’s really much tea flavoured pie it’s like a pie that is this whole new delicious flavor that happens to be your old right I should not have said it better please you make pies but you’re also you do the coffee I do the coffee so what was your first job here I was a barista I’ve loved coffee my entire life my great-great-grandfather was the largest coffee importer in Nicaragua and it’s something that you know I just grew up really admiring and now I oversee our coffee program as well it’s always topped – your coffee we roast it locally and when we serve it to our guests we do it with lots of love okay we got a little taste before we head over to the potluck and of course we’re not gonna leave without drinking some coffee [Music] Apple first oh my goodness you’re normal oh yeah you know sometimes you have a problem with pie where the top Crescent breaks off and you run out of it very quickly as it all falls off with the crumble each little bit of apple has a little bit of the topping yeah okay we got a pearl-grey pie whoa different as a hint of Earl Grey tea but it’s not really Justin your old grape flavor so much reminds me of a cheesecake this is truly one of the most unique desserts I’ve ever heard yeah they’re gonna be expecting like a heavy pie you know but then they’re gonna get a light refreshing pie and then mine well that you can have pie and feel skyhigh at same time damn almost like spit some sick bars yeah I did yeah those pies are gonna be delicious yeah they were delicious now we’re on our way to Rea sorry eh if you didn’t know is quite an avid dessert eater and maker and she’s going to be making something for our potluck called croquembouche I’ve never had a croquembouche before I have never had a croquembouche either I haven’t a croque in my throat’s though you go but not in your bouche Irie a thank you for doing the call of your thoughts oh yeah thank you for having me this is weird cuz you’ve done interviews with us so who are you I’m Leanne the pasty produce what are you making for our potluck I’m making croquembouche croquembouche it’s a cream puff power but I’m going to make it a lotion barrette so some of the cream puffs hearts cream some of the cream puff hats wasabi that the VA special mm-hmm we didn’t ask you to do that but I’m glad you just wanted to do it anyway it’s pretty so you have to have a game right yeah so it’s like a fun game so first do you make Papa shew-whee cheats choux pastry you own buying water and butter and bring it to a boil then add a pinch of salt for flavor and you shift the flour and combine at once and you just mix very fast and once the dough form like a bowl you’re going to take off from the heat and add egg one by one I love making dessert my mom is a chef so they used to have a small cafe but whenever she made pastry at home like I just get really excited because it doesn’t happen often so I think that’s the reason I really start liking making dessert and what kind of cream are you filling them with I’m going to combine custard cream and whipped cream and a combine together and what is better about custard than just like filling it with whipped cream I just grown up eating with custard and heavy cream filling in Japan I think it’s the most common way but I think if we two just cost that it’s too heavy if it’s just whipped cream it’s a little bit boring so I like two together and I like the flavor better when you pipe it in the bottom of your make cross cut so it’s easy to pipe make sure you don’t fail too much because we need to become heavy it’s more difficult to make the power when you’re making caramel don’t touch it leave it until 8 3 2 335 so the caramel is like the glue for this tower mm-hmm yes which you’re going to help me today help you make the tower yeah is that like the heart the important part is the important part the help okay yeah so it’s just dick and dip and stick so you used to work in restaurants but you weren’t a dessert chef necessarily I majored cutting alright and then when I start walking out the restaurant I asked pastry chef can I also walk for pastry station so I walked up the savory station for three days a week and two days a week I did ask pastry station when you make bazaar you don’t make it for yourself you’re making for somebody else I like the element of that sharing food especially like something special it’s people Shh why did you select croquembouche for our Holi table I wanted to make something sort of a retreat I made a croquembouche only once but I’ve made cream past thousand times because it’s my favorite dessert to make I like the transformation I like watching it pops up all right we got the croquembouche it looks delicious can we do a little bit of a test tasting yeah leftover leftover is not eating that wasabi I want it I’m gonna eat a regular one Stephens brave enough to have the wasabi how strong is the wasabi one to ten scale yes eight is it like eating a glob of wasabi yeah all right we’re Savin tears [Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s it tomorrow is the big day potluck dang man wouldn’t it be a shame if you also got this on the night of the fire really Hall are you okay mm-hmm om that is so strong it’s everywhere this is really cruel that is broken Boosh rushing to the way high five tomorrow’s a big day potluck day [Music] oh yes [Music]