It was not so bad. The champagne was cold enough. You start with fennel panna cotta on crispy ginger chips. Next: pineapple tomato gazpacho and Bouchot mussels. And you finish with sablé with Parmesan cheese and lemon cheese cream. Our bread selection. White bread. Fruit bread with black olives and salt. Corn bread. Brioche with sesame and estragon. Celery cream with Granny Smith apple gel and lemon pepper. We continue with our next amuse bouche. Foie gras parfait and parsley cream. Tomato “O” tomato with mozzarella mousse. With old parmesan crust and basil-lemon sorbet. Bon Appetit. Harmony in the plate. You don’t have to have 10 tastes in one dish. I would say, 3 tastes is enough. Carabinero shrimp from Portugal. It’s pan-seared. We serve it with quinoa, piquillo pepper from the north of Spain. And the sauce from shrimp heads and salted butter. I think food science is changing and evolving. There are a lot of trends but they come out of fashion. I am an old-fashioned guy who respects the product. Who does classic food but not literally classic. But the product always comes first. And the product has value. The product is the real star in the restaurant. Without a good product, we can do nothing. The knowledge comes next. So you can take the best from this product. Red porgy fillet from our Fishermans. With green beans from Paimpol. With onion emulsion and passion fruit juice. Pigeon from Deux Sevres. You have pigeon breast cooked in two ways. This one is rolled, stuffed with foie gras, cooked at base temperature. This one is fried on the bone. Then we fillet it and cook in cream. The tartar is made from the filet mignon. Peas puree and pigeon juice with sage. And some potatoes as well. Being a chef is no more difficult than being in a different profession. We are lucky: we have a unique profession. It’s the only profession, Not even the profession but passion. Where all 5 senses are involved. We are in constant pleasure. We make people happy. People are leaving with smiles on their faces. All this is an assessment of our work. This is what makes us grow. This is a bottle of old port. We cut off the neck with a thermal shock. Because the cork can crumble We grip the neck. And we wait just 2 seconds. And here we go… As I said, I love my profession. The advantage of being a chef is that you don’t have a deadline. We are not required to retire at 65. Therefore, I will continue until I can no longer cook. And this is our cheese trolley. Cow cheese on this side. Right side: blue cheese, liquid and semi-liquid. Downstairs: goat and sheep cheese. This cow cheese is perfumed with clover. Our bread selection for your cheese plate. Rustic bread, bran bread, dry bread, and spicy bread. Tartlet with mirabelle plum and chantilly cream. Corn flakes with salty chocolate. Blackcurrant marshmallow with blackcurrant paste. And Nutella madeleine. We continue with roasted figs. With figs and beetroot biscuits. And blackcurrant and beetroot sorbet. Red wine and figs sauce. We gonna do a nice flambe. With the apricot calvados. And apricot infusion. Extra light. We have bees just in front of Domaine de Chateauvieux. So we gonna use our local honey. To sweeten our dessert. Just a little spoon. Just like this. Extra light! You sleep well after this. The best dessert for sleeping. We gonna Flambe with the apricot calvados. Just few seconds on the pan. More calvados. How do you know it’s cooked? We look at the consistency. A lot of bubbles should appear. It’s not a caramel. Almost. But not exactly. It’s ready now. So I will draw some art on the plate. And some sauce to finish the dish. Bon Appetit. Dragon needles. Green chinese tea. Vintage 2019. Cold water to wake up the tea. We leave it to rest for 1 minute. Turkish coffee. I like it with sugar. It’s a Turkish coffee. Bot Appetit.