hey my name is Alvin and I love chocolate chip cookies I think chocolate chip cookies are some of the world’s greatest pleasures perfectly crisp on the outside chewy on the inside with large pockets of chocolate and when they’re done right there is nothing quite like them I strongly believe that you should be able to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie any day of the week so I’ll be showing you guys my personal recipes for a two-minute two-hour and two day cookies I think this is gonna be fun maybe you only got two minutes and you want to make a cookie first thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna take some softened butter can I get it in here this is more about those times you get just cravings and you don’t want like ten cookies but you just want something sweet that’ll hit those spots and some brown sugar and then you want to mix this until it’s essentially a smooth paste so next is your what ingredients you’re gonna take your egg and your vanilla and just kind of go in it’s essentially the same steps as making a normal chocolate chip cookie except I’m you’re just dealing with smaller amounts I didn’t say this is gonna be the easiest thing to make but it beats having to whisk a whole giant bowl of this stuff after that flour no matter how many times I make chocolate chip cookies I always end up spilling go in with some salt and some chocolate chips you actually want to save a handful because we’re gonna decorate the top of the cookie to have more chocolate on top so rest go inside it looks like chocolate chip cookie dough that’s because it is oh yeah you want a plate that is pretty large like a normal dinner plate some parchment as well because the parchment is gonna help rent the cookie from sticking and we’re gonna scoop a nice big scoop of cookie dough because man stuffs good all right kind of like that you also want to decorate the top and a little bit more chocolate and the key here is to actually clump them together one ant starts to cook and you’ll see this it’ll start to spread it’s like studying a watch jewelry except the diamonds the chips I’m gonna say that this cookie contains a lot of the drip as I’ve heard in some of the songs this is gonna go in for about a minute and 30 seconds and we’re gonna see how it goes looks pretty nice he looks like a nice old chocolate-chip cookie you know almost like the clipart version I’m gonna peel this off it’s a nice tree a little cookie we have over here this is your two-minute cookie which is done in the microwave I think is pretty awesome all right let’s see what we got it’s nice and soft good a chocolate distribution for microwave cookie it’s better than you think all right onto the two-hour cookie this is a pretty standard talk soup cookie recipe I start with some normal white sugar some light brown sugar and a good amount of salt give these a nice twist you know you might have your own recipe of a regular chocolate chip cookie your grandma might have one my grandma did not have a chocolate chip cookie recipe because she’s Chinese but I was like you know what I want to make some friends and in order to make friends I need to give them food what kind of food does everybody like I’ll chip cookie so this is one of my first recipes gonna go in delicious golden melted butter oh yeah make your cookies it’s not the easiest thing in the world but in the end I think it’s all worth it and with your liquids got two old eggs what and then really good vanilla extract just want to keep on going until it’s at that stage where you can tell that it’s like really whipped all right that is beautiful and with the dry ingredients got some flour and some baking soda we’re just going to slowly fold I like to take it slow just because I think the slower and smoother it’s better beautiful right there probably one of my favorite it’s about chocolate-chip cookies is the chocolate moment of silence please may I love that beautiful chocolate chunks just swimming and incorporating and just evenly being dispersed throughout the dough I might have put too much chocolate then again I like my chocolate chip cookies like I like my bank account freaking loaded whoa this might be my new wallpaper at this point it’s pretty darn awesome it does benefit from the time of the fridge so this is gonna go in the fridge okay so it’s been about an hour and this has chilled pretty nicely I have a half sheet tray lined with parchment paper we’re gonna scoop some nice little cookie balls I like to be pretty generous with my cookie scoops oh that’s beautiful nice we have five cookies on the tray obviously things gonna make like 10 15 20 more so save this if you have more friends bake it if you don’t have friends that’s it’s kind of sad these are gonna go into an oven at around 350 degrees to get a nice crust on the outside to keep the inside chewy so we’re gonna go bake these off [Music] yes look at these as you can see there is a nice sort of golden-brown crust around the outside but the inside I can already tell it’s like chewy it’s dense it’s gonna be delicious oh yeah here we go and here we have it a two-hour chocolate chip cookie nice caramelized crust on the outside really chewy in the middle super delicious here we go oh that’s nice dipping in milk but the next one’s gonna be even better this is it this is the two-day cookie here we go so the first thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna make some toffee going to put in a lot of butter into this pan after the butter is going in you actually want to also add in light brown sugar and a good amount of salt I think it’s important that you stir pretty constantly throughout the process because it helps the butter and the sugar kind of stay together this is a pretty personal recipe um I’ve actually been able to make a lot of my friends do to this recipe if you’re watching if you’ve had one of these cookies thank you for being my friend the butter and the sugar are coming together pretty nicely beautiful dark golden brown ribbons happening right now that’s at 290 so that means uh this is ready to come out so we got a nice tray with parchment paper for the landing this is probably one of my favorite parts I love it put it in the freezer as soon as you can so beautiful all right while the toffee cools we’re gonna make some brown butter the first thing you start with is a lot of butter a lot of sticks don’t worry you know if someone asks how much butter one of these cookies don’t let them watch this video so butter is made of water of milk solids and butter fat when making brown butter the water kind of melts off and evaporates and that leaves the milk solids behind turn golden brown and that is because of something amazing called the mired reaction we don’t know what the my reaction is I don’t know exactly either but it makes tough turn golden brown and it’s delicious the milk solids are looking amazing your average butter has around 80 percent butterfat sixteen percent water and three percent milk solids we got two problems right now the water is gone and to this is really hot so we try to put this in make cookies right now we would like burn all the sugar cook the egg you know cook the flour so there’s a couple of interesting solutions and one of them I read online in a lot of blogs is that they use ice cubes you want to go really slow and add one ice cube in at a time and just wait for it it’ll start to bubble and it’s cooling down the butter it’s adding back water into the mixture all right dude we’re gonna set you aside but just no great got the rest of our ingredients brown butter still just hanging out over there sup dude first dark brown sugar I think there’s a lot of flavor in here good old white sugar a lot of salt actually I think that’s one of the secrets baking soda and some espresso powder I think espresso powder it helps knock back any of that fat or that sugar that might be a little too much and the star ingredient of the show with the brown butter whoo this is gonna be pretty dark compared to the other ones that we’ve done before but I think color is flavor for eggs go in a 1 3 & 4 a lot of good vanilla you really want to beat it until smooth dissolves mixture of almost like a ribbon-like consistency all right dump in in the flour slowly incorporate these beautiful ribbons of this butter and sugar mix that’s a beautiful dough right there now it’s time to add in the really good stuff let’s go get our chocolate and coffee if you’re spending two days to make a stalks from cookie you’re not doing it justice unless you use really really good chocolate so this is some nice chocolate in bars and we’re just gonna go in pretty large chunks this is one of those things where the less perfect it is the cooler it is you’re gonna get that much more texturally and visually interesting cookie it’s nice Jordan you haven’t talked to the cookie has like big pockets Charley everybody’s like oh you’re like yeah I made that so we’re gonna keep it like this and let’s go get the toffee so this is what the toffee looks like after about 30 minutes to an hour in the freezer make sure when you do this you don’t have any neighbors and it’s not 2 a.m. they go into here nice little ziplock bag squeeze out a good amount of the air yeah I can’t rap is it broken down into top.you chunks approximately the same size as these over here these are going in oh yeah don’t waste any of this stuff on the board either that chocolate dust that’s the good stuff let’s get some gloves on get in there with your hands I’m trying to make sure the chocolate and the toffee are both evenly distributed it’s pretty much ready so now I’m gonna go get a tray we can shape is into nice big cookie dough ball pretty generous amount almost the size of a tennis ball but you’re gonna spend two days might as well make a little bit bigger probably wondering by now hey why is this gonna take two days so this recipe specifically requires it to rest for 36 hours but why 36 hours like why not just like you know put it in the fridge and just chill it until it’s ready to go well I actually worked in a bakery before their child some cookies we’re the best I’ve ever had the reason why they were so good is because the owner always rested it for at least 36 hours what does it do you know a lot of experts also say that the resting process allows flavors to intensify and integrate more with each other I’m no cookie scientist but I baked one off right away and I baked one off 36 hours later and the one that I baked off 36 hours later had more flavor the color was deeper it was more caramelized way better by a bio these are very soft right now they need to rest so I’m gonna saran wrap these and I’m gonna put them in the fridge for 36 hours stay tuned I promise this is gonna be worth it okay so these have been in for very much two days now before you guys say anything I have two of these shirts these have been resting for 36 hours it’s time to bake them three four five and six I’m excited because I want to show you guys why we put so much time and effort to this so let’s go bake these cookies okay so these are the finished product what a two day cookie looks like straight from the oven a lot of interesting textures going on it’s almost like a landscape in like the desert where like the ground is kind of cracked one last touch we’re gonna do to really take these to the next level we’re gonna use some flaky finishing sea salt you can probably find this to any grocery store just like a nice steak I think seasoning your cookies it sounds weird but that’s what I like to do I’m gonna go make some vanilla milk okay so vanilla milk it’s just a splash of vanilla just some good old-fashioned milk and just to top it off a splash heavy cream and really help take this to the next level give it a nice little mix and there you have it a two-day brown butter toffee chocolate chip cookie with flaky sea salt serves with vanilla milk these large pockets of gooey chocolate that toffee that just melts and add flavor I want you guys to see how it looks so here we go that’s a damn good cookie it is my favorite version but chocolate chip cookie I think if you have two days so [Music] I’m gonna go take a nap now so there you have it a two-minute two-hour and two-day cookie you have any questions about the recipes feel free to send me a message or drop a comment below I know that baking cookies can be pretty tricky sometimes and I want to help you guys the best I can so good luck have fun and remember there’s always time to bake until next time