Hi! I’m the Youtube Deal Guy, Matt Granite.
You might know me from your local TV stations or USA Today. None of the items I test or
feature or save you huge amounts of money on are paid products. They’re all located
under the video window. I also hunt down tech deals – food is just something we
do once every two weeks. (Anna): And I am Anna, your Youtube associate. (Matt): You’re
great. And you’re gonna help me test a Polar Blast. Actually came to us by subscriber request
– never even heard of these things… (Anna): Well if you’ve ever been to DQ, they have
blizzards – my mom LIVES off of them, but she wouldn’t want me to tell you that – um,
this kind of makes that, essentially. (Matt): I think it’s just a complete gimmick. But before
we get to today’s huge deal and test it out, if you want to get any of my deals moving forward
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all of my big deals. And here is your huge deal for today. A usually $40 dollars – that
I would never spend on this machine – down to under 20 bucks with free shipping. Amazon was actually
selling this for $35 when we recorded so the price I have is at least the lowest in the
country, and a 50% MSRP. (Anna): Okay, so, we’ve got ice cream here, thank God, because
if there’s one thing I need at all hours it’s ice cream. And…we’re just gonna give this
a shot. And then, you gotta get your toppings. Now, you can do anything. You can do, like,
fruit or…I’m more of a chocolate person, but I guess you could do gummy worms, and,
yunno, whatever tickles your fancy. And let’s just throw some Oreos in there cuz…I wanna
see if this machine works. Let’s see what happens. (Matt): No sprinkles? (Anna); Oh!
Good call. And let’s see what happens! (Matt): Oh wow, look at that Oreo! That is amazing.
It’s really crunching up those ingredients. Look at that! Anna, you’re such a good chef!
This is amazing! Clean up? Very simple. You release the shoot, it comes into two or three
different parts. If you enjoy today’s deal, which is located right under the video screen,
feel free to buy it. It would say it’s a gimmick, but it definitely has substance. (Anna): Oh
yeah, for sure. You can make, like, frosties and milkshakes out of it. (Rob): Were any
smurfs harmed in the making of this? (Matt): Ha ha thanks. We’ve got Rob on the camera,
which is a wonderful thing. If you wanna subscribe to Anna’s channel, which I highly recommend,
it’s called Butterednoodles. The link is somewhere under me, because she puts them in. (Anna):
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