(angelic singing) – Oh my God. Right when you picked it up. Like $25 just blew away. – 25 dollars. – My name is Scott. I live and breathe pizza. But Mark is a pizza purist. – [Mark] This is not pizza. (buzzer) It’s not pizza. (buzzer) I’m about to kick you out. – [Scott] I’m trying to bring in the craziest pizzas I can find. They all claim to be pizza. Together we’ll settle. Are they “Really Dough?” (slow music) – Yo Mark, you down here? Hey. Mark check this out. I’ve got a pizza for you. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just shut my machine? – Yeah, someone by Wall Street’s
making like a $2000 pizza. – What? – It’s like covered in gold. It’s got truffle. It’s got Stilton Cheese. It’s got foie gras. – Foie who? – Foie gras. You’ve never heard of foie gras? – Alright. – [Scott] I’m gonna go get it. You’ll eat it with me? – Are you paying for it? – Listen, I’ll figure out
how to pay for it later. We’ll deal with it. – You want my credit card? – It’s already in my pocket. I’ll see ya later. – Old pizza. (upbeat music) – [Scott] So I came down
over here to Wall Street to check out Industry
Kitchen for their 24K pizza. I’m gonna go check it out,
meet the chef, take a bite. Hey, Hi are you chef Braulio? – Yes. – Hey, I’m Scott. – Nice to meet you. – Very nice to meet you. I’m here to try this
24K pizza you guys got. – Definitely. Take a seat,
wait for me like 10 minutes, and you will have it. Nice and crispy. – Sounds good thanks. – [Chef Braulio] Cool – [Scott] And so I waited and
tried to wrap my brain around the opulence of the pizza
being prepared for me. A pie topped with gold? – Nice and crispy. – I’ve heard about this pizza before. I’m rolling my eyes a
little bit because it’s like pizza should be affordable. Mark is going to be baffled by this pizza. This goes against everything in his body. – [Mark] Sauce, cheese and dough. Pizza tastes best served
right out of the oven. 500 degrees across the board. A pizza should look better than it tastes. No exceptions. – For Mark this is not gonna be a pizza. But I’ve seen that guy
eat like Dominos. So– – [Chef Braulio] We’ll
start with the black dough, made with squid ink from India. We’re gonna stretch out the pizza dough. You don’t even taste the ink. But you feel the texture. We are gonna add some olive oil to make it crispy and keep the color. I use this tool to avoid the bubbles. Then we’re going to
add the Stilton cheese. It is the second most
expensive cheese in the world. This is delicious. The smell. Cheese is melted. Now you spread. And you gonna cut. Now you gonna add the most
expensive foie gras, from France. Little crumbles. I love it. This is fresh truffles now, you see? The next step is tape with the gold. I love gold. Everybody needs to eat gold. All I want to see is pure gold. Everything, everywhere gold. I don’t want to see cheese. All I want to see is gold. Gold, gold, gold (echoes). Every bite have to be tasty, tasty, tasty. This is amazing. This is crazy. All you see in this pizza is edible. Hey, Scott. – Oh my.
– How are you. (Scott laughs) – This is the $2000 pizza. The most foreign things in the world. – This is insane. – [Chef Braulio] This is insane. – This is insane. It’s without a doubt the craziest pizza that I’ve ever seen in my life. (camera click) Hang on, I’ve gotta get you in there. Gotta get you in there. (camera click) Okay, you’re making me dizzy. Hold on I gotta– (camera click) okay. I’m having a lot of
feelings. (camera click) I’m feeling like I wish I could– I wanna just– (camera click) I can’t believe I’m about
to eat a gold pizza. (camera click) Alright. (Heavenly music) – It’s a dreaming. – This is insane. It’s way tastier than
I can imagine really. Cheese is the strongest
element of this pizza. The gold is a totally visual thing. If my eyes– I mean I don’t
know what gold tastes like. – You don’t feel. Yeah, you don’t feel. – Have you licked a gold bar before? – Nope. – Me either. To me this is interesting
because it takes the concept of what a pizza is and it flips it. We’ve got a crust and now
we have the stilton cheese which is actually acting
more as a sauce on this. ‘Cause it’s the base that’s
holding everything together. And then the gold acting
as really like the cheese. It’s the cheese representation. – But for me, pizza– I mean crust is everything. You can put whatever you want on top but the crust is everything. – So it’s a softer and spongier crust. – Yeah. – For being baked out
of this wood fired oven. – Nice and crispy. – Is this a standard dough
recipe just with squid ink? – It’s a special flour from Italy. Had to be from Italy because
pizza is from Italy, right? – I mean, I’ve eaten a
lot of pizza in Italy. I’ve never seen anything like this. When you serve it, it’s room temperature. It’s not a hot pizza right? – It’s not really hot because
you have to finish it. In the end, the caviar, it’ll get bad. – You baked first and
then built afterwords. The cheese is the only
thing that’s on the pizza when it bakes? – Yes. – Okay you are baking the dough
with something on top of it. So, for me that fits the bill. – So what do you think? This is pizza for you? Or no? – Its the weirdest pizza I’ve ever had. – Yeah, but it’s pizza. – I mean without a doubt it’s pizza. I mean I’ve had things
that tasted a lot worse that were also considered pizza. Do you find that pizza is
where you are most creative as opposed to burgers or
salads or other dishes? – Yes, because I love pizza. I love pizza and you can do
whatever you want with it. It’s affordable to everyone. – Except this one. – Nobody can– We give 10% for the City Harvest. – Oh really? For every pizza? – Every 24K pizza we donate
10% for the City Harvest. – That’s awesome that you guys do that. I didn’t know that. So this thing doesn’t look
like any pizza I’ve ever had. But this is absolutely
without a doubt a pizza. I don’t know if Mark’s
gonna agree with me, but we’ll have to ask him to find out. (classical music) Alright man. Let’s cash it in. Here we go. This is 24 carat gold pizza. – This is the $2000 pizza? They burnt it. – It’s not burnt. It’s black because it’s
got squid ink in it. – In the dough? – Yeah, in the dough. – Cut this thing up. Come on. – I feel like you should cut it. – Want me to cut it? – Yeah, man I mean this is your place. We’re under your insurance right now. – I’m getting a little
bit of a fishy smell now. – Yeah? Well you’ve got caviar on top. Hey, I’ve already had this before. – Oh, you’ve had it before? – Yeah, man I just had it. – It tastes like gorgonzola. – What other flavors are
you getting besides cheese? – That’s it. It’s very overpowering. Oh lets see what we got here. It’s kinda like an Oreo cookie. It’s a little tough. – Yeah.
– The dough. And it’s really really chewy. Has no crisp to it. – [Chef Baurlio] Nice and crispy. – I mean you don’t taste the gold. And again, the truffle is
overpowered by the cheese. And there’s very little caviar. And then once you get a mouthful of caviar then that stands out. – It’s a super pretty pizza. – But it’s not really pizza. – What do you mean? – That’s not a pizza dough. There’s no sauce. – Is there anything about
this that it does to pizza? – It doesn’t taste like pizza dough. The texture is not pizza dough. It’s very rubbery. It’s got a fishy taste to it. – Is a squid ink dyed pasta still pasta? – Yes. – Is a squid ink dyed pizza
dough still pizza dough? – No. – Why is it not a pizza
dough if it’s black? – Because you don’t put
squid ink in pizza dough. – What about if you were
buying this by the slice? How much would you pay
for one slice of it? – I wouldn’t. – You’re gonna pay $2000 for a pizza, what do you expect to be on it? – To be on it? (both laugh) No forget that. Don’t say that. – That is no dice. Well I think we have a solution here. Not a pizza for Mark. Yes a pizza for me. It’s a pizza for me.