name you Cedric come overi Cedric why
don’t you think about it why did I choose to build a box right out here scabby a place you can build this box I’ll sing everywhere said you got this
hill for advantage play scared of work and build this fort there it’s well-built it’s perfect
this is where we’ll build the better box I got a call locusts this is it Logan
its Jake I found a spot for our desert box for now I told you we’re filling in
the desert this week the Sahara Logan look on a map Google Earth get here as
fast as you can oh look at that you how’d you get here
so quick what do you mean I just put the body
I worked literally 17 miles to find this place as you told me there’s a bot hey
yo what’s going on guys sloppy Jake you from Jubilee and we’re
back with a brand new video and today we’re in the desert check this out guys
we are legitimately in the desert I got Logan here it’s so hot – I came to see
what I’m the glasses on we picked these glasses because it looked like sand
desert glasses they’re fogging up and they’re extremely hot really mine are
great oh that’s that’s nice dude so look I’ve got a glass on I could barely see
but anyway check it out guys we have picked out a spot to build our desert
24-hour box for you guys have been killing it with the likes you guys have
been killed with the comments and you all want to see it
Logan’s lineman’s dude I think you’re going to be so sick of sand by the end
of this so in terms of building it guys were basically going to kind of like
flatten out the sand here and we’re going to build just a regular box where
we can survive in for 24 hours as you guys know we’ve done a lot of 24-hour
survival challenges but most of them are in like you know pretty regular climate
so this is the first that’s in like a crazy climate we did do the one that we
were in the woods and that was that was hard but like it wasn’t bad I mean there
was shade there were trees it was cool out this is really hard like this is
dangerous do not try this at home do not go to a desert and try to survive it’s
been like 20 minutes and I’m already dying
I do not alarm you a survivor for 24 hours so we brought some food we brought
some water hopefully we bring enough stuff we have
like some cover up too so we’re not you know dying of sunstroke
but I think the best thing we can do right now is just to start building the
box board and pace ourselves so we get this thing built fast and get some
shelter because probably most important thing
right now is getting some shade and getting us inside this box for master
box for builder Logan where is this thing going in the sand nice and sandy
or I mean there’s sand over there oh there’s sand here Logan normally we
build like the base the only problems the sand doesn’t really work too well
with tape and it’s getting in all of our equipment so literally all of our
equipment sandy we’re completely sandy and we’re trying
to not only build a really good box for it but also keep all the filming
equipment on point for this box for Bill guys we’re going to be going pretty
minimal we’re going to be building one of our traditional box forts you guys
are probably seen this in some of our early on 24 hour videos it’s basically a
4 by 4 box we’re but it’s going to keep it pretty simple and clean we also went
ahead and we bought some stuff to survive in the box where we have a bunch
of stuff that were going to deck out the inside of the box fort with I also went
ahead and bought a solar panel light because we do have some flashlights but
I’m like yo we’re in the middle of the desert look at that fun
alright so that’s that there that’s the Sun oh yeah so I bought a solar paneled
light that we’re going to use and hopefully we can charge that up today
and we’ll have some lighting and we don’t even need batteries alright guys
so many update for you we’ve been working on the box now for quite some
time and honestly it spins so hard the heat is pretty much unbearable as you
guys can see I’ve taken my scarf off I just kind of have it over my head I’m
trying to stay cool but it is so hot and the other thing is there’s actually a
lot of wind so the box keeps bending it keeps kind of folding inward on top of
that if sand gets in the tape it literally is unsinkable so there’s like
sand everywhere it’s getting and everything it’s making things not stick
but I actually went ahead and started utilizing the sand to our advantage so
we’re using it’s kind of like a sandwich here we’re pushing it up against the box
to hold it in place and honestly we’re just trying to keep cool and keep
building this thing almost all the walls are done and then we’re going for the
roof all right get out here for a while
starting to get way too hot we’re out of water very little food I
think I need to go search for some water and food Logan I’m going to go get water
let’s go all right I got to go find some food and water all right I found some
desert berries up here I have no idea if we can eat these we can see just because
the heat they’re completely shriveled up they
look like a raisins I’m not risking eating these to be down of a box for
toilet uh keep moving of the other sizes grubs in here been in
logs always great place for grub’s come on come on please
could be something that lives in the desert something out here please try
everything’s dry why don’t I use become out here why did
I choose the bill the boss threw it out here I can’t find food maybe have to
pump water alright there’s some bushes up here if there’s a bush they need to
have water to live maybe if I could dig down beneath the sand nice and why you’re my only friend out here buddy
I’m going to name you Cedric troubles me Cedric
because I watch bush here Bush scholar somehow Scotty one all right Cedric
we’re searching for water today wait Cedric Cedric Oh Oh Cedric he’s gone let
me but let’s go okay more said it’s just one it says what I
said Logan Logan I’m sorry I couldn’t find any water or any food slipping out
there but the sand and the won tons of water we have water just in an hour how
in the desert looking for water we had water please was Cedric who said it all
four walls of the box fort are complete now we just have to make the door so we
can get in finish a little bit of the tape job inside once that’s done we can
put on the roof honestly I don’t know if it’s going to give us a lot of shade
it’s going to be shady but it might be really hot in the box for us so I have
no idea all right guys we’re gonna have some
water now Sun so hot time to make the door all right not much here for the
desert door guys just going to be a basic door we’re actually having a
conversation guys and when you’re out in the desert and you’re doing this like
being creative is really difficult it’s like just get it done every little thing
like even cutting cardboard becomes the hardest task of your life all right we
got a door tour is almost ready store is ready now we’ll just tape up that a
little bit make it a little bit nicer and we’re good to go let’s see if we can
at least maybe get some tunes out here seriously there’s literally no radio out
here we’re not getting anything finalized the last bit of the roof
because that is where we are going to be putting our solar panel lighting
normally we use regular lighting but obviously we don’t have an outlet so
everything’s battery-powered but we thought we might as well use this BC Sun
to our advantage and get some free energy out of it we
got the solar panel we got the light bulb so I guess the light bulb will just
kind of hang inside the fort and the solar panel will mount on to the top of
the roof and then just kind of run the wire inside and I guess we’ll just kind
of let it hang like a light bulb I mean it does have a hook considering we have
a lot of duct tape awesome all right so now we got to do is tape down the solar
panel whew that is looking awesome I was here with this Sun this should take no
time to fully charge it should last the whole night solar panel box so let’s see that we are in the boss now the Sun has
gone down and currently I’m sweating I thought that once they got later at
night it would get a lot cooler I thought you know the Sun would go down
it would just you know it does they’re supposed to get kind of cold tonight it
is not cold at all it is hot well thank you looking for the lighting
although we are in the box so in terms of all of our gear we brought everything
in here it still looks pretty sandy we tried to do a good job of cleaning up
the sand it didn’t work out too too well but we did get most of it outside
we did some upgrades to the box for it takes up a little bit more got a little
bit more sturdy which is good start unpacking your stuff tarik sleeping bags
out get our mattresses out have our solar panel light which on this man
working really worked so well it’s like super charged in the Desert Sun it’s so
bright and then we got to make dinner we brought Katie we brought a survival
pack and it’s got all of our gear in it we kind of nicely put it away to get it
out of the sand we got our first-aid kit of course in case something goes down
but more importantly we got a bunch of different light so let’s kill the lights
up inside the box tonight it’s nice and icy alright let’s put this over here
it’s kind of like minecraft got a position the torches properly oh my god
there’s sand everywhere I thought we did a better job and getting rid of the sand
and I got my glasses from before which are still kind of covered in sand are we
also going to scar see guys which I think we’re actually going to try and
hang up in the box for it and kind of uses like a cool decoration yeah give me
like a nice decoration to stand on the ground feels like blast on yours it
actually hurts a lot I kinda want to go to sleeping bags out is that when we
draw box horses like in the city and there are some lights outside but be
pitch-black outside it’s so hard to see like we have all our lights on that we
normally use so that’s a bit better I mean we don’t too long to go guys but we
definitely did not bring enough water if I was going to do this challenge again I
would be like four times the amount of water because it’s just so hot in the
desert we’re out of ration pack that’s why we’re making Katie and that’s why we
didn’t prepare to have a fire the other reason why we’re not having a big
campfire by guys is well for two reasons one um we’re in a desert and there are a
lot kind of scary desert animals I mean just coyotes the scorpions there’s a lot
of stuff and I just do not get comfortable
I’m actually going to try and fix the radio because earlier I was trying it
and I couldn’t get a signal that would be nice we get the music in here alright
guys so look into this of the kind of aesthetics of the box for it we’re not
going to set up our sleeping at sleeping bags these bugs with your sand
everywhere guys and the more you try to clean it the more it shows up please go
get our sleeping bags in order here just to lie down chill so nice to be in it
lie down all day we’ve just been walking around the desert building this box for
it Tom – Jake we sleep time oh I cannot tell you how nice to lie down guys
you’re lying down right now while watching this video you’re lucky also if
you have air conditioning while watching this video you’re double lucky I think
we’re going to make dinner now so this is probably gonna be the hardest part of
the video hopefully we get a warm macaroni and cheese I don’t know what’s
gonna happen and remember done do not try this at
home it is very dangerous to cook macaroni inside a box board I’m going to
use my cookies on here just a very tiny amount of tin link to actually get a
little fire going that we can boil water on we’re actually just going to cut a
little hole inside the box fork and have like a fire a mini mini fire outside in
boil water on it so we can make our craft dinner splash macaroni and cheese
so in terms of kindling we really don’t have too much I have a little bit of
wood and I have some tissue paper that we have sources first we got to make the
whole now it kind of sucks I can make it on my plaid which means that if there’s
an animal’s out there or little bugs yeah I’m gonna patch it up but it is a
little scary don’t want to be too big but not too small just enough for a
little fire kit and there we go we are outside alright guys so we actually use
the outside of this cooking pot to kind of contain it I’m just going to break up
the wood and get like a nice little fire going here also I do not want to light
the box fort on fire or else that would be extremely bad that’s looking pretty
good so now I’m going to rip up some paper put it in there and let’s see if
we can start to see it we’re going to have to use some of our water or only
water but it’s for a good cause it’s for our macaroni and cheese so so we got our
Clinton steel here we do have some emergency matches so if it doesn’t light
I’ll use those but it’s always best to use this there we go perfect alright guys don’t
try this at home we’re doing this for survival so now we’re going to put our
plot on and cook this and a great thing about this cooking stuff that I have is
that actually at schools all around it because normally you put a pot on top
you’ll put the fire out but this thing allows air to get in perfect you see the
fire is still lit underneath the cooking pot found out because we’re using a box
cord flap I can actually close the flap just like this so the smoke does get it
alright guys we got our boiling water here and now you get two macaroni and
cheese in it it’s not the best way to make mac and cheese put this in here
Amber’s want to sit in the boiling water while we’re laying next I’m going to try
and fix the radio and it’s not really broken I mean there’s a lot of sand in
it and the dials are not really working too well but I have some tinfoil and
this was in one of our packages and you guys shoot envelope you guys didn’t
notice to extend the radio signal and my thought is that we’re in the desert and
it’s not being able to pick up a signal so I’m going to make a kind of makeshift
radio antenna so if you guys listen really closely so
Gigi here you hit a little bit of music coming through all night here’s a
rockabilly listen listen listen it’s working for me okay the hold is
here hi damn vocals but we’re getting this
big oil good news is reading Katie bad news is gonna be a little chunky because
the water definitely did not blow no are we gonna put cheese in we have we have
to cheese package all right we just finished dinner we’ve been chilling here
for a little while it’s actually so hot we’re not being a folder sleeping bag
I’m just gonna sleep like this but we’re gonna turn the lights off now guys I’m
try and get some rest good night see attic daycare I gotta find water oh my god it’s why it’s why come one you