Hello Our tour today is unique As usual we are swaging in Lebanon to let you see it
from a different side Today, we are going to see Tripoli The second largest city in Lebanon and the most important city
in making sweets worldwide Delicious food, friendly people and the most important thing
beautiful and safe life Let me introduce Tripoli for you
from a different side we are in Tripoli now we will
enter the souks to taste Foul Let’s go! – How much?
– 5000 LBP “Akra” in the neighborhood
of the old palace since more than 10 years under the very ancient arcades
in the old souk a distinctive food Do you know that he has something
named “El-Malizia” This is the “Malizia” that people
came from Beirut to eat it This is the second time
that I came here and I can’t tell you how much
the food is delicious here One of my best breakfast is
“Hummus Fatteh” with or without bread The smell of food here! This is “Akra”
in the middle of Tripoli What we most love in our region
is the loyalty for everyone When someone come
regardless from which country he is after first and second day passed
he will feel one of us He will not be anymore stranger “Public Bath” It was built since 540 years – 540?!
– Yes These towels are a hundred years old You roll it and then First we take the towel as it is
we pleat it Roll it I go north, and then straight “Danoun Restaurant” This is the oldest restaurant
to make Foul and Hummus The owner is from “Hassan” family Since I was born
I can remember him Owning the place here Let me taste before I tell you something Foul and Hummus
El-Malizia too which seems to be famous
in Tripoli This is it! Some people vote for “Akra”
others for “Danoun” In Tripoli, this is “Danoun” restaurant
which opened in 1950 The main restaurant
near the castle He has tastiest food
Foul, Hummus And “El-Malizia” To be honest with you
it’s worth to come from Beirut This is it!
its name is “Al Shamasi” Dessert I came here two years ago
at “El-Haddad” shop in the old souk “Halawet Al Shamasi” is like
“Halawet Roz” (Sweet Rice) but it takes 7 hours on fire He cuts it into pieces
with all this sugar He fills it with Ashta This is it!
Can you imagine it! With Ashta inside! I think my smile explains
the yummy taste that I feel It’s a little bit chewy
The sugar taste is not strong With delicious Ashta filling – How much do you want?
– 500 or 1000 LBP, as you wish All this appetizing ice cream
just for 500 LBP! – Yes
– You must to raise the prices, right?! Anyone can park his car
in Tripoli And take a walk in the old souks Copper, tailors
soaps, wide souk You can stay here all the day
from a street, to another and another Where people can eat delicious food Where people can have fun
in a beautiful place You must come from Beirut
to visit it You rind them All these are covered with milk
then you husk them One by one Then you let Ashta cools
before entering the fridge It needs fridge – More than…
– More than 100 years More than 100 years
here in this corner With these stuffs?! Since my grandparents – What’s carob?
– It’s a tree that grows in mountain And you are famous on making it
since 100 years Any item or piece in the shop
at 3000 LBP You are the most welcome! At 3000 LBP
any item in the shop “East Bakeries” Everything starts with the dough! The dough is made a day before? – No! Directly!
– It doesn’t have to yeast? We take it and put it here Yeah we put here
it yeasts a little bit We put sesame All Tripoli contains Kaak
(Kind of Bagel) Here we have the most delicious Kaak In all the region “Al-Hamawi” Sweets So this is pistachio “Mafroukeh”
made only with sugar and pistachio? Pistachio, little quantity of semolina
covered with Ashta and pistachio It seems delightful to taste! Nuts on the topping are crunchy
Ashta is wonderful It’s a little bit warm
not hot good taste of sugar
and the feeling in the mouth! Arabic ice cream
in Tripoli At “Dabouss” place If we want to tell the Lebanese
to come from Beirut to Tripoli What do you suggest to taste?
What the most worth it food to taste? Look, in my opinion, the most important thing
in Tripoli is the different kind of sweets because worldwide, there’s no sweets
like those you found in Tripoli any kind of sweets
you can find it here This coffee shop was built since 1890 the history of Tripoli
politically socially scientifically economically was made in this coffee shop
in this cafe “Al Hajj Mohammed Al-Daboussi” Restaurant I was so excited to visit Tripoli
because of this I love “Moghrabieh”
but in Beirut we eat it in a plate Here it’s in a sandwich with pickles and spices With a lot of ghee
Did you see it?! and the “Moghrabieh” with Hummus Look at this sandwich! – We are making “Maajouka”, right?
– Yes What’s this cheese? with this cheese we also make
“Halawet Jeben” (Cheese Sweet) – You mean “Shaghila” (working)
– Yes, “Shaghila” it means can stretch We use it for “Halawet Jeben”
Halloum and “Halawet Roz” (Sweet Rice) If you don’t have this cheese
You can’t make any kind of these three So it’s cheese and semolina
with water Yes, only – Do you add Sugar syrup?
– No, no This is “Maajouka”
The plate is at 3000 LBP The Kaak (Bagel)
at 2000 LBP It’s only made from cheese Imagine someone is eating cheese
and only cheese Melted cheese It is like a fondue
with some sugar topping and with this sweet I say
Live Love Tripoli – We are now in cafe “Haraj”
– “Souk Haraj” “Souk Haraj” a coffee shop
in the middle of the Souk High roof
very old wonderful arcades and I’m with “Samer Abed Al Hay”
I knew that you are also a tourist guide Yes, I am tourist guide What you can tell us about Tripoli? Tripoli, in brief
is an alive museum an alive museum
it’s a region rich in Mamluk monuments worldwide, after Cairo – Since when you are here?
– Around 50 years You can stay all day in Tripoli You enter in a street
and come out from another You can found souks
as much as you want So beautiful, tight
very old and ancient You arrive at 7 AM to Tripoli
You can eat, buy lots of things And you can stay till night We were here at 6:30 AM
and now it’s 3:00 PM And there are many things to discover “North Sweet”
“Abou Kanaan Sharaf Al-Din & Sons” – Since when you are here?
– Around 40 years 40 years!
in this old souk? Yes, I am from here
I was born in this region – They told me that you have delicious food
– It’s true What we will taste? – Try this
– This Maamoul Mad (oriental sweet) (Arabic poem) “Abed Al Sattar Tom & sons” for Sweets “Abed Rahman”, we know each other
from Instagram Since that, you tell me
“I want to bring you to Tripoli” I love “Znoud Sett” so much But “Mafroukeh” with semolina
heated a little bit Covered with Ashta and nuts
It is amazing! “Abedallah El-Mir Bakery”
Arabic bread Wonderful! Like the Italians! Usually the Saj Mankoushe
is more thick This one is thin
like bread Covered with Arabic string cheese They told us now, that since 50 years
“El-Mir” bakery did not closed its door 24/24
even during wars It’s like a dream! We can’t describe the situation
by words Can you imagine that we have
something like this in Lebanon Last time I saw something similar
was in a Disney movie On TV Iron from the first century
It’s a shame that they are not in a museum You can visit them This is angelic! “Baytna”
(which means our home) Usually our tour is for one day We start early and finish
at 4 o’clock PM But today, and for the first time
I will spend a weekend in Tripoli To show you not only how you enjoy a day
but how you can live a weekend You can come from Beirut
or from abroad and discover the region After visiting the souks
and eating street foods We arrived at the 32th street Which is known as “Dam and Farez” Finally I pronounce it correctly “Dam and Farez” is the street
where you can find the majority of restaurants Where you can stay
and eat Lebanese or International food Here in Tripoli
and sure with the hookah Our journey didn’t finished yet
we still have the night without the Tabbouleh…. All for Tabbouleh Indian Kebab! They told me
to watch out the spicy taste “Kaaeb Al ghazal”
Kebab with Tahini toasted bread and pines it’s so yummy! There are some inventions
with beautiful colors and wonderful forms “Beit El Nassim”
(the house of breeze) I knew that I am coming
to “Beit El Nassim” Then I knew that we can’t reach
the place by car In this case many ideas
came to our mind We parked far away We walked in a tight
and beautiful street As if you are not in Lebanon And you arrive, you discover
a fascinating house High roof
Charming rooms – There is some air, breeze
– Right Throughout the day
This is strange! Even we don’t need an air-conditioner Heavy lightening
A quiet place Amazing! This is our tour in Tripoli
We ate lots of mouthwatering foods Since the morning, from 6:30 AM
and till now, it’s 9 PM It’s the first time in an episode
of “Meshwar” series that we decide to sleep
in a region we are today in Tripoli I have introduce you “Abed Al Rahman”
and now I am with “Zaher” When my friends knew that
I am coming to Tripoli Each one was excited
to take me in a tour “Zaher” will take me
to discover Tripoli at night It’s already 6:30 AM? Hurry up!
The breakfast is ready Two minutes Hello This is our second day
in Tripoli We woke up and heard the neighbor
listening to “Fairouz” It’s so calm!
Our sleep was fantastic And the breakfast just started
in “Beit Nassim” We are in Tripoli By visiting all Tripoli and Al-Mina
you will find old streets where at least one shop
makes delicious Foul and Hummus on the old way Each kilo, every person with his chance
will sell his merchandise These, someone brought them Everything is fresh, look Today the fish is expensive – Why it’s expensive?
– It’s Saturday This is for USD 50 In the restaurant you pay
300 dollars to eat one like this What’s happening?
They are increasing the price? We can see a crowd
and hear noises And people bidding What’s happening inside? These are the fish that came from the sea
to the fishery Some people in Lebanon say
that there are no more national fish – It’s not true
– I can see lots of fish! All these fish are national All were fished in this morning Yes, all came directly from the sea
to the fishery The first auction starts at 5:30 AM Yes, around 5:30 or 5:45 The second auction is inside Anyone can come
The fish arrive with the fishermen Yes, the Lebanese fish Sure, we put them on the balance and there is inside someone responsible
of the auction That’s true “Tic Tac” Restaurant And we opened “Tic Tac” restaurant During my honeymoon in Spain
There was a restaurant in Barcelona Named “Tic Tac” I took the name
and started In 1986, I traveled to America We took the citizen in 1996
and came back I opened a jewelry shop there And in 1997, we opened “Tic Tac”
we renewed the restaurant And thanks God As you can see People come from Beirut, Jounieh
Anfeh, Koura Officers, general
Ministers Everyone, all over
visit our place – Thanks God!
– Great! That’s all my story! Some people ask if I eat
everything in the same day As you saw, we woke up early
we started to visit Foul’s shops In Al-Mina and Tripoli This is the third one
its name is “Tic Tac” On the “Mina”
Abou Rami’s place His food is really distinctive The way he works
His English This man lived in America The laugh
and the jokes that he says I will come back here
no doubt “Abed Rahman Al-Hallab & sons” Sweets Palace – Welcome
– Hello – How are you?
– You are the most welcome Come on We will enter the kitchen
to see how you work Sure, welcome You will see how the Kunafa
is made we make it and now what?
It entered to the oven? It will be grilled directly on fire We will see how There on the gas This is the mixture of cheese
for Kunafa – It’s a mixture and only one kind
– Yes, a mixture A very complex mixture This is the cheese of Kunafa It’s a sweetened cheese First you will feel the taste blossom water It doesn’t contain salt or sugar And then the sugar syrup will do
Its job It’s so elastic
and so soft Not many people have the chance
to taste it like this It’s “Halawet Jeben”
(Cheese Sweet) It’s how “Halawet Jeben” starts
with the cheese that it’s melted to become liquid I confirm again that this is the only kind
that depends on the skill of workers it doesn’t need flipping
it requires steady movements and if you remark there is certain timing then it interacts with the work
when he added the semolina to the cheese the beginning of its making
is literally active it’s a craft more than a production he added the sugar syrup
and the butter now he is preparing the cheese
to start the production of “Halawet Jeben” it’s really surprising that someone
important as “Abed Rahman Hallab” who toured the world
and has many branches in Lebanon these sweets are still made by hand
each morsel by hand this is the last step
where we pull “Halawet Jeben” to have a thick layer the delicious taste of this product
is the cheese mixed with semolina – in very good way
– and it slackens alone? Yes, it slackens alone 10 to 15 minutes
It dries a little bit and chills The most important thing
that I want to say is that I have been eating
Arabic sweets for 20 years This is the first time that I saw
how it’s made How it’s prepared
How much it’s tiring to do it The majority of sweets
are produced by hand With a group where each one
knows his job He learned it
They are real handicraft If it’s up to me
I come from Beirut to Tripoli And I was doing this
before they opened branches in Beirut I came just to eat these three kinds
This one Some people eat it as breakfast
I prefer it for lunch Because it’s a little bit heavy It’s a “Sfiha Trabelsi”
(Arabic pizza of Tripoli) With meat and ghee and the other ingredients The thick dough similar to the puff pastry I always say that the Arabic Sweets
must be eaten by hand Arabic Sweets does not required fork and knife What is common in Tripoli
The unrolled “Halawet Jeben” Which is left as it is This is “Halawet Jeben”
that took all this work up So you know why it is delicious What can I say?!
Glory of God! What can I add?!
This is magnificent “The Fisher” restaurant
For its owner Ayoub Nakhleh So you are the owner of this shop You sit here peacefully – you grill you fish
– when they finish, I go home this is the sandwich of “Samke Harra”
(spicy fish) a fish, that you can fell its freshness a little bit of spicy flavor
lemon taste at the end I know that many people from Beirut Came specially for the “Samke Harra”
(spicy fish) till the date when you opened
a branch in Chekka – but we came
– Welcome So we want to taste this famous sandwich
of “Samke Harra” (spicy fish) – Here you go
– Great Now, I can understand why people
come from Beirut just to eat it This “Abou Fadi”
You must try it Good work – Hello
– Welcome Mr. They told me there is in the souk
“Moustafa” fishery and restaurant True People can choose their fish
and eat them here in the restaurant Or they can buy them? Both case, you can buy
or eat here What the client desires
We are ready to do it – Everything is fresh?
– Yes, it’s It is lemonade
That’s freeze on the sides And it becomes a sorbet Even better than the sorbet
that we buy from the shops It’s not sugary Melted easily in the mouth Incredible color This is really crazy! “Abou Elias Factory for pottery” – Hello
– Welcome There are still some people
in Lebanon who works such a job – On a Saturday
– Sure! Tell me from how long
have you been here? Since I was born
this shop belong to my father And my grandfather before my dad
This is an heredity job – But it will stop with me
– Hopefully not I will not inherited t my children We wish that each one
watching this reportage and seeing you how you are working
and how much you are sweating we hope that you come to Tripoli
the searoad of Mina and see that there is a person
still working with his hands