(playful bass music) – Hi guys, welcome back to! – [Family] That YouTub3 Family. – That YouTub3 Family! Today, we’re going to be spending 24 hours in our theater room. Are you guys ready for this challenge? Guys!
– Yeah. – Yay.
– Okay. What are you doing? Guys, we’re filming.
– I’m so excited. – All right, you know what? Change of plans. Change of plans! No electronics. – Sounds good.
– Yeah. – Guys, 24 hours.
– Whatever you say. – [Katie] No electronics, that’s it. – Yeah, we’ll get there. In the theater room? (record scratches)
– No! – [Katie] Leave the
electronics in the box now. – No!
– What? – [Katie] Phones, all electronics go in. We’re done.
– Why? I thought–
– We’re playing 24 hours, no electronics.
(soft, somber music) Go.
– What? – [Katie] No technology. Put it in. – At least let me shut it down! – Audrey.
– Close it. – It was shutting down! (box rattles) – [Katie] We are doing no electronics. Where is it? – I don’t have it. I don’t have it! – [Katie] Okay, guys. (Jordan singing)
(all laughing) – Put it in the box.
– Man! – If I see any electronics
out of this box. – If it’s not in the box, it
gets thrown in the garbage. – [Katie] It’ll be going in the garbage, so put your electronics in the box. If I find it, you will
not get it ever again. – Oh.
(soft, somber piano music) – [Katie] No electronics for 24 hours. Not only that, guys, this is no technology for 24 hours. – Oh, lights, no!
– No lights. No fridge. – [Ty] What? – [Katie] You’re gonna
have to figure out what you’re going to eat without.
– All of our food is gonna go spoil. – [Katie] The only thing you can use is modern-day plumbing:
water and toilets. (record scratches) – So we have to get our
water from the toilet? – No.
– Ew! – [Katie] You can use
modern-day plumbing, water. – Water comes from the fridge. – You can get it out of the tap.
(family laughs) Tap water. Jacob, put it away! – Jake, that’s my phone! He stole it! – [Katie] Oh, sneaky on purpose! Okay, so lights are going off. Everything will have to
be done by candlelight. You will have to figure
out how to make dinner with no stove.
– Mom, are you forgetting that you’re part of this family too? – [Katie] No fridge! So you’re gonna have to find food that doesn’t go in the fridge. – Oh, no. – Chips?
– That’s fine. – [Katie] And then you’re gonna
have to find things to do, because we are going old-school. – This should be easy,
I’m just gonna take a nap. – Okay.
(David laughs) – [Katie] For 24 hours? – For 24 hours. – [Katie] This will
affect what you could do, ’cause you could read a book, and you could play until it gets dark. When it gets dark, what are you gonna do? – [Audrey] We can play piano! – [Katie] Okay, let’s
hear some piano skills. (Audrey playing “Heart and Soul”) Woo, this is a real party! – We’re bonding now. – [Katie] Nothing like
bonding, no technology. – And go! – This is a duet! (Jordan plays recorder) – You’re going too fast! – [Katie] Ty, no. – [Ty] I’m getting something! – [Katie] Wow, you guys are great. – [Jake] I stink at flute. – [Katie] Okay, now you
guys gave me a headache. Everybody, no piano! (Jake’s recorder squeals) – [David] Music time’s over. – [Katie] No musical instruments
for the next 24 hours. – [Audrey] Nope! (Audrey bangs on piano)
– Can we please have our electronics back? (kids screaming) – If this is what happens
when you take away our memes! (Audrey singing)
(boys banging on instruments) – [Katie] Guys, no electronics! No instruments! – But these aren’t electronics! – [Katie] No music. – We can actually make
a good song, listen. Ready?
– Dad’s crying! – Ready?
– Stop! (Jordan plays “Hot Cross Buns”) (Ty singing harshly) – Recorder drop! – This is going to be
a very long 24 hours. We’ll be back if we’re not gone crazy. All righty, so this 24
hours of no electronics is kinda goin’ crazy,
but I’m getting hungry. It’s starting to get dark, so I thought I would make up my dinner, and I went and found
some biscuits and gravy, which would be good. And I found some chicken fajita bowl, so I’ve gotta decide, which one do I want, breakfast or dinner? But I have to find a way to heat the water ’cause I have no microwave, so I think that I am going
to try to heat some water using our s’mores cooker. I don’t know if this is going to work, I don’t know if it’s going
to be powerful enough, but I’m gonna give it a
try and see if I can heat enough water to cook a
bag of dinner for myself. – [David] You’re gonna be like an hour.
– And me. – And me.
– And me. – You guys have to go find your own food! (kids yelling) Yes, oh, and I have watermelon, I think. Let me see if there’s some watermelon. – [David] ‘Cause we can’t open the fridge. – Yes! Watermelon is left out on the counter! I get watermelon! It’s all mine. – Why is it so dark? We need to open up the
blinds or something. – [Jake] I’m going into the garage, guys. – Audrey’s like, “Wow,
I don’t get any food.” – I guess I’m going on a diet. – It’s okay, you can share
my crusty, dusty donuts and we’ll be really healthy together. – And I’m gonna make a peanut
butter and honey sandwich because the peanut butter
is in the cupboard, the honey is in that cupboard,
the bread is right there, and there’s chips and, yeah. – [Audrey] Yes! (Audrey sings triumphantly) – [Katie] She found dip for our chips! – [Jordan] Ka-pow! – [David] She was all crying
’cause she didn’t think she could make nachos. – [Audrey] Guess what, baby? – [David] So you’re having
Doritos and cheese for dinner? – Yeah. – This is my expression right now. – [David] It’s all that soda? – [Katie] I’m gonna have to
heat up my water as hot as I can ’cause I can use plumbing. So if I get it very hot
here, then I just boil it. – [Audrey] Heat it up, heat it up. – There you go.
– You realize that that water only gets, like. – Well, as soon as it gets a little hot, then I’ll cook it on my flame, and then I’ll pour it in and have dinner. – Okay, I gotta cook this
whole thing on a flame. – But this stuff won’t stay lit! I don’t know what to do. – [David] Your Sterno’s not staying lit? – No, is it dried and crusty? – Might be, dunno.
– So this is what you do. You take this.
– It might be better to– – [Jordan] Oh! – [Jake] I don’t know if that’s smart. – [David] You’re gonna make it all black. – You are blackening my
bowl, but that’s a good idea. (girls giggling)
(lighter flicks) – Oh my goodness!
– You guys. – I need new Sterno. I’m gonna go.
– Kate. – Maybe we need to use
the source of the sun. – [David] Here’s what’s gonna happen. Audrey’s gonna have–
– Yeah, the sun! Oh my gosh, the sun!
– Mom’s gonna have it cold. – [Jordan] Wait, does anyone
have a magnifying glass? – I’m gonna search the garage for Sterno. – All right, we’re gonna
try to figure this out and we’ll be back. – Okay, so I found no more Sterno. I’m just going to use the hot tap water, and I’m going to go with
the chicken fajita bowl, and go ahead and cook it up, because I think it is enough.
I think it’ll be fine. Oh, I have to stir it, and then close it. Whoops! Stir it, close it, cook it. Four minutes and then we’ll try it. How’s your sandwich? – My peanut butter and honey
sandwich is pretty dang good. – [Katie] And the kids
are enjoying my watermelon that I sliced up. – I’m waiting for the food.
– Hey, I called it. – [Katie] Waiting for mine too. Audrey, are you enjoying your chips? – [Audrey] Yeah, I enjoy it so cold. (family giggles) – I want s’mores, but we
don’t have any more Sterno. – [Katie] Well, I think
if I stir this Sterno and get some of the fresher
stuff up to the top, then maybe we can try s’mores, ’cause I want s’mores too for dessert. – Okay. – [Katie] Yeah, we’ll try it. – If not, you’re gonna
have a raw marshmallow with a hard piece of chocolate. – You know what?
– I mean, that’s okay. – That’s good too.
– Yeah, but. – [Katie] Honestly, I like that too. Dinner is done. Let’s see how it turned
out and how it tastes. – Oh, yeah!
– Okay, so… – [Ty] I want you to have the first try. – [Katie] We’ll save a
little bit in the container in case somebody else wants some. – Yeah, you can have it first.
– Is it warm? – It’s not bad. It’s all right. – [David] I didn’t see any
steam coming off of it, so. – No, no steam. But I think it will still be nice. – Eh, eh. – It’s like rice, beans,
and chicken and corn. It’s actually good. For food at dinner that
comes out a package. Wow. – [David] And not being cooked
too hot, but more absorbed. – No, it’s, yeah, all’s it had to
do is absorb the water. It’s good. There’s different beans in here. I think it’s filling too,
because the rice and the chicken. We’re gonna sleep good tonight, Ty. And everybody else is gonna be hungry. – [David] All right, well, I ate my sandwich and some watermelon, so I am good. – Okay, well after, we’re gonna
try to get this Sterno going and see if we can do some s’mores. If not, we’ll just have raw s’mores. – [David] It doesn’t look
like it’s the right color. It’s supposed to be like a bright purple. – It’s dried out.
– Yeah. I think all the alcohol’s gone out of it. – Aw, man! – [David] Darn it. But we’ll try. (rooster crows) – Good morning, guys. So it is day two, next part of our 24 hours
with no electronics. Audrey woke up right
as I was going to bed, but then she went right back to sleep. And now it’s breakfast time, so what I found for breakfast
are these apple strudels, so that’s my breakfast. It’s a fend-for-yourself
breakfast, so David, what are you eating? – I can’t get in the fridge to get milk – No, we can’t use it.
– Because we can’t use modern conveniences, so we got this freeze-dried pineapple.
– Dried pineapple – And it’s delicious. Make sure you don’t eat this though. This is not good. This is what keeps it fresh, I guess. – As soon as the kids are up, we’ll find out what they
decide to eat for breakfast, and then I guess we can read
books or play games together, because we have no other
electronic devices. The only thing that we’re
allowed to use is plumbing, along with our cameras, obviously, because we need a camera to record. – We’ve gotta document
our pain and misery. – No! This is probably the hardest challenge, the 24-hours challenge that we’ve done. Everybody’s in withdrawal. They want to watch a movie. It would’ve been perfect last night as it got nighttime to
watch a movie, but no. – So.
– We sat and told stories. In fact, I told a story about one of Mom’s and my dates.
– Oh yeah. – When we were very first married, actually, Mom was pregnant with Audrey. I looked over and the boys were sleeping. (Katie laughs)
What? So.
– Yeah. – Well, I guess my stories
are good for going to sleep. – Well, and it was kind of late and it’s hard ’cause when
it’s dark, like nighttime, and you don’t have lights, well, then you just want to go to sleep. ‘Cause I think having the
lights on in the house helps you stay awake. Anyway, we’ll find out what the kids are eating for breakfast and what we’re doing
with the rest of our day. – What’s for breakfast, guys? – It’s fend for yourself, and you can’t use anything in the fridge, so good luck with cereal. If you want cereal, it’s gonna be dry. – No chocolate milk. – I want cereal.
– No regular milk. – [Katie] What are you having for breakfast?
– No eggs or bacon. No ham. – [Audrey] What is for
breakfast, what is for breakfast? – [Katie] I already
ate, I ate the strudels. There’s no more strudels. – Mom!
– We can’t have toast, ’cause we don’t have a toaster. You could have bread. – [Jordan] Yes! – This is my breakfast. – [Katie] Chips? Yum! – We have freeze-dried banana slices. – [Katie] Hey, you’re like Dad! You’re going for freeze-dried.
– Nothing looks good. – ‘Cause it’s the best thing ever – [Katie] You can eat a
Pop Tart, but not cooked. – Ew. I want a waffle.
– I know those are normal. – No waffles.
– But I only eat my Pop Tarts where they’re basically searing hot and they like, fall apart. – [Katie] You’re having Nutella? A pack of Nutella?
– Yeah. – [Katie] Ty, what are
you having for breakfast? – Hey, that’s my pack of Nutella. – [Katie] What are you having
for breakfast, little one? – Chips?
– Yum! – Yuck!
– We’re a healthy family just letting you know.
– Some of us are. – [Katie] You should follow
our example and eat healthy. – Let’s see if we’ve got
something better for you. How’s that? [Katie] Maybe some dried broccoli? – How ’bout a bag of drink mix? – [Katie] Well, you can
have tap water with it. That’ll make orange juice. You can’t have truffles. No. – What are these, marshmallows? – [Katie] Marshmallows. German marshmallows. – [Ty] I tried one. – I’m just chowing away. – Man, it’s amazing how
when you have no like, toaster, you can’t even
have Pop Tarts or strudels. – [Katie] Well you can. Just eat it cold. – Ty, here’s Nutella. – [Katie] Really? You’re feeding the boy
chocolate in the morning. – It’s got nuts. It’s hazelnut.
– That’s not healthy! All righty, so what do we
want to do today, guys? – Eat Cheerios. – [Katie] Besides being
on our electronics, which we can’t do. – Can we go outside? – [Katie] We can. We could go outside. It’s kind of a gloomy day, it seems like. – Should we go for a walk around the block and see how many things we
could get through the alphabet, starting with “A” and so you get to “Z” going around the block. So for example, “A” has
to be like, an apple. “B” has to be a branch. “C” has to be, I don’t know. – A seagull.
– Let’s finish breakfast, then we’ll go out.
– A seagull? That’s an “S.” – [Katie] Everybody get breakfast, and then we’ll go out as
soon as you guys are done. – All right, let’s go. – Okay, so Ty and I are
starting out on our walk, and we are looking for
things that are ABC, and everybody else is far behind us. We got a head start, so we’re going to win this challenge – [Ty] We need to find a “A” right here, because there’s a boat right there! – [Katie] Oh, there is a boat right there! – So we need a “A” first.
– An “A.” Ant? Is there an ant? An ant! Look, guys! I found “A.” Ant! – [Ty] “A,” ant! – [Katie] There’s “B” for boat. There’s a car, so that’s “C.” – [David] “D” for door. – [Katie] “D” for doors on the houses. – Are we doing the alphabet? – Yes.
– Yes. What would be starting with “E”? – Earwig.
– Eagle. – Elephant.
– You gotta see it. – Eagle, earwig?
– Ear, ear? – [Katie] I see Audrey’s ear! – [David] Ear, okay. “F”? – [Katie] Hey, there’s a fire hydrant. – [Ty] And then “G” for grass. – [Katie] Fire hydrant. – I was so ready. I even put on my galaxy
shoes just for this, ’cause I was gonna say “Oh, galaxy!” – [Katie] Okay, “G” is galaxy shoes. – Yeah!
– And then house. – “I” for eye.
– No, you don’t know how to spell.
– Audrey, that’s “E.” – Audrey went to school,
got straight “A”s, and she thinks “eye” is spelled with “I.”
– We need to find ice! – [Katie] She graduated high school and now she can’t do math or spelling. – [Ty] We need to find ice! – [Jordan] She’s like “No, I’m just done.” – Energy bar. (Jake chuckles)
– Watch Baldi’s Basics Part 3 when Audrey does her math. That’s a good one. – We need to find ice. – [Katie] I don’t think
we’re gonna find ice out here on a hot summer day, but maybe. – It’s not that hot. – [Katie] Okay, it is kind
of cloudy today, actually. Good family walk in the morning. Ty’s still finishing up
his breakfast Cheerios. – [Jordan] And Jake’s
eating his chocolate. – [Katie] And Ty’s, or Jake’s, yeah. Yummy chocolate snack. – “I,” what could be “I”? – Ice, igloo.
– There could be an igloo. – [David] There could be, but there’s not. – [Audrey] Imaginary friend, right here! – Oh, imaginary friend! Yo! – Imaginary friend.
– That totally counts. – Okay, we’re on “J.” – Jordan.
– Oh, hey, hello! I’m just conveniently here, and Jake. Jacob.
– [Katie] Jordan, Jake. – [David] All right, the letter “K.” – Kangaroo.
– Anybody flying a kite today? Nobody’s flying a kite. A kitten? – [Jordan] Is there a carrot? Look for carrots, guys. – Carrots?
– Oh, wait! – Start with a “C.”
– Oh my gosh. – Oh my goodness. My kids need to go back to school. – I’m just like Audrey. Once school’s out, I’m just brain dead. I can’t think anymore. – [Katie] A “K.” – [Jordan] Karma. – Are there any of these
flowers start with a “K”? – [Katie] Nope. – Man, you know your flowers, Mom. – Oh, karma! I’ll do karma! I’ll do something with karma! – Karma.
– Ready? – Okay.
– Demonstrating karma. – [Audrey] Bad karma! – Bad karma!
– Bad karma, there we go. – We just got “K.”
– Karma! – Okay, so we’re going
to keep playing this game as we walk around the neighborhood. As soon as we get home, we’ll let you know what
letter we ended up on. – All right, so we got back from the walk. We got to “Q.” We couldn’t find anything that
started with the letter “Q.” We saw a Porsche for “P,” we
“M” for motor home, “O” for. – “K” for me!
– Yeah, Katie. – What was “O”? I can’t
remember what the “O” was. Anyhow, we got to “Q,” and
that’s where we got stuck, so that was a fun game. You guys should go out
and try that as well. – The “O” was for oval. – Oval, oh yeah.
– What was it? – We saw an oval-shaped thing. – [Katie] And now, we’re all
just going to chill at home, read books, and annoy each other, (David laughs) Walk on stilts. – Yeah. And we’re gonna make it through. – [Katie] It’s gonna be good times. And then we can open up the green box and get our electronics out! – Yay!
– I’m excited. – Yep, should be fun. I wonder how many messages
we have waiting for us. – [Katie] Oh, I didn’t think about that. – ‘Cause I heard that box vibrating, so people were calling. – [Katie] Probably nobody for me, so. – It was probably all Jordan. – [Katie] Probably Jordan and Audrey. – Yep. – [Jake] It’s not for me,
because I don’t get any texts. (family laughs) ‘Cause I can’t do that with my phone! – All right, so we’re just gonna hang
out the rest of the day. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked this video,
give it a big thumbs up. Remember to like,
subscribe, and share, and! – Hit the bell! – And?
– Make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time. – [All] Bye! (record scratches) – Green box is mine. – Hey, bring that back! – [Katie] It’s not time to open it yet! (playful music)