So I’m joining and gathering information and going to the farms. So here we have cacao leaves and they’re abundant Everytime farmers prune their cacao, leaves are left on the ground and are thought of as waste So they thought of it as something just for mulching something of no purpose, just trash, or sometimes as fertilizer I picked these up and I was thinking about “if I can use this as a raw material for art, the material would be abundant And i could think doing a lot of art, artistic things So, I went to DTI I asked them how to process these leaves into something like fossilisation but their information was lacking so they pointed me towards different resources basically their research group’s information on fossilizing leaves is raw So I made my own research I went to DOST but unfortunately, their information was also lacking Since I saw that the material was so abundant thinking from a business standpoint these were basically free as we know, free things are the best and as something that can be created into other things profits would be huge Who here wants to have huge profits? I think almost all of us want huge profits? But if we make products where in our raw materials are expensive our profits would also thin out We want to have a bigger slice of the pie or profit For them, This is trash but for us, this is not the case It’s a matter of time we can turn this into something To cut the story short, no one was able to provide me information so, I resorted to watching youtube how they were treating it, the chemical they used was difficult to acquire and was not mentioned They wouldn’t give out information the formulation, it had a lot of steps But anyway, it did not stop me from using these abundant free leaves I had to make a way The research went on They had a process where they boiled the leaves so I also did the same In other words, In 8 months in the making I was able to come up with these It took me so long to perfect the process of making these It’s not a joke At the start, I really had to spend My wife scolded me, and told me my spending was going nowhere But anyway my mindset was I have to make this as a raw material for my art creations because this is raw, no one was making it So in the business perspective, if you pioneer something, what happens when you pioneer something? You have a lot of problems. Hahaha But you are the first, so everybody would want to follow you As long as your creations are nice What happened next, to cut it short, the research went on, a lot of mistakes, a lot of disappointments Until these were perfected So these are now semi-fossilized leaves From these, cooked like stew stew cooks for 1 hour but these take 8 hrs to make As you saw in the video this was processed via rubbing Using the chemical caustic soda Baking soda is the same but expensive This was used in youtube. So anyway, after the leaves were made we didn’t know what to make but my wife made these flowers from the leaves What’s amazing about these is they’ll last a lifetime When they say it’s fossilized It is a process that’ll take millions of years A fossil is created but only through a shortcut. It is organic and eco friendly Turning trash into cash So it’s very economical and value generating. If you want to learn on how to make flowers, contact my wife So aside from that we have the topiar for centerpiece use we looked for a group of women who could make these, because since we provided the research we’re looking for associations who need help because we will provide it If they make these, we will buy them They will earn cash and we will be the ones to market So those who would want to learn on how to make these flowers, you will turn your trash into cash I will buy your products, as long as it’s quality Because we want to promote the product which is pure cacao leaves So in other words, after three months of research and because of the heat of the season I made a fan out of the cacao leaves This smells good because it is made from cacao leaves So you can create a lot I have this ambition of turning it into clothes cloth design and accenting purposes The research is continuing and hopefully this year there would be a breakthrough where I could make a barong tagalog or gown out of fossilized cacao I’m collaborating with fashion designers from Davao I created another product named “Teles” coming from my name Telesforo Teles means star I realized that stars emit light so I made a lamp The idea was good the problem, like what you’re thinking, is where can you get raw materials? I researched for eight months actually one year before I was able to make this one You can see my work here, this is my first lamp by the way I finished this last January 2018, actually I started this around December 2017 but it had many flaws but it didn’t stop there DTI told me that this was very simple They didn’t know how lengthy and difficult the process was Being broad minded, I had to be open to criticism Being told that this was simple, it was good news because it allowed me to come up with new designs As you can see those lamps hanging from the chandelier over there those are my new designs and innovations From this simple tube table lamp, Very cozy, eco-friendly and close to nature