(bouncy music) – Hey Guys! – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey – and today we are going to be filming some last-minute Halloween
costume ideas for you all. – [Voiceover] And we are doing 28 of them so there will be plenty to choose from. – Oh yes. A big variety. – I hope you all enjoy,
so let’s get started. (energetic music) For the prom queen Halloween outfit I decided to wear a really fancy dress, and I am actually wearing
my homecoming dress if some of you all recognized it. Along with the dress I
wore some black heels, a prom queen sash, a tiara,
and I held some flowers. (banjo music) – In order to be a cowgirl, you have to wear your cowgirl
hat and your cowgirl boots, and I’ve tied a bandanna around my neck, and wore a button-up,
checkered shirt with my shorts, and then I just tied my hair into braids to add to the cowboy effect. Yee-haw! (Upbeat music) – For my Russell from
Up Halloween costume, I decided to wear a yellow
top and green shorts, along with knee socks and Converse, and then I also topped it off with a hat, and an orange bandanna
to go around my neck, and then we can’t forget
about the scout’s sash, which Russel is so proud of. (lull-a-bye music) – For the baby costume I just
put on a big pair of pajamas, which are very comfortable,
in case you’re wondering. I also have on some fuzzy slippers, and I’m carrying around my
favorite stuffed animal, and a large Binky, and then I wore my hair in
braids and added some freckles. (Roaring Twenties music) – And of course, we can’t forget about
the lovely Minnie Mouse. For this last minute Halloween costume, all you have to have laying around is some Minnie Mouse ears, white gloves, a Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and then some black jeans and Converse, and then if you have some,
wear some red lipstick, and black eyeliner on your nose, to make yourself look
even more like a mouse. (suspense music) – To be one of my favorite
Halloween costumes, the black cat. You must wear all black, obviously, and then I just pinned on a
black cat tail to my jeans, and I wore black cat ears, and I added some whiskers and a nose, and then I put red lips for a pop. Meowwww. Now you have the purrrfect outfit. Brrrroach. (cabaret music) – Hello guys. It’s Miranda here. And that’s porn! Just kidding. It’s Bailey, and those are red sweats
with a blue-striped top, and red lips that we all associate with the Wonderful Miranda Sings. Haters gonna hate! (suspenseful music) – Ever wondered who the real ‘A’ was? It’s me, just kidding. You can be ‘A’ by wearing
a red, trench coat, sunglasses, a blonde wig, if you don’t have blonde hair like me, black gloves, black
jeans, and black shoes, and carry around an egg. (upbeat music) – This last-minute DIY
costume is for a deer, and all you have to wear are white pants, a long sleeve brown shirt, and you don’t even have to wear shoes, which is my favorite part, and then on top of that, I wore antlers that I found from Walmart, and then I did some fun deer makeup. (Fifties music) – To be Sandy from Grease you just have to wear a
black, leather jacket, a black shirt, black pants of some sort, I’m wearing black leather leggings, a gold belt, and then your
hair down, very voluminous, and then wear red lips
to pop the whole outfit, and black heels. (energetic music) – Thinking about flying
high for Halloween? Well, why don’t you try out
the flight attendant costume? I have put together a red, pencil skirt, a white, button-up top, a scarf, a flight attendant button, a red hat, black heels, and then I have a suitcase to go with it. (techno music) – For my nerd costume, I just tucked a t-shirt
into my high waisted jeans, put on some suspenders and glasses, put my long hair into some high pigtails, and then I carry around
a chemistry text book, because we all love chemistry. (religious music) – Holy cow! It’s a holy cow costume. Yes, this is one of our
punnier outfits for Halloween. For my holy cow Halloween costume I wore all white, and then added some felt,
black spots to my clothing, and then I also wore
angel wings, and a halo. (angel singing) (upbeat music) – To be one of my favorite
people from Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn, You just need a long black dress, with long black gloves to go with it, some nice pearls to go around your neck, black sunglasses, your hair up
in a bun with a small tiara, and red lipstick. (bouncy kazoo music) – And now it’s time for the Minion. If you want to be a minion for Halloween, all you have to have is a yellow shirt, some black suspenders, jeans, and a Despicable Me hat, or goggles. Beedo. Beedo. Bananas! (somber music) – To be Wednesday Adams
you must wear a black dress with a white collar, on
the sleeve and neckline, black tights, black shoes, Your hair in two braids,
parted down the middle, and white face makeup. (light hearted music) – You can pull out your inner spy by being Sherlock Holmes for Halloween. I just wore a trench coat, my Sherlock Holmes’ hat, I also have a pipe and
my magnifying glass, to help me out. (fast paced music) – To be Pippi Longstocking for Halloween, you can basically wear whatever you want, because she’s crazy, but I just wore this checkered dress, with rainbow socks, un-matching boots, and my hair swung up with a hangar,
into two crazy braids. (silent movie music) – For my mime costume, I decided to wear a
black and white t-shirt, along with white gloves and a black beret, and then I decided to
do some fun, mime makeup to go along with it. (high intensity music) – To be Cruella Deville for Halloween, you could just wear a long, black dress, a white, fuzzy sweater of some sort, long, white pearls, a black and white wig, which is optional, black gloves, and then
carry around a Dalmatian. (fast paced music) – I don’t know about you guys, but I love the candy candy corn, so I decided to dress up as one. All you need are some
mustard-yellow pants, an orange top and a white beenie. (bouncy music) – This is a more modern way to dress up the classical princess, Ariel. All you need is a long, red wig, some fun glasses, a purple shirt, green pants, black suspenders,
and a stuffed flounder. (Seventies music) – For my Hippy outfit, I put
together some bell bottoms, along with a tie-dye shirt, a peace necklace, a floral headband, and my circular sunglasses. That’s groovy man, I’m
feeling those vibes! Peace, love, and happiness, man. (techno music) – For my creepy, crawly
black widow costume, I’m wearing all black, and then I just cut out
a red hourglass shape, and put it on my stomach
just like the spider. Then I’m also wearing a
black spider bracelet, and some red Converse, and some red lips to go with it. (sports music) – For this last-minute Halloween costume, all you need is a team-spirit shirt along with a football, and then some war paint
underneath your eyes to show your team spirit. (electronic music) – For my punny Halloween costume, I’m just being a smartie pants, by taping a bunch of Smarties
to my pants, literally, and then you just wear a normal t-shirt, and your hair however you want it, because you are a smartie pants. (threatening music) – For another punny Halloween costume, I have my cereal killer outfit. Dun-Dun-Duuun! I actually put cereal
boxes on my white shirt, and stabbed them with plastic knives, and then sprinkled some
fake blood on there to just add to the effect of creepiness. (party music) – And for our last Halloween costume, I just have a social butterfly, and I taped all the social
media platforms I love, onto my clothes, Twitter, Snapshot, Facebook,
Instagram, and YouTube, and then I put some
butterfly wings onto my back, cuz I’m a butterfly, and I have some antennas,
and my hair up in a bun, with my phone, of course,
because I’m a social butterfly. – I hope you guys enjoyed
watching this video and helped you guys find a
last-minute Halloween costume. – Leave a comment below on which costume you guys liked the best, and we’ll see you all next week. – Bye (together) (music)