Today we’re going to 2D Bubble Tea cafe. Entering a comic world. Stay tuned. Why it’s so dark inside? Usually like this? What? It’s closed! Previously it’s closed, luckily it’s open today. Hi. Assalamualaikum. I’m Ariey. Not that one. Ariey is not that slim. This time I’ll bring you guys into a comic world. Look! All the scatch, everything in black and white same as comic. When entering this place, it’s hard to differentiate the color. Someone are taking pictures there. Look like an old manga (Japanese comic). Just black and white. This is the list of menu. As far as I know, they used to have foods in their menu before. But it’s not there anymore. It is so easy to order. First, choose your drink. Then, order at the counter. Got your change. Then you’ll have these 3 things. This black rectangular dude, just forgot what it’s name. Your money and bill. We buy one Brown Sugar Fresh Milk for 14.90 MYR Such an awesome interior design. Just take a look at it. I used to read and article and they said, this cafe crew took a month and a half to finish all the drawings by handmade process. Look at the outcome. Such an amazing results! Wowmazing! Those who like to take pictures, OOTD, upload pictures on your Instagram, you have to visit this place. If you come here with kids, Just let and watch them play inside this pool. Let them play with balls. They love it. When your order is ready, this black colour buzzer will signal you. Just need to go to the counter, give them this rectangular thing and take the bubble tea. Oo. Yeahhhhhh That’s beautiful. This bubble tea just made for us. Kids don’t attract to bubble tea at all. They just love balls. It’s same! When I took the bubble tea at the counter, the cashier told me to shake the bubble tea 20 times before drink it. Caution. Don’t let kids to hold this bubble tea If not, you will lose the tea. Now, we don’t have to go to South Korea if we want to take picture in hipster comic cafe like this. Just need to go to Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur (singing Malay song) (singing Malay song) Look at his pose. He just a one year ols toddler. What’s your opinion? Is this place interesting? If yes, you may want to share this to your friend and ask them to come here with you. If you like this video, click like button down there and don’t forget to subscribe because I want to do more videos like this. Just ask me in comment sections below if you want for English subtitles. Thanks for watching. See you on the next video. Have a nice day. Good bye.