BonChon Chicken, it’s really really
good. It’s basically Korean style fried chicken. I’m here with my friend Manny
and Anthony. We go to this place. It’s kind of like a billiards club basically. Noah, say “bye”. Bye! Hey guys it’s Gabriel welcome back to my
channel. Today is a very special episode. I’ve been waiting for this episode for
so long. It revolves around the people that are truly and deeply important in
my life and those people are my sister Grace whom you guys already know, my
cousin Brittni, my friend Alex and my friend Anthony. We talk non-stop. I don’t
know they just know me to my core and they allow me to be 100% myself. I think
you guys know me but to know me around the people that I’m most comfortable
with I feel like it’s a different feeling and it’s like a different vibe. I
don’t regret not filming as much as I wish that I had. Obviously more footage
would be better. My focus wasn’t strictly on filming
which allowed me to be in the moment and have an amazing day with them, but I did
manage to get some footage so I’m gonna try my best
between me talking about it versus me showing the footage from that day. It’s
funny because everyone in my group knows each other through me, but it’s not often
that we all like are under one roof so it was cool for me to like see everyone
and just like be together. So the day started with Anthony, Alex, and
I had gone out to go get Chick-Fil-A and while we were getting Chick-Fil-A,
Brittni had arrived at my place. By the time we got back, we all basically had
Chick-Fil-A together and that’s when I started filming. Hello. Today is Saturday August 19th. It’s 2:21pm. I’m extremely happy right now because all of my besties are here with me– Sorry, it cut off. But yes all my besties are
here everyone say, “Hi”. Hi! Hi! You–mmm. (Everyone laughs at Brittni avoiding the camera) Alex, hi! Yeah so we’re eating Chick-Fil-A right
now. We’re all just chillin. It’s 4:49pm. We’re all on our way to Short Pump now. The sun’s setting a little bit so it’s gonna be very nice and beautiful. Yeah, we’re gonna have a good time. (Strange laughter in the back) We’re gonna walk around… (Laughter continues) Grace: What? Grace: I can’t see out of that eye. Brittni: Oh… Grace: My left eye, yeah. (Music stops) Why did you guys just accept that? She’s driving! She is lying! I hope you’re lying! Grace: No, I’m not. I went on this training for four months and I lost one
contact as soon as I got there. And they wanted me to drive the van with all the people, I said, “Okay”. So I’m good at it now. I’m real good at it. “Mama knows best.” Hey! So, we are here now at Short Pump. We’re all going to be walking around… Gabriel: (Mocking) FILM ME! Say, “hey”. Anthony: … Gabriel: (Laughs) …Ok. I’ve gone to Short Pump maybe
about five or six times. One of my favorite things there is they have like
a life-size chess board but the last time I played it was like late at night
I was with Anthony and Alex ironically there was like a chess piece missing.
Which I guess I shouldn’t be that surprising but I think I won actually, now that I think about it. The ultimate goal was just to go to Short Pump
hangout shop around enjoy the views and then eventually have dinner at one of my
favorite places Cheesecake Factory. One thing that I was not anticipating was a photo shoot. So it wasn’t like a legit photo shoot but we just kind of made one
up. Someone had to use the restroom and outside of the restrooms there was like
this really big green wall with a bench. And it just looked so Instagramical. I know that’s not a word. I am really shy. I talk about that all the time on this channel,
but I’m so comfortable with these people that I didn’t even notice that people
were staring at us apparently. Had I noticed I think I would have felt a
little more self-conscious but we just had so much fun with it. Hands down, one of the best parts of the day. I honestly cannot wait for all of us to like get
together and do another one. Maybe we’ll do one like on a mountain or something.
I’m just kidding I don’t hike. Say, “Hi” guys! Oh hey! Hey!! Anthony hi! What’s up? Hey! Gabriel: Okay, let’s decide what pose. What are we going to do? I like this one. What?? She said that means something else in her world. Grace: It means close your legs. Brittni: What?! Cause you were like this, “Let’s do THIS!” You be up here. I’ll just do the opposite of what Anthony’s doing…what is he doing? Brittni: And then, we’re gonna do something more than this. And then…[chair slams] You okay? I’m good! Anthony: I’m gonna go put our name in there. Grace: Alright, thanks. Grace: Someone go with him. He shouldn’t go alone. Grace: You just go with him. Alex, we’ll meet you. Alex: Okay. It’s 7:28. We just took a bunch of really
fun photos. Honestly, it was one of my favorite photo sessions we’ve ever done;
that I’ve ever done with anybody. Did you guys have fun? Huh? Yeah. Grace: Yeah, it was fun. When do we get paid? You mean from YouTube? No, no. Like, for hanging out with you today? When’s the payment gonna hit? Lunch was great, but I just need– That’s right! I PAID you your CHICK-FIL-A! Grace: Thank goodness I brought this stroller. I couldn’t be carrying him all day. Yeah I’m gonna put everything in there actually. Grace: Yeah, you should. We had a really really good time
and honestly it meant like so much for all of us to like build it have fun and take photos. We’re gonna have dinner at Cheesecake Factory…WOO! It’s 8:24. We are now at Cheesecake Factory. I’m here with Grace. Say, “Hi”! It’s a video. Anthony say, “Hi”. What’s up? Hi! Alex, hi! What’s up? Brittni, hey! (Laughing) Okay. And, we just got our bread. Yummy bread. We already ordered our food so we’re just waiting for the food to come. Alex: Dang! Grace: Let her know “when”. Gabriel: I know. That’s good, thank you. Alex: Gabriel! Gabriel: Alex, it’s ok, that’s good! Gabriel: I was going to, but then Grace saw– Ok, so we just got our food. I got the pasta shrimp and sausage. It’s really good. It has like a spiciness to it. Grace got the same thing. Anthony got pasta. Alex is being very loud, but she also got a burger. A Bacon Bacon Burger which is really good. It’s super delicious, really good, it’s so juicy. It’s very very yummy, mmmmm. Brittni also got flat bread which she said is “mad good” which means it’s “very delicious”. Because this may be seen by my Korean students. Is it good? Alex, is it good? Oh, you didn’t try it yet. Anthony, is your food good? … Grace, is your food good? Yeah. Yeah! Yay! So hungry. Waitress: Did everything come out ok so far guys? Grace: Yeah, it’s perfect, thank you. Oh my gosh! So Alex has now cut her burger in half and she and Grace are now splitting their food. Let’s watch as this develops. Grace: Make sure you got enough meat in there. Alex: It’s fine. It’s fine. Ok, that’s cool. Grace: Scrape it. Thanks Grace. Grace: You’re welcome. Gabriel: Sounds like you got a good deal. If you want more you can have some of mine. Ok so now it’s time to dig in. I’ll take one. Thanks girl! Yum fries! Oh, these are really good! Brittni: Oh the chorus is about to come up. “Let’s stay together….” “Lovin’ you whether…whether” Grace: If only they sounded good. Grace: She throwin up the white flag. Grace: We surrender our voices. I don’t remember this part. Grace: They just cut yall off. Grace: They heard them singing so they cut it off. We just got our cheesecakes. I have Fresh Strawberries which is amazing. It’s just like a regular original cheesecake cheesecake with um…you know, fresh strawberries on it. It has like a nice jelly on it. It’s really good. Grace got a Nutella type cheesecake. It looks very good. Nice and chocolaty. Mmmmm. Anthony got a nice cheesecake. But he already ate some of it so I can’t really tell what it was (truffle something). Alex got something key lime…pie mango. Yum yum! And Brittni didn’t get a cheesecake, but she got some type of, what is it? Custard? Warm Apple… Brittni: Crisp. Warm Apple Crisp. With some caramel on it. Eat up y’all! It is 9:53. We are now leaving Cheesecake Factory did you guys enjoy your food? Ate too much. Yeah? Did you enjoy your food? … Say something! … Did you? (Annoyed) YOU are the– Oh my gosh. Ok. Gabriel: Oh, Grace sorry! I choke on air. Cannot help you if you choke on air. I really choke on like– When the wind blows in my face, I really feel like I have a swallow– No, like Brittni I meant to ask you like, Brittni to Alex: Stop trying to help him out, no! –swallow reflexes like when
the wind blows strongly in my face I swallow. Like my reflex is to
swallow and that’s what keeps me from breathing. Brittni: Gabriel… Brittni, I’m being so serious. Okay, it’s 10:32. Brittni’s about to leave. This is gonna be my last time seeing her before she comes to Korea!! Brittni: Chal-jayo! Brittni, thank you for coming. I know your cat’s you know…in dire straights, but you still came out. Brittni: Well, I know I’m gonna see you so it’s ok. I know, me too. That’s why, you know. Brittni: Bye! Anthony: Good seeing you again. Brittni: It was good seeing you again. Hopefully, it won’t be like 5 years this time. Yeah. Brittni: Bye! Alex: Brittni, bye! Grace: It will. When [Gabriel] gets back in 2019, that’s when they’ll see each other again. (Anthony laughs) Grace: I’m just saying. Gabriel: Anthony, that laugh. Brittni: Bye you guys. Have a good fun night. Bye Brittni. Brittni: Alright, goodnight you guys! Bye! Tell your mom I said “Hi” and I love her. Bye!! I was gone for like two years and
although we all kept in touch through text messaging and social media and
things like that, FaceTime sometimes, there’s nothing like
being able to like physically hug your best friends and be able to spend that
time and talk and reconnect. This day was just just absolutely special. It refueled me to be able to come back to Korea and see the rest of my time here through. So at
this point Brittni has left. We just knew we wanted to play some kind of game
so we went to the store and we saw Speak Out and I was like, “Oh my gosh! That’s the
game that Ellen plays on her show with celebrities”. And I just knew we had to
play that game so, I can honestly say that the next episode is going to be the
absolute funniest episode I have ever done. That’s one thing that I hope to
bring to this channel at some point when I do move back home. More games and stuff. We’ve talked about Super Smash Brothers. It’s gonna be so much fun. So I hope that you guys are looking forward to game night in the next
episode. If you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up. Definitely be
sure to subscribe. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @Xuffed678. Be yourself, love yourself and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Alright, bye! I still don’t know what I’m gonna call
this episode. “The Reunion…Featuring My Besties” Should I call it that? Is there a better way to title this? We’re about to play a game called Speak Out. I don’t like this. Ugh…don’t look at me. Anthony: Tide to pude scattle. Say it again. Gabriel: A goose with furry mittens? Grace: (Laughing) I’m so done with you! You stole the whole thing. Oh my gosh! Grace: We done! We done! Grace: Cause he knew I wanted to say it to you. (Accidentally curses) (Muffled) Quiet you buffoon! Alex: Ewah! (Muffled) I think I really sound good.