Hi Bold Bakers! A fantastic treat to make
this summer are dessert tacos. Not only are they creative, they are fun and easy to make.
And you can customize the flavors to any that you like. So let’s get started. In a recent video, I made homemade ice cream
cones, and they were a huge success. So we’re going to take that same batter and use it
to make the taco shells for our dessert tacos. It works really well because it’s sweet,
it’s got a lovely flavor of vanilla, and the batter is moldable, so you put it into
any shape you like. I’m going to take a nice, generous tablespoon, put it in on a
griddle that is on medium to low heat. You don’t want it too hot or else your cone
will cook too fast. You want it nice and low. Then, swiftly, we’re going to take a spatula,
and we are going to spread it out to around 5 inches by 5 inches. And this will give you
a good-sized taco shell. Once it’s all spread out and nice and even, we are going to let
it sit there and cook by itself for around 3-4 minutes, until you start to see it going
brown. So as you can see, around the edges it’s starting to go brown, so I’m going
to go in with my spatula. Make sure whatever you use has a nice, thin edge on it. And then
very gently pry up your shell. And then a simple flip. Perfect, beautiful brown on one
side. Now, it takes way less time to cook on the other side. I’d say probably a minute.
You just want to get a little bit of brown. To shape our tacos, you want to have ready
a wooden spoon with a round handle, and also then a cookbook to weigh it down. It’s a
nice color on our other side, so we’re going to move really quickly now, and take it off
the pan, and go straight over to our shaping station. And then what you want to do is even
out the sides of your taco. And just pull them straight down so that you get a nice
shape. And then that’s it. All you want to do is let it sit here, and as it starts
to cool, it will crisp. Just look at this awesome taco shell! I’m
really happy with how it turned out. And as you can see, it’s nice and big in the middle
so we can fill it full with yumminess. Now this will last nice and safe and fresh for
up to 2 days in an airtight container. Now that we’ve got one done and you know how
to do it, we are going to continue with the rest of our batter. Now that our shells are
done, this is going to be the really fun part: we are going to fill our tacos. The first one we are going to do is a flavor
that will never go out of style. It is nutella and strawberries. The first and most important
ingredient for this taco is nutella. Now I put it into a piping bag with a star-nozzle
just so I can get that lovely shape on it. However, you can always just scoop it into
your taco shell. Put the nozzle down into your taco shell, and just pipe a nice, thick
layer of your nutella. Next in our taco are some lovely summer strawberries. This is the
perfect time of year to eat them. I have sliced a few and I’m just going to lay them down
overlapping, on top of the nutella. Chocolate and strawberries work so well together because
you’ve got the sweet from the fruit, and the richness of the chocolate. And what I
like to put on everything is some freshly whipped cream. And just like the nutella,
do a nice, generous swirl on top. And then just because we went to all of this trouble
to make dessert tacos, for a little bit of extra presentation, I’m going to grate over
some chocolate. And that’s it! Strawberry and nutella tacos. These look fantastic. Now
these are always best eaten straight away, so I’m going to dig in. This is so good.
The crispy taco shell, and the softness of the cream and the nutella, and the strawberries,
mm mm mm, definitely a happy dance for this one. If you think this taco is good, just
wait ‘til you see what is coming up next. I love this next taco because it takes two
very simple ingredients and gives you big and bold results. It is vanilla ice cream
and roasted banana. Roasting bananas could not be simpler, and the results are absolutely
amazing. On a cast-iron or non-stick pan, brush on some butter over medium heat. Then
lay down thick slices of banana. You want to make sure they’re thick so that they
don’t disintegrate while cooking. Now, just leave them there to cook, for around 3 minutes.
You don’t want to touch them. You want to just let them sit there and caramelize. Bananas
are full of lovely, natural sugars, and they’re going to create their own caramel. After a
few minutes, flip over your bananas, and you are going to see a lovely color on the other
side. They’re getting soft and roasted. These are looking fantastic. Then, cook for
another 3 minutes on the other side, and then remove them from the heat to cool. It is so
tempting for me to eat these right now while they’re still warm, and they smell fantastic.
I’m going to set these aside and scoop my vanilla ice cream. Add big, generous scoops
of vanilla ice cream into your taco. Don’t be afraid to move the taco if you need room.
They are pliable. Then lay over slices of warm, roasted banana. And because I love salted
caramel, I’m going to drizzle some over this taco. There is no doubt about it, but
this is a behemoth of a dessert taco. Just check that out! I don’t even know where
to begin. I’m not going to fill up on this, because we’ve got another amazing taco coming. Our next taco is actually the one that made
dessert tacos famous. It is a Choco Taco. A Choco Taco shell is a little bit different
from the other dessert tacos we’ve done, because we are going to jazz up the shell
a little bit. We are going to have some melted chocolate on it, and then we also have some
chopped nuts. Take your taco shell and then just dip the top of him in your melted chocolate.
And then pull it out and then let all of the excess chocolate just drip away. And then
take some of your chopped nuts and then sprinkle it on the chocolate. The more finely chopped
your nuts are, the better they will stick. Once he’s got a nice coating of chopped
nuts, I’m going to lay him down here on my rack, and then just leave it there until
it sets, and then the chocolate goes hard. Feel free to make these in advance, as they’ll
keep really well. Once your shells are set, add in scoops of vanilla and fudge ice cream.
Drizzle over a little bit of extra fudge, just ‘cos, and add a few more toasted nuts
on top. And there you have a homemade Choco Taco! It looks fantastic. I guarantee it’s
better than store-bought. What I love about these tacos is that you can make them ahead
of time and then fill them and pop them in the freezer. So when you have friends and
family coming over, everyone can have their own taco. Now saying that, I definitely have
to give this one a try. Mmm! This is absolutely delicious; I know you’re going to love them,
so make sure you put them on your summer baking list. These taco flavors are just the tip of the
iceberg. You can make so many different combinations, so get your creative juices flowing. Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you
don’t miss out on my other fun summer recipes. And I’ll see you back here next Thursday
for more Bigger Bolder Baking.