(vinyl record scrubbing effects) – One of the best things about holidays is sharing it with the people you love. I love sharing it with
my nieces and nephews, and I think creating
traditions is really important. My nieces and nephews love painting, so naturally, that’s where I went to. But you’re dyeing these
real eggs with toxic dye, and then throwing them out. It’s kind of a waste. And I wanted to share something
with my nieces and nephews that you can keep. There’s many ways that you can do Easter. This is my way. Adulting can be intimidating,
but I promise you, if I can do it, you can, too. Recipes, Life Hacks, and Everyday Tips. Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste. (people laughing) Hey, guys. Welcome back to Sasha in Good Taste, and welcome to our Easter episode. I love decorating eggs, and I found three ways
that are my favorite, that I’d love to share with you. Let’s get started. I wanna do the newspaper egg first. So, we got a bunch of styrofoam eggs, some newspaper, some
craft paper, decoupage. And what you’re gonna do is you’re literally just gonna tear pieces. (upbeat music) Alright, take a paintbrush. Get your Modge Podge. Taking a kabob stick. Got my styrofoam egg. I’m gonna poke it at the
bottom so that I can hold it and paint without
getting my fingers dirty. (laid-back instrumental music) And then gently, I like to start from the bottom up. That way, you layer. I think it’s fun because
you can personalize it to whatever your kids or
your niece and nephews are interested in, or you. These kinds, you can actually just put them in a decorative bowl every year. (laid-back instrumental music) So now, you just wanna
give it a nice even coat to make sure that there’s no
paper spots that are bare. And this just acts as a sealer. Okay, we’re gonna let this guy dry, and we’re gonna work on our gold leaf. I love making these gold leaf eggs. They’re super-shiny, obviously, but they’re also really fun to make. Okay, we’re gonna take
another styrofoam egg. We’re gonna stick it again. This is our gold leaf adhesive. So these guys really need to be stirred because they can get a little clumpy. Pour some of that out. Paintbrush, adhesive, check. Egg, check. It looks so weird. After this settles a little bit, we are gonna add our gold leaf. And then, we’re gonna let it dry. (laid-back instrumental music) It needs about two minutes. It looks like there’s
drywall on it, or spackle. Very odd. I think that’s pretty much good. Gold leaf is so temperamental, so don’t feel bad if you
miss some spots, like I did. You can just go back
over it with some more. You can get the gold leaf and its sealer and, obviously, paintbrushes, at any of your local craft stores. It’s actually very accessible. (high-pitched percussive music) Okay, so our egg is almost done. We have to wait for the adhesive to dry, and then we can brush off
all the little extra flakes all over the place. But, for the most part,
that is a gold egg. Next, our botanical egg. I’m gonna let this baby dry. Take some time between each egg to clean up your station, and then start again. Alright, guys. I’m ready to paint my botanical egg now. I painted this egg a chalk black, and I’m going to use some
itty-bitty baby paintbrushes to make some leaves, and some stems, and some beautiful flowers. Let’s do it. I’ve got a whole bunch of paint with me. We are just going to… Alright, I’m gonna get started. I’m gonna start, I think,
with some pretty branches. (soft instrumental music) So my base is gonna be all
the leaves and the branches. I think that will give me all I need. The best thing about this is
that there’s no rhyme or reason for how you do it. It can be totally up to you. No mistakes. You can add whatever you like. That’s the other beauty about crafts is that everybody can be different. There’s no right or wrong answer with art. (playful instrumental music) Yay. You don’t have to paint flowers. You can paint whatever you want. I love being able to paint whatever I want on something like this because it just brings
out your personality. And I just realized that I matched flowers that I bought the other
day, so that makes me happy. I think the more you paint, the more your personality comes out, and the more the creativity comes out. And you can just personalize
it for other people, whatever your intention is,
you can do it with these. That’s a pretty good rose. I’m pretty impressed with myself. This might be the best
botanical egg I’ve ever done. I’m ready to move back
to our gold leaf egg. It’s pretty much dry, so all we need to do is just kind of get all the
excess little gold leaf bits off and it will be ready. I’m just kinda smooth the gold leaf down, just all the excess leaf
that has been added to this, that hasn’t seen any of the glue. If you wanna keep these
guys for a really long time, you can get a spray adhesive. Go outside, lightly spray it, and it will really stay forever. If it’s just a seasonal thing, or if it’s just a now-and-then thing, or you’re gonna use it once, this is totally fine. That’s all you need. Alright, we’re basically done. We’re gonna let these guys
totally set overnight. Once your eggs are dry, you can use them for your Easter egg hunt, you can set them out as decoration, they can be a part of your centerpiece. Whatever it is, they are ready for you. So please like, comment,
share, and subscribe if you enjoyed this episode. See you next week. (upbeat instrumental music)