hey guys, welcome back! if you like
dessert or chocolate this video is for you, because I have three vegan dessert
recipes! Now, I personally am not a huge dessert person, I would say like 90% of my meals don’t have anything afterwards, most of time I’m just
really full from my meal and I like to eat that way. But, those times that I want
a dessert, it’s gotta be three things it’s gotta be quick to make, because
usually I realise that I crave a dessert, after I’ve eaten my meal, so yeah
it’s gonna be quick to make! It’s gotta be non-messy, so I don’t wanna use tons
of dishes and stuff because I don’t want to do the dishes.. and yeah, really like minimal equipment. And finally, it’s gotta taste really bomb, it’s gotta be
naughty-like but it’s gotta be healthy tho. This is not because of calories or
stuff, but I just like to feel good after I eat and usually if I eat something
really heavy, really high in oil, or vegan butter, or sugar or things like that, I
just don’t feel well and that’s not what I want from a dessert! You know if
something can taste good and can be nutritious for me at the same
time, then why not! So all these three desserts are all
these things at the same time so I hope you enjoy! so, first thing we’re gonna
make those banana and chocolate roll-ups. super easy to make, you just take a wrap
ideally you want minimal ingredient in your wrap to keep it healthy. then you’re
gonna put a ripe banana at the edge like this, and you’re gonna put some chocolate
chips. these are vegan or you could just use some dark chocolate that you chopped.
then you roll it up and you’re gonna put it in the microwave for one minute. when
it’s done be really cautious cause it’s gonna be very hot. I like to chop it in
small pieces because that way I find that there is more to eat but you can
also definitely just eat it, you know, without chopping it. This is what it looks like, the banana is caramelized, it’s so good, obviously you have to like
banana! Now, I personally prefer crêpes, but this is just an easy substitute and
it tastes really good as well! Next we’re having something fruity with
this apple cinnamon parfait crumble so so good! so first you will need an apple
that you’re gonna chop. And make sure you pick the right kind of Apple, this is one
that heats really fast and well. Alright, so I popped that in a bowl, and again I’m
gonna use my microwave for two minutes thirty, and the apples are gonna be soft and
cooked. While this is cooking, we’re gonna do the crumble, which is just a rawnola. so
I use oats, desiccated coconut, and dates in the same ratio. So I used five dates
and half a cup of each other ingredient. Feel free to make more or less, and then
a teaspoon of cinnamon to make it more apple cinnamon kind of pie thing. And
then pulse that in your blender for about thirty second, it will start to
crumble a little bit like that. Then your apples will be cooked and, this is
optional, but I like to use a teaspoon of coconut sugar, it makes it just a little
bit more dessert-y and some more cinnamon as well, and you mix that well. Then, I’m
taking a clean jar, of course this is an option you don’t need to but it’s cuter!
and then I’m having a lot of soy yogurt, you could also use some coconut yogurt, I
just didn’t have any, and then I top it with the rawnola crumble! And this
just tastes really good, it reminds me a little bit of a cheesecake and apple
crumble at the same time, it’s just very good and very deserty and it just takes seconds to make! finally, we’re making my favorite, which is a smoothie bowl but for me it’s more like a frozen mousse, it’s just unbelievable! So I
start with frozen bananas, about two and a half. Then I add half a cup of
frozen pineapple, you could use ice but this just gives a really nice taste to
it, and it adds bulk. Then I have a tablespoon of coconut cream to make it
creamier obviously, optional as well. And then two pitted medjool dates. Then I add
a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a second one later. I add a teaspoon of
flaxseed this is optional but it makes it more nutritious and also it helps to
bind things together. And finally, two tablespoons of hazelnut butter, and is it
me or this is just so annoying ? okay finally I squeezed a little bit of lemon,
please do this, it helps to brighten the flavor and it makes the chocolate flavor
pop even more! Then blend it in your high-speed blender or food processor for
about a minute and a half, two minutes until you have that kind of texture,
so goey so good! For the toppings, I kept it pretty simple
I had some walnuts, if you have hazelnuts go for it ! And then some cacao nibs
to keep it healthy, and then this is just some extra hazelnut butter with a
little bit of water. If your chocolate lover, you will definitely love this one,
you have to try it and let me know! okay, so now that I’ve convinced you to try
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if you like that kind of video I can make another edition, because those are
just three of the ideas that I have but in reality I have way more dessert that
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