so the first dessert we’re making are at
these Chocolate Chunk pumpkin Blondie’s of course I’m starting off with pumpkin
and I just buy pumpkin puree it’s in a bpa-free can it’s usually near the
applesauce I got a lot of questions about this in my last video where I use
pumpkin puree and it’s literally just pumpkin and to that I’m adding in some
nut butter so you could do almond butter peanut butter you could even do a
sunflower seed butter though if you do do peanut butter it won’t be paleo but
if you’re not paleo then you can definitely use that too that’ll work
then I’m adding in some coconut sugar and I’m gonna mix that together until
it’s nice and smooth and the great thing about pumpkin is that it’s actually full
of carotenoids very good for your health vitamin A which is gonna support not
only your eyes but your immune system and it’s loaded with fiber and as I’ve
said a lot of times before in my channel fiber is really great for gut health and
your gut health is connected to so many things your gut health it’s connected to
your immune system your mental health it’s so many things so it’s really
important to keep that strong for our dry ingredients I’m using a blend of
flours I find that works the best when paleo cooking so I’m using coconut flour
almond flour and arrowroot flour and all of these add great healthy fats they add
fiber Omega threes we’re gonna add some baking powder for helping it rise along
with a hefty amount of pumpkin spice you measure the pumpkin spice if you want or
you can put in a bunch of it if you don’t have pumpkin spice cinnamon also
works really well here and then I’m just whisking that together until it’s
combined we’re gonna add in our wet ingredients into our dry and fold this
together and I really like this recipe because not only is it paleo and refined
sugar free but I also managed to make it vegan for you guys
I know a lot of my recipes I use eggs and that you can substitute flax eggs
but this one uses neither one so it’s really simple it’s delicious
everyone will love it if you want to make it for like a Thanksgiving your
friends and family will not even know that it’s made for good for you
ingredients they’re just going to love it so super tasty once everything is
mixed together I’m adding in some chocolate
I just chopped up a chocolate bar that had almonds in it but you can use
chocolate chips or your favorite paleo or dairy free chocolate I really like
the Lilly’s brand or zazu bean those are two of my top favorites that
I’ll go to and buy or put the chips the enjoy life chips so if you need some
recommendations those are some great ones I’m putting that into a baking pan
that I lined with parchment paper this just really helps to get everything out
easier if you’re not doing this I would suggest spraying it completely because
you don’t want everything to stick and then I kind of just press it down until
it gets into all the corners I did save a few of the chunks just to put on top
for more like decor and because it looks aesthetically pleasing to put a couple
on the top but this is totally optional just go ahead and get that ready for the
oven and then we’re going to be baking that
off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes
out clean so then once it’s done you can pop it out of its tray and just slice it
up I sliced mine into 9 you can definitely slice it into smaller bites
if you want to but you know what I’m having a blondie I like to you know have
a blondie and this tastes really good with coffee with an afternoon tea and
their freezer friendly so if you’re eating them within the next about 24 to
48 hours you can keep them outside the fridge otherwise I would freeze them I
wouldn’t recommend the fridge because fridge dries out baked goods and because
I know you guys like seeing the texture I wanted to show you guys the texture of
them so you can see just how delicious and moist and yummy they are definitely
a good go-to recipe next up we are making these vanilla spice clusters
which is a good little sweet treat so I’m using a blend of cashews sunflower
seeds and then some pumpkin seeds and all of these are really rich in vitamins
and minerals they all got lots of things that are gonna help support your immune
system like zinc and manganese I’m adding in some vanilla for flavor as
well as some apple pie spice but you can definitely just use cinnamon or do a
blend of cinnamon and ginger or even if you wanted we can do pumpkin spice and
then we have another pumpkin kind of a dessert so just do that and then just
stir everything together with a little bit of maple syrup and then I’m spooning
up the clusters onto a silicone mat I really like you
a silicon mat for baking if you don’t have parchment paper this is also really
good or if you just want to cut down waste I like to use this all come out a
lot too and may peel really easily off so even though they are loose right now
once we bake them with the maple syrup and they let them cool you’re gonna see
that they get hardened into clusters and you can definitely switch up the nuts
and seeds to whatever you want you could do a blend of pecans and almonds you
could do walnuts really whatever you like just mix it up based on the
measurements down below and then once you bake them off for about 15 minutes
they get into these nice golden clusters a little bit of sweetness but we got
healthy fats protein and they’re just a really good go-to
they’re also really good in yogurt it’s definitely a great little quick thing
you can make or it also makes a great hostess gift I’ve brought in these two
like family things and they put them on the dessert tray it’s really good and
then we are making pumpkin cups so I’m using against them nut butter you can
use any kind of nut or seed butter or you could use coconut butter here too to
that I’m adding in some fresh pureed pumpkin and also some pumpkin spice just
to give it that really extra pumpkin spice flavor to it and again you don’t
have to be absolutely precise with the pumpkin spice you can just add a bunch
of it in and then for a little bit of sweetness I’m adding in about a scamp
tablespoon of maple syrup and then you just have to mix that all together until
it’s nice and smooth and this is what’s going to make the filling up our pumpkin
cups these are really festive and this is a great like little after-dinner
treat when you want a little something sweet and that’s something that you can
keep in the freezer as well so then I’m just taking some paleo chocolate you can
melt down and buy some or I’ll leave my homemade recipe down below if you can’t
find paleo chocolate near you it’s just a mixture of a little bit of maple syrup
some coconut oil and some raw cacao so I’m spooning a tablespoon into the
bottom of each of my silicone molds and I just got mine at IKEA you can get some
one Amazon they’re super inexpensive and I use them time and time again I’m
putting a big heaping tablespoon of our mixture into
the center of it and then we’re going to continue this with all of our cups so
this made six cups for me and these are pretty like large hefty cups you can
definitely make them smaller or if you have mini molds you can definitely make
a mini mold one of this too and then I’m just scooping more of the paleo
chocolate on top basically until we cover our mixture in the center this is
definitely like a twist on the classic almond butter or peanut butter cup just
with a little bit of fall slur to it and it’s subtle but still tastes super
delicious and makes a really great healthy fault dessert so I hope you guys
enjoyed this recipe if you make them don’t forget to tag me so I can share
them they’re all super delicious and I know right after this I’m gonna have
another one of those Blondie’s because they’re so good and yeah I will see you
guys in my next video