hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel I’m so excited to bring you some delicious keto low-carb desserts that
tastes delicious even if you’re not doing keto right now like I am I would
eat these at any time they’re just all so specifically low-carb to fit keto and
I do put the macros for all the desserts down in the description box below so the
first thing we’re making are these sea salt brownies which are so fudgy and
delicious you’re gonna love them so I’m starting off with some coconut
oil adding in some vanilla as well as some coconut butter if you don’t have
coconut butter you can add just another tablespoon of coconut oil I’m using monk
fruit which is a keto friendly sweetener along with one egg and then you’re just
going to stir that together until everything is nice and combined and if
you are unfamiliar with keto it’s basically just a high healthy fat diet
so go ahead and mix that together until everything is smooth and then once it’s
smooth I’m adding in some cacao you can also use cocoa I just have only cacao as
well as a pinch of Himalayan salt because Himalayan salt is actually
really good at bringing out chocolate flavor as well as the sweetness of these
brownies so stir that together until everything is nice and combined and get
a nice smooth chocolate mixture and then I’m adding in some almond flour which is
really great it’s high in vitamin E protein and fiber and also has lots of
healthy fats so I stir that in and this is our one Bowl brownies guys it’s
really easy to make and once all of your almond flour is mixed in we’re gonna go
ahead and bake it so I’m transferring it into a loaf pan and I lined that with
parchment paper just to make it easier so this recipe will make six brownies
all less than two net carbs each it’s like 1.8 so I’m gonna round to 2 but if
you want to double the recipe you can easily do that and then use an 8×8 pan
so I just used a regular sized loaf pan that made 6 and I lined it with
parchment paper if you don’t want to line with parchment paper do you make
sure you spray it after you bake them for about 15 to 18 minutes you can cut
through them and they’re wonderfully fudgy I finish it off with a little bit
of sea salt on the top but that part is total
optional I just really love the combo of sweet and salty and I think you guys
will too but guys look at how dense and fudgy these are they’re delicious they
are full that chocolate flavor but they’re less than two net carbs lots of
healthy fats in them too and so satisfying the perfect little treat next
up we’re making these chocolate almond butter cups so I’m doing these two
layers I’m starting off again with coconut oil and I’m making a base of a
paleo chocolate so to that I’m gonna add cacao and I really like using cacao as
opposed to cocoa in these recipes because for this one we’re not baking it
which means all of the wonderful antioxidants and nutrients that are
naturally found and cacao you get I’m adding in some almond butter but you can
definitely do any kind of nut or seed butter you could do sesame seeds pumpkin
seeds so if you can’t have nuts for both of the recipes you can definitely sub in
a seed butter which is a really great alternative or if you just want to mix
things up but pumpkin seed butter will taste really good as well so mix that
together until your chocolate layer is nice and smooth and then I’m just using
a tablespoon measure and putting that into my little silicone cups and I
always get questions on where my silicone cups are from and they are from
Ikea so they’re really inexpensive but you can get them on Amazon or those
kitchen type stores you get a bunch of them and silicone is really easy to use
and to clean so it makes it really handy as well once those are in the freezer
I’m gonna make the second layer from again some coconut oil a little bit of
vanilla for flavor and then some more almond butter but again you can use any
kind of nut or seed butter that you like and these are a bit different than your
normal like peanut butter or almond butter cups because we are increasing
the fat a bit with coconut oil which really helps when you’re on keto so
they’re kind of like a chocolate peanut butter or almond butter fat bomb and
then you put the other layer on and you freeze them mine froze in about 20
minutes so it was super quick and then you have these nice little bobs that you
can have after dinner or after lunch and the last thing we’re making is chocolate
pudding I haven’t made this chocolate pudding in so long but since being on
keto I thought it would be perfect so I blended up one avocado until it was
smooth I’m adding in some canned coconut milk which is great healthy fats both
these are great and healthy fats which are gonna be so good for your metabolism
in your gut and your brain your brain needs unhealthy fats I’m adding in some
cacao again it’s great because we’re not baking this so all the nutrients stay in
there as well as a tablespoon of melted stevia-sweetened it chocolate chip so
they’re basically keto friendly chocolate chips and I get the Lily’s
brand I added a little bit of vanilla and then I’m just blending this with my
hand mixer but if you don’t have a hand mixer you can definitely just blend it
in a blender and you basically get the same effect you just want to do it until
everything is incorporated but the longer you blend it the more nice and
fluffy it gets which is how I like it and you get this wonderfully dense
chocolate pudding it’s high in fat it’s gonna be nourishing for your body it’s
gonna satisfy you and it tastes so creamy and delicious so I hope you guys
enjoyed it these desserts and make sure to tag me on instagram if you tried them
because they are so good I know you guys are gonna love each and every one of
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delicious recipes from me and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys