so the first treat we’re making are
these banana almond butter bites you’re gonna need some paleo chocolate some
almond butter and a banana I’m starting off by slicing my banana in two thin
slices and the banana is great here because it adds a little bit of
sweetness and has a good texture when it’s frozen similar to ice cream so
slice your banana into slices and then I am going to be taking some almond butter
and putting that in between two of the banana slices and you can use any kind
of nut or seed butter here and this will help not only to add some nice healthy
fats to it but the combo with the banana and nut butter is so delicious and so
classic you can definitely leave them like this and freeze them as is but I’m
gonna go the extra step and dip them in some paleo chocolate this these really
make like a perfect little bite in the summertime or when it’s hot out kind of
like a mini ice cream almond butter sandwich because when the banana freezes
it has that great texture so just in robe each of them in the paleo chocolate
and set that on a silicone mat or a sheet of parchment paper and just work
your way through all of the little ones until they’re all coated and keep these
in the freezer and then like I said you can just pop them out whenever you want
them you can definitely do this with other fruits as well like slices of
strawberries would work well too with a nut butter any one you want and then you
can just dip it in chocolate and freeze it and once they’re frozen only took
about 15 minutes they are delicious they make the perfect little no bake
summer treat they’re gonna definitely be a staple this summer next up is
watermelon nachos so you’re gonna need watermelon some grating free granola or
nuts some fruit coconut butter and mint so I’m starting off by making the
tortilla chip slices out of my watermelon so I’m slicing it lengthwise
and then we are going to slice them into triangles and I like this cuz watermelon
is super refreshing in the summertime it has some sweetness and it’s also
hydrating so when you’re hot out and you need something hydrating refreshing but
also kind of a sweet treat this is perfect I’m slicing them into
triangles to make that nacho shape and then we are going to arrange them on to
our plate kind of like how you would build nachos so go ahead and put as many
as you want on to your plate and then I’m drizzling that with some coconut
butter and coconut butter is great because it is full of healthy fats it
almost tastes like white chocolate and paleo chocolate would also taste good on
here but I wanted to make a chocolate free dessert so if you had some leftover
paleo chocolate from the first recipe you could do that instead of or in
addition to the coconut butter and then I’m putting some blueberries on top but
you could do raspberries blackberries and kind of berries that you like as
well as some green free granola you could also do any kind of nut or seed or
you could just do coconut flakes but a little bit of crunch really works well
here and then a little bit of mint which is really refreshing in the summertime
as well and then you have this wonderful plate of watermelon that shows that you
can just pick up a slice you’ve got a coconut butter you’ve got the green
finger know a little bit of fruit it’s such a perfect treat to have also with a
group too and then we are making cookie dough cups so for this you’re going to
need the cookie dough ingredients as well as some paleo chocolate so to make
the cookie dough it is the same recipe that I used for my paleo cookie dough
ice cream sandwiches which I will leave that video down below in case you
haven’t seen it it’s just coconut flour vanilla a pinch of Himalayan salt some
maple syrup and then some nut or seed butter in this case I am using almond
butter so this makes a really great paleo also a plant-based vegan dough
that you can use in different recipes I’m just stirring that together until
you get a nice thick cookie dough mixture and what I love about this is
that once you bite into it it’s going to taste like a cookie dough but in robe in
a chocolate cup and you only need one cup and it’s super satisfying which when
you want that little something a little sweet treat after lunch for after dinner
it is perfect and then I’m adding in a handful of chocolate chips at the end
and I’m going to fold those in Wow so then once you take your silicone
baking cups I’m using a teaspoon at the base of each of the cups of the paleo
chocolate which will be listed down below it’s the one I use in all my
videos and it’s a really simple recipe it’s only three ingredients take a
spoonful and put that on the bottom of your silicone molds and then I’m going
to be dividing the cookie dough into 6 so that way it can make 6 large cookie
dough cups so roll that into a ball and then press it down until it gets like a
disc shape and press that down into the chocolate so it sinks right down to the
bottom and then just do that to each of them and this is great because you can
definitely make a bunch of these in advance so that butters kind of ready to
go for whenever you want a little sweet treat and then just finish off the top
with another teaspoon of the paleo chocolate so that it covers the top you
can also add in a small sprinkle of sea salt if you like the combo of salt and
sweet which I really do and I highly recommend it does bring up a chocolate a
little bit and it really complements it well and then you’re just gonna pop
these in the freezer for about 20 minutes at least so that they harden and
then you can just store them in the freezer as well long term and have one
whenever you like these are definitely a great classic to
keep in the freezer for when your sweet tooth hits so I hope you guys enjoyed
this video if you make these recipes don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and
show me because I love sharing them and I hope you guys all have a great day
don’t forget to check out my healthy desserts playlist that I’ll leave on the