so today we are making three single
serve healthy desserts this is a part two of my video I did three other ones
in another video and you guys have been loving those recipes so I’m back with
three more I’m gonna leave the first one down in the description as well as right
here so that you can watch it if you haven’t watched it yet let’s go ahead
and make three more single serve healthy desserts so to make this double
chocolate delicious cookie I’m using some almond flour as well as some
coconut sugar which is a healthier alternative some cacao which is loaded
with antioxidants as well as some coconut oil then I’m adding a mini Fox
egg which is basically 1 TSP of ground flax 2 1 TSP water and this just really
helps the cookie bind and kind of acts like an egg but because it’s a single
cookie one egg would be too much if that makes sense
so just stir that together until you get a nice dough and I like to stir it
together before adding in a baking soda because the baking soda is the active
thing so you don’t want to over mix it once you add that so I add that in last
I’m forming it in to a cookie and then I’m using some of my favorite chocolate
chunks from you kitchen they’re just really good ingredients so I would use
one that is you know dairy-free and doesn’t have any weird stuff in it bake
that and you have this delicious moist double chocolate cookie and optional to
add on a little bit of sea salt next up we’re making this vanilla cake which is
basically a vanilla cupcake I’m using almond flour coconut sugar as well as
some coconut oil for the base then I’m be adding in just a little bit of
vanilla as well as some egg so this one you do use a full egg and it really like
helps to keep it moist I haven’t tried this with a flax egg but I feel like the
texture would be a little bit different because flex has more texture than an
egg so stir that together and everything will be in the description box below as
well again adding in the baking soda last just because it is a leavening
ingredient so if you add that and over stir your cupcake or cake might come out
I’m putting that into a ramekin that I greased with a little bit of avocado oil
but if you’re gonna eat it right out of it you don’t want to take it out then
you don’t need to grease it and I’ll leave the oven ingredients down in the
description but it’s ready in about 10 minutes or until a toothpick comes out
clean this is optional but I’m topping it with a little bit of coconut butter
which is really nice it makes a great quick frosting and this is like the
perfectly moist cupcake that is single serve and then we are making a
cheesecake parfait so I’m using some almond flour for the crust as well as a
tablespoon of walnuts but you can do whatever kind of nuts that you like
pecans almonds choose your favorite a teaspoon of
almond butter but again any nut or seed butter will work and about 1/4 teaspoon
of maple syrup so then mix that together until you get a nice crumbly crust that
we can push down into the bottom of our glass for the Cheesecake portion I’m
using coconut cream which is a thick part of the coconut milk 1 tablespoon of
dairy-free cream cheese and some lemon juice and this really helps to make it
tangy I’m using a fork to mash the two
together but you can definitely get out of a mixer if you’re ambitious and want
to mix it together half a teaspoon of maple syrup and then stir that together
and as you can see the consistency comes out really nice and thick so I’m
layering the cresst part on the bottom and then we’re gonna put the Cheesecake
part on top and the great thing about this that you can definitely prep a
bunch of these in advance too or you can just make one which is also awesome as
well put the other stuff on the top so this is your filling and then you can
also top this with any kind of fruit that you like so I’m gonna add on some
blueberries but you could do strawberries raspberries you can even do
a few dairy free chocolate chips but this is such a great like no baked
dessert if you’re in the mood for something a little bit more summertime
okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video and that you make these recipes I’m
going to leave my healthy desserts playlist right here lots more healthy
dessert recipes it’s pretty much my specialty not gonna lie and I also have
a free healthy dessert ebook where you get my top healthy dessert recipes and
it’s free so I’ll leave the link also for that down in the description box and
in a comment probably below too so I hope you guys are all having
great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys