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today we are making some single serve healthy desserts because sometimes you
just want to make one of something or you could even just make two of
something as well and these are all super delicious we’re making a chocolate
chunk or chocolate chip cookie a fruit crisp along with a chocolate cake so you
pretty much have one of all the classic desserts and not gonna lie the chocolate
chip cookie might be my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever
made in like the history of me making recipes which is pretty amazing so let’s
just go ahead and get right into it so the first thing we’re making is this
chocolate chip or Chocolate Chunk cookie I’m starting off with some coconut oil a
little bit of coconut sugar you can also use monk fruit here and a mini flax egg
which is just 1 TSP of flex with 1 TSP of water then I’m adding in a half a
teaspoon of blackstrap molasses it’s important to get blackstrap because
that’s the one that has all the benefits in it so you don’t want to get this the
regular one make sure it’s as black step on it then you’re gonna stir it together
all of our wet ingredients until it’s nice and combined this just helps to
make sure that the cookie gets an even color and even distribution then I’m
going to be adding in 3 tablespoons of almond flour almond flour is loaded with
healthy fats vitamin E fibers minerals and it’s gonna help satisfy you because
it’s high in healthy fats I wouldn’t substitute this out for
another flower this one’s kind of key in here a coconut flour just doesn’t have
enough volume in order to create this cookie so go ahead and stir that
together until it’s all combined then add in eighth of a teaspoon of baking
soda and what this is going to do is this is gonna help the cookie basically
turn into a cookie otherwise it’s gonna be very dense this one helps to make it
nice and fluffy I’m adding in a tablespoon of sugar free chocolate
chunks this one doesn’t have any bizarre sweeteners so I would really
look for one too just keeping your pantry that you can throw in to your
desserts that has good ingredients it’s also dairy-free and all of these things
are really important when making healthy desserts and placing that on my baking
sheet and I put a couple of the chocolate chunks on the top just to make
it more aesthetically pleasing and you get this warm gooey cookie I cook it in
the oven at 350 for about 12 minutes or until it’s golden and you have this
wonderful single could serve a cookie that not only tastes delicious but it
has 18 grams of fiber next up we are making a fruit crisp so I’m gonna start
by chopping up some strawberries strawberries are one of the top things
on the Dirty Dozen so it’s very important to buy these organic if you
can’t buy them fresh you can also buy frozen organic strawberries and they are
more cost effective with this dessert as well you can definitely change up to
fruit to whatever is in season so you could do blueberries you could do peach
any of those things so go ahead and chop that up into small chunks so that we can
put that into the crisp if you want even smaller you can do it in two cubes as
well but I like just doing sliced strawberries add that to a bowl and then
we’re adding in some tapioca flour which is kind of my secret along with the
vanilla to making really good tasting fruit so the vanilla makes the fruit
taste super delicious because it has like a vanilla fruit flavor to it but
the tapioca helps to absorb any of the excess liquid that comes out when you
bake fruit so you get this wonderfully like jammy fruit for the topping I’m
using some almond flour as well as walnuts which are a great brain food a
little bit of coconut sugar and some coconut oil just to bind them all
together walnuts are super great for you they’re high in omegas but you can
definitely switch up the walnuts for a pecan or almonds or any kind of nut that
you like but I really like the added crunch so I would highly suggest picking
your favorite nut and adding that one in so go ahead and put your berries into a
ramekin that’s oven safe and then put your topping on the top and you’re just
going to bake this until it bubbles and I leave all the directions in the
description but this is such an easy dessert because you can change up the
fruit to whatever is in season it’s delicious and
so much natural sweetness to it and lastly we’re making a chocolate cake
which is a nice classic recipe to have on hand
I made a flax egg with three tablespoons of ground flax and one tablespoon of
water I’m adding in some coconut oil as well as some coconut sugar and what
you’re gonna love about all these recipes is that not only are they paleo
but they’re planned face in they’re vegan so literally everybody can enjoy
them and they’re delicious too so I’m adding in some cacao and some almond
flour as well as a pinch of Himalayan salt which really helps to bring out the
chocolate flavor a little bit of baking soda which is gonna help it rise and get
that nice cakey texture and be nice and moist stir that together until
everything is combined and then add it to your oven safe ramekin I sprayed mine
with a little bit of coconut oil just to make sure that it doesn’t stick place
that in there and then once you bake it off you can drizzle it with a little bit
of almond butter you can eat it as is or put a little bit of coconut whip
either way it’s a super delicious recipe it’s so dense and fudgy and chocolaty
plus it’s full of great things for you all right guys I hope you enjoyed this
video and that you try out these recipes because you are going to love them
they’re so easy and so delicious I’m gonna leave my healthy desserts
playlist right here so you can watch more of my videos and my recipes you
guys are gonna love all the recipes in there as well they’re just so delicious
and nutritious for you because healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring it can
still be dessert every single night I know I have dessert most nights so I
hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye