Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel. I’m Valentina. Today I have for you Three Ingreient Banana Balls, that is a realy good sweet treat, especialy for kids. One reason for that, is that actualy you know
what are you puting on table for your kids, and the other, that it is not too sweet, and that it doesn’t contain too much of sugar. That is realy something very important when
we are talking about our kids. Othrewise they could get super jumping powers from sugar, and with this kind of of treat, well, that won’t happen. Before we go and make our good sweet treat
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with others. Now let’s go and make these good sweet treat! The three ingreedients are:
3 bigger or 4 smaller bananas, 300 gr, that is 1.7 cup of grinded cookies and 50 gr, that is half cup of coconut flakes. Mash well the bananas. You can do it either with a fork or with a
potatoe masher. Choose ripe bananas because they are sweeter
and they will give natural sweetening to the balls. Green bananas are hard to digest, they don’t
mash nicely and won’t give you enough sweet flavor. Add ground biscuits to the mashed bananas. We always add more than half of the prepared
amount and then gradually add the rest. This way we can easily determine how hard
balls we want to make. Keep in mind, that even if you make harder
balls, they will soften by time, because they will pick up the moist from the air. You probably noticed that we don’t add any
sugar in this recipe. All the ingredients are sweet, thus the sugar
is not necessary. Still, if you like it sweeter feel free to
add up to 100 gr, that is 0.7 cup of powdered sugar. Don’t add granulated sugar, because it won’t
melt and you will feel it in the texture, unlike the powdered sugar. If adding any, add it gradually and try the
sweetness to determine how sweet do you want it to be actually. You can even add honey instead of sugar, but in that case you will have to adjust the amount of ground cookies. Take walnut sized amount of mixture, either
by hand or by a teaspoon that you can use as a measurement. Each piece of ball dough form into a small
ball and roll it in coconut flakes. You can roll theses balls in chocolate flakes
too, or add 2 -3 bars of grinded chocolate to the
mashed bananas. We prefer to leave them this way, although
with chocolate they are very yummy as well. If you are serving this sweet treat to your
kids, then I’d suggest sticking with only these three ingredient, since these balls are sweet, even without
adding sugar or chocolate. Enjoy this simple and tasty treat! This is one of those recipes when you can
envolve your kids into making their special treat, so don’t hesitate, call your kids, to make
with you, and let them roll the little balls, and of
course eat them while they’re rolling them. It will be fun for you too and your kids too, and I’m sure, you will love this recipe andmake it quite often.