From DIY projects to trendy restaurants, mason
jars are having a moment. So, Howdini decided to make a video series on creative ways to
use Mason jars – and of course dessert is never far from our minds. We say be creative and as indulgent as you
want to be, and if these 3 mason jar dessert parfaits are wrong, we don’t wanna be right. The central ingredient for all 3 parfaits
is a rich vanilla mousse. Start with 3 cups of vanilla pudding and gently
fold in 3 cups of whipped cream. This becomes the perfect layer between dry
ingredients. First up, a classic: strawberry shortcake.
Start with a layer of cubed angel food cake. Next, add a layer of fresh strawberries. We
tossed ours in a little fresh lemon juice and granulated sugar to bring out their juice
and sweetness. Then, add a layer of vanilla mousse. Repeat the layers to the top of the
jar, finishing with a dollop of mousse and garnish with a fresh whole strawberry. The next parfait is similar in theme, different
in flavor. Add a little zing to the vanilla mousse with a teaspoon of fresh lemon zest.
To assemble the parfait, start with a cake layer. This time we’re using cubed lemon pound
cake. Next, add the lemon mousse.
Then, a layer of blueberries. Again, layer to the top and garnish with a
wedge of lemon. Not to outdo ourselves–but yea, we are–we’re
finishing with the ultimate cookies and cream parfait.
Start with a layer of brownies, cut into cubes. Next, add a layer of vanilla mousse, followed
by crumbled Oreo cookies and repeat as before, adding a layer of mousse between dry layers.
When you crumble the cookies, remember to reserve at least one whole cookie as a garnish
on top. These are perfect for entertaining–think
decadent dessert bar–or for an on-the-go treat that won’t melt on the way or leave
you with a frosting smeared back seat. Just pop on the top and go! Thanks for watching. For more great tips,
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