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BBQ Desserts Hi Bold Bakers! I’m delighted to have you
out here in my garden because we’re going to be barbecuing. I have some fun and easy
recipes that you might not have known you could make on a BBQ. So let’s get started. Summer is the perfect time of year to start
eating and cooking outside. However, if you don’t have a grill don’t worry all of these
recipes can be done in an oven. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest
so when I stumbled upon this first recipe I knew it was perfect because it’s definitely
BIG & BOLD. It is a Barbecued Brownie in an Orange. So the first thing we’re going to do is cut
off a little bit of your orange and hollow it out. Use a serrated knife to take out the
middle of your orange. Take care when doing this because you don’t want it to slip. With
the middle of your orange, just place it in a bowl. Then go back in with your knife and
loosen up more orange. I like to save this orange later for smoothies. And there you go, it’s that quick and easy.
As you can see, you do not have to take out every bit of orange. The reason I love this recipe is because it’s
so creative. Baking a brownie in the orange, means you get all of the infused flavor from
the orange while it’s baking and those two flavors go so well together. If your orange is a little bit wobbly on the
bottom, you can take a knife and cut a little bit off so it sits nice and flat on your grill. The next very important part of this dessert
is a great brownie recipe. Now I used my best-ever brownie recipe but feel free to use any recipe
that you like. However if you have not tried this yet then I strongly suggest you do so. I love my brownie recipe because as you can
see it’s really fudgie. You want to fill up your orange around 3/4 of the way. Once your orange is full of brownie, we’re
going to take his little hat, put it on, and we’re going to wrap him up in tin foil. What
the tin foil does is give it a little oven to keep in all of that steam so the brownie
can bake. You want to bake this guy off on medium heat
so for your grill and your oven, around 350F/180C. As they grill your orange will get really
nice and soft and give a lot of moisture and flavor to your brownie. So our timer’s gone off and there’s a lovely
chocolatey, orange smell in the air so I’m pretty sure they’re done. I’m positive these are done so let’s check
them out. Oh wow, look at that beautiful soft orange and as you can see our lovely brownie
is flowing out and it’s done. Let’s have a little look at the brownie on the inside.
Wow! Look at that. That’s why you cook it in an orange because you get all the lovely
moisture like I was saying and a really soft, fudgie brownie. This looks absolutely divine. Oh, man. If
you love chocolate and orange you are going to love this. This brownie is insane but I cannot fill up
on this because we have to move on to our next dessert. This next dessert is made with really simple
ingredients but once they’re grilled packs a big flavor punch and they are Fruit Kebobs. The first thing you want to start out with
is preparing your skewers. Now I’m using wooden skewers so if you’re going to use wood, make
sure that you soak them for around 2 hours and this will stop them burning on the grill. The fruit that I’m using for my kebobs are
strawberries but you can use any fruit that you want. Pineapple grills really well. You
can even use bananas, peaches, whatever you like. To prepare your strawberry, just take out
the hull with a little knife. And there you go, he’s ready for your kebobs. The next component in our kebobs is pound
cake. Now I’m using pound cake because it’s nice and sturdy but you can use angel food
cake maybe victoria sponge, brioche, whatever you like. When preparing your cake, no matter which
one you use you want to slice it nice and thick so you end up with big chunks for your
kebobs because you want to make sure they stay on there when you’re grilling them. I think pound cake goes really well with strawberries
and it even goes really well on its own. Delicious! Once you have everything ready that you want
to go on your skewer, just start to pile them on. Make sure your strawberries are also similar
size because it makes them easier to grill. And if you haven’t had roasted strawberries
yet or grilled strawberries, you’re in for a treat because they’re gorgeous. Look at that. It looks lovely. So feel free
to mix up your fruit. Do whatever you want. I think I’m going to stick to these two. Once you have your kebob assembled, that’s
pretty much it. You can put them straight onto the BBQ. Or if you want to make them
ahead of time, keep them like this and put them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat
them. So the beauty of these kebobs is they’re not
only fast to make they’re fast to cook. You put them on as the BBQ is cooling down and
get them nice and toasty and they’re ready to eat. I’ve been keeping a close eye on these kebobs
just to make sure I don’t overcook them and I think they’re done. Beautiful! Look at that. I know you guys can’t smell this but the strawberries
are lovely and roasted and they smell nice and sweet. The poundcake is golden brown and
toasty. Our fruit kebobs are best eaten straight away
while they’re warm and fresh so I’m going to serve them with a little bit of whipped
cream and orange zest. I’m excited to try these guys. These are really
good. If you like my recipes and would like to see lots more like it, then don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel. I believe I’ve saved the best for last since
this is my absolute favorite thing to make on a BBQ and that is Grilled Banana Split. So for this recipe, all you need to do on
the grill is take your whole banana in all of its glory and put it straight on the BBQ. Ok perfect. So we’re going to leave those
guys on there and let them get nice and black. When we were young having BBQs, we would always
throw on bananas just as the BBQ was about to die out. And they would get lovely and
sweet and we would have them with vanilla ice cream. And I just thought they were the
best thing ever. I hear the bananas sizzling so I think they’re
done. These look perfect. I know they’re black all over but that means they’re beautiful
and roasted and caramelized in the middle. They’re going to taste great. So now that our bananas are beautifully grilled,
all we’re going to do to turn this into a banana split is cut it open down the middle.
And serve it with some ice cream, my signature caramel sauce and some toasted nuts. And it
will be beautiful! Hands down this is my favorite grilled dessert.
This banana split could not be easier and it’s the perfect summer treat. All of these recipes take no time to prepare
and are perfect for the summer season. I really hope you enjoyed this episode being
out in my garden. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to my channel, and I’ll see
you back here every Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.