Alright we are in Hollywood headed to the study because Megan is releasing her 30 minute vegan dinners cookbook and we’re gonna get a little pre launch get some yummyness taste the goods check it out, youre following along shes here too jae’s there, elana too oh you guys this is my husband he shoots and edits all of our videos hi!!!! while we wait for the burger got this truffle mac and cheese check out megans burger its a beyond burger with, her truffle mac and cheese her date night mac and cheese from her new cookbook 30 minute vegan dinners you gotta get it I dont know how im going to get my mouth around this one danky you have to have balance right? so lets get in on some salad its her quinoa salad with kale its got avocado its a vinegarette its from her cookbook kombucha mule time so we just finished up at Megans book launch for her 30 minute vegan dinners I cant wait to try some of her recipes the truffle mac and cheese we had today kale salad everything was so good so excited for her you gotta get the book and see what you can make too!