this is the 3Doodler 2.0 this is the second generation 3doodler each plastic pack comes with 25 sticks of plastic they cost $9.99 take the end of your power cord and put it into the bigger whole ABS is a plastic… When the ABS comes out of the nozzle it cools right away. When the PLA comes out of the nozzle it is not fully hardened so you can move it around. Sometimes the PLA comes in transparent colors! you can come up with a design while it is heating up it usually takes up a minute to heat up. You can finally start doodling!! the nozzle seems to be filled with a clear type of jelly that is what makes the nozzle slide one more easily this is not for you it was for the people who made my 3doodler just press one of the buttons to get rid of it. Note: Use a thumb tack to clear the nozzle when you done with you 3doodler. you can make anything!! this was a little bit tricky for me to get the hot plastic off of the nozzle IT BURNS Don’t use you fingers but use anything else. Remember the nozzle is at 12) degrease THATS HOT YUMM wait four seconds after drawing up into the air what I’m saying is leave the plastic connected to the nozzle then flick up. if you are having trouble doing this DO NOT pull it out this can lead into damage instead call 3doodler or look it up on a website. you will know that the plastic is coming out by the light blinking and you feel it coming out. make it as straight as possible. this could take a little bit… add a leaf they include a tool in the package or use pliers press the fast button while pushing the strand gently you could open up the small hatch near the tip too. it could damage you pen. please like and sub if you have any questions plz let me know!