Hey there. Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef, and school’s
out, it’s getting hot outside, which means our family starts to turn to frozen sweet
treats. Believe it or not, there’s a ton of ways that
you can make frozen treats at home without using an ice cream maker that your whole family
will love. Today, let me show you four of my favorite
frozen sweet treats, from ice creams, to frozen yogurts, to sorbets. Let’s get started. First, we’re gonna make ice cream using just
two ingredients: bananas and chocolate. You’re not gonna believe how creamy and rich
and delicious this ice cream is, plus it’s good for you. Start with ripe but overly mushy bananas. The riper they are, the sweeter they’ll be. We’ll need to freeze the bananas, so slice
them approximately into quarter-inch slices, and then place them on to a baking sheet lined
with parchment paper, allowing the slices a little bit of space in between so they don’t
touch. Transfer these into the freezer and freeze
for at least three to four hours to allow to fully harden. Place those frozen banana slices into the
bowl of a food processor or a heavy duty blender, and process the banana scraping the sides
of the food processor as needed. After a few minutes, the mixture will resemble
soft-serve ice cream. Now add dark cocoa powder and blend again. You may need to use a spatula to help it along
at this time. While you could enjoy this ice cream right
away, you can also transfer it into a freezer-safe container to get it a little bit harder. Hard to believe, this two-ingredient ice cream
is so sweet, rich and creamy and actually good for you. Next, how about we make some cantaloupe sorbet
using just four ingredients and no ice cream maker? To prepare the cantaloupe, first slice in
half through the stem and remove all the seeds with a spoon. Lay the flat side down and slice into wedges,
this will make it easier to remove the peel. Dice into small bite-sized pieces and then
place the cubed cantaloupe onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, leaving space
in between the cubes to allow for even freezing and not touching. Place the tray into the freezer and freeze
the cantaloupe overnight or until completely frozen, about four to six hours. Now, place the frozen cantaloupe into the
bowl of the food processor and pulse until the cantaloupe becomes crumbly. Add the lemon juice, raw honey and water at
this time and then pulse again. You may need to add more water until the mixture
becomes more fluid but not slushy. You can also taste it this time to see if
you need to add any more honey from additional sweetness. You can serve immediately or store in the
freezer in an airtight container. Now you have a refreshing, sweet and easy
cantaloupe sorbet to enjoy this summer. Okay, so I think you’re gonna love this next
recipe. We’re gonna be making a super easy, fresh
peach frozen yogurt using just four ingredients including fresh peaches. First, we need to slice the peaches in half
and remove the pit. Then, slice the peach halves into even slices
and then place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place the peach slices into the freezer and
freeze overnight or for at least four to five hours. Then add the frozen peaches to the food processor
and process until they become evenly crumbly but not pureed. Add in the raw honey, plain Greek yogurt and
freshly squeezed lemon juice into the food processor and process again until a smooth,
creamy consistency appears, about two to four minutes. You may need to scrape down the sides once
or twice along the way. For any of these recipes, if you don’t have
a food processor, you can also use a heavy-duty kitchen blender. Once everything is smooth, you can taste and
see if you need to add any additional honey to make it sweeter. You can serve this immediately or you can
transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze for about an hour to harden. It’s hard to believe that you can make a four-ingredient
frozen yogurt that tastes this good, and without an ice cream maker. Finally, let’s make a super delicious lemon
blueberry sorbet using just a few simple ingredients. Pour rinsed blueberries out onto a rimmed
baking sheet lined with parchment paper and separate them as much as possible. You may need to remove some of the stems from
a few of the blueberries. Place the blueberries into the freezer and
freeze overnight or for at least four to five hours to get them fully frozen. When ready to make the sorbet, add the frozen
blueberries to a bowl of a food processor followed by the raw honey, fresh lemon zest,
freshly squeezed lemon juice and the water. Process the mixture until the blueberries
become crumbly, pressing down the mixture with a spatula as needed. Continue to process until the mixture becomes
more smooth and evenly processed. Once everything’s smooth, taste again for
additional sweetness. And if you need any, just add a little bit
of raw honey. Just like with our other recipes, you can
enjoy immediately or you can transfer to the freezer for about an hour or two to harden
a little bit more. Not only is this lemon blueberry sorbet super
yummy and really easy to make, it’s also full of antioxidants and fiber and contains no
refined sugars. All right, so now you have four easy, delicious,
frozen sweet treats to enjoy this summer. The thing is, these frozen yogurts and ice
creams and sorbets are a big old hit in our family, and I know they’ll be in yours too. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoy these four recipes this summer,
and make sure to subscribe so you never miss our new weekly recipe videos. Thanks so much! I’ll see you next time!