[Music] so I have been wanting to do a video using rice krispies treats in a new way for so long because they’re actually malleable and you can make them in two different shapes which means you can do just about anything I also am pretty obsessed with cheesecake as you guys may already know so I decided to pair the two together so because the flavor of rice krispies treats marshmallows I decided to lean into the chocolate cheesecake because it’ll kind of bring together a s’mores flavor which is a quartic I used a measuring cup but you can also just go in there with your hands to press it down into the springform pan originally for some reason I thought you could bake rice krispies treats and you can’t I wanted to do a classic baked cheesecake so the first time I made this I made the right specific rice I poured in the Cheesecake batter I put it in the oven and then disaster struck so I ended up burning the original crust in the oven so I realized that I had to go back to the drawing board but actually it was easy to fix because I could just make a no-bake cheesecake so cheesecake lovers may argue that the only real kind of cheesecake is a baked cheesecake but you can yield similar results by making a no-bake cheesecake and it is a little bit easier to do so in a big cheesecake the eggs are gonna stabilize it whereas a no-bake cheesecake you have to use a different stabilizing agent so a gelatin or in my case I use the chocolate and whipped cream so in order to make the crust out of rice krispie treats you have to make sure you’re working quickly because they’re only malleable when they’re still warm those are really the only key things to remember for this recipe other than that it’s a pretty simple cheesecake just a lot more fun now once you make the cheesecake and you cool it you can stop there but I decided to decorate it because I really wanted to go the extra mile so if you’re eating this by yourself feel free to stop here but because I was bringing this to a party I decided to go the extra mile and decorate the cup I know this recipe is so sweet I’m not telling you to eat it everyday but you know for a treat for a crispy treat it was a winner I’m not the best decorator but I really tried to focus here and make sure I nailed it I only had one shot now if you’re concerned that your rights crispy will get too hard while you’re cooling the cheesecake once the cheesecake is set pull it out and leave it on the counter for a few minutes and your rice crispy treat soften right up and there you have it snap crackle pop is that like trademark so this video is actually my third video I ever made for tasty I need this pie for tasty for the holiday season and it was such a smash hit that I to this day still make it for my family starting the holidays too so one day I was thinking about cinnamon rolls I was thinking about apple pie and then I just figure why not I have both what came know those the visual you get once you bake this pie is insane but let me tell you the flavors are also really classic so I decided to make a classic apple pie and then utilize the cinnamon rolls for the apple pie crust so I remember the testing process of this pie was pretty tricky but the end result is so delicious I promise so the filling I use for this is pretty classic and simple of course we added some sugar and cinnamon in there and the cornstarch is there to help thicken up the filling don’t skip it because then you’ll have a watery pie and no one that I prefer to use fresh apples in my apple pies but feel free to switch up the filling if you like you can cook down your apples and use macerated apples great thing you want you do have to cut the similar roles in half because you want them to be small enough to form the beautiful oily crust my biggest piece of advice for this is to use a serrated knife because that will just make your life so much easier so to simplify this recipe we ended up using canned cinnamon rolls because it just is so much easier and a quicker process to get the crust that you want when I was originally testing this recipe I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to use pie dough or to just use cinnamon rolls I decided to go the cinnamon rolls because it really gave you that beautiful swirly visual because if it stood on the lava by doesn’t have swirly cinnamon rolls then is it really a cinnamon roll apple pie probably not and one more big tip do not forget to put the foil on top when you first bake the pie this will ensure that the inside of the pie bakes fully before the outside crust first don’t skip it don’t skip it don’t give it give it give it no you won’t forget I hope another reason I wanted to use the canned cinnamon rolls is because they all come with this delicious icing that everybody knows from their childhood it just takes it to the next level so the reason I love making this pie for my own Thanksgiving is because it is such a showstopper everyone is so impressed when you put it down on the table it’s so beautiful they wonder what’s inside that feeling never goes away and it’s not only so pretty it’s also so delicious because you get cinnamon rolls and an apple pie in one kill two birds with one pot it seems like a lot of my videos are taking familiar flavors and then revamping them with a new twist on a crust that’s because the crust is a great outward visual representation of the recipe it’s not always what’s on the inside that counts I know I know I’m not about jello guys it is what’s on the inside that counts but just for cinnamon roll apple pie it’s what is on that side guys I hope you make this pie it was a soil cinnamon and bison pie I like alright just make it so I know this recipe is a little weird but bear with me here the elements are all pretty classic banana bread is one of my all-time favorite foods not even desserts like foods so it’s one of my favorite things to recreate for tasty videos I’m not even quite sure how this idea originally came to me I just remember like looking at a banana and being like oh my god kind of looks like a corndog and then I had the next idea that you could replace the corn bread cut with banana bread and voila you got banana bread on a stick now originally always like why do I call this banana dog banana corn dog but I just settled on banana bread on a stick because I don’t know banana corn dog kind of sounds weird so for this recipe I knew it was super important to not only nail the flavor but to make sure I nailed the shape and look of a corn dog I wanted it to look exactly the same but just a desert version so in order to get that straight edge on the banana to look like a hot dog I cut off the ends put a stick in the middle and then save the ends to put into the banana bread that I was gonna make for the batter coating also it’s a great way it’s not waste any food although you could have just eaten anything so there are a few tricky variables to this recipe I have to make sure that the bananas would stay on the sticks especially while dipping and frying because bananas are a little more fragile than like the hot dog would be so I decided to freeze the bananas beforehand now make sure you work quickly because the bananas will thaw and then you’ll have a mess so we know frying bananas sounds a little weird but you’re really just frying these to cook the banana bread all the way through and then also get that nice golden brown coating that every corn dog should have getting the temperature and the timing right on fry was a little bit tricky because in some batches I didn’t cook the banana bread white all the way through and in other batches I cooked it far too much and the banana ended up mushy in the center so you’re really going for that perfect temperature and time to cook the banana bread just through so I know this recipe seems a little tricky but I promise it’s simple and trust me it’s a crowd-pleaser so no corn dog is complete without ketchup and mustard and no banana dog is complete without chocolate and caramel so I added both options for dipping sauces I mean but you could really dip it in anything you want I don’t know you could dip it in ketchup or mustard it kind of gross but I’m still so proud of this video it was a crazy idea but it came out exactly how I pictured it in my weird crazy Minds really even tried these and she was a fan and you know they don’t call her the desserts not for nothing seeing something that you’ve created from start to finish being received well by our audience is one of the most gratifying feelings I know it’s just banana bread on a stick but it brought happiness to people’s eyes and I’m proud of it I felt like I was able to bring happiness on a stick I need this recipe video at a time where cake rolls were kept trendy they were like the in thing to do and I just wanted to play around with the flavors and create something that was delicious but also new and interesting so the process looks a little bit tricky when making a cake roll because there are a few components that you have to nail but it’s actually pretty simple when you break it down so this cake batter calls for a lot of eggs it’s kind of like a sponge cake now you want to make sure you’re beating your eggs before you go on to adding any other ingredients because we’re gonna incorporate some air into these eggs and it’ll make for a fluffier cake then all the rest is pretty simple you’ll just stop in the rest of the ingredients and switch to a folding method just to make sure we’re not over beating our cake batter [Music] also just keep an eye when you’re baking this cake because it’s so much thinner it cooks really fast so be careful not to burn your cake so now we get to some of the more important steps once your cake is baked you need to lay a clean dish towel on your surface sprinkle that with powdered sugar and then right when you take it out of the oven you’re gonna flip your kick over on to that cool and quickly roll it up while the cake is still hot because this one shirt once you cool it in that form that it will keep its roll shape without cracking a very important step so we’re quickly while it’s still hot don’t bring yourselves you probably won’t it’s fine but yeah the powdered sugar is there to make sure your cake doesn’t stick to your towel so don’t skip that part either and don’t use flour cuz that’s gross so now your cake is cooling in its dish towel I went on to make the filling which is a simple kind of cheesecake frosting it’s one of my all-time favorites so can’t go wrong so when you bring your cake back from the fridge you’re gonna unroll it and it will still have like kind of a it was still kind of like I don’t know go up cuz it’s like molded to the roundness oh man so then you’re just gonna lather all that cheese cake frosting on to the surface of the cake you’re gonna sprinkle on some strawberries and then it should be pretty easy from here on out you just roll the cake back up and do its final form this is like a shapeshifter shapeshifter cake I sprinkled my cake with some more powdered sugar just to make sure the outside looked nice and you can also decorate it with some more like strawberries or maybe some whipped cream also another important step for this cake if you’re going to be serving it to people you want it to look really beautiful is to chop off the ends now I know it might seem wasteful but you’re really gonna get the best visual of that swirl when you chop off the extra bits on end but you also get that tasty visual you can just eat them as a snack – I did I don’t know why I always do this all the sudden it’s like my signature [Music]