hi I’m RIA and this is my recipe for chocolate tart one of my favorite dessert it’s a tart they can seem really intimidating but I wanted to show you how easy it was to make make sure butter and egg it’s room temperature because if you use room-temperature butter with cold eggs they don’t mix well together when you mix butter and egg you can use Hana mixer or whisk but once you add flour you should switch to spatula because you don’t want to create a lot of gluten because the cookie dough will become tough and hard if you over mix some baking recipes say to leave the butter at room temperature but they don’t mention de eggs should also be room temperature which is very important in recipes like this one you also want to rest the dough for 30 minutes so it relaxes the gluten and also the dough is really soft so you want to make the butter a little harder and it’s easier to roll it out if the door breaks swing your mold in there it’s okay you can patch it with leftover dough make sure to talk hole so that the dough doesn’t prove up if you make something difficult to make and you make it really well it can boost your confidence so this tour is great for any beginner cooks who wants to challenge themselves a little bit also I use the instant coffee in this recipe because it kind of gives a nice bitterness and the flavors are balance it out with the sweetness of the chocolate so that the tart doesn’t become overly sweet but if you don’t like coffee you can totally skip this step and it will work just fine it’s just a flavor preference when you’re pouring wet ingredients into the chocolate for everything at once there count 30 seconds and then start mixing it makes really nice shiny chocolate filling also make sure to use good quality dark chocolate because this recipe is very simple so quality is very important so when you bake it make sure to take the tar out when the center part is slightly jiggling because if you overcook it the chocolate filling start cracking shake a little bit and if the center slightly jiggles that it’s when you have to take out from the oven this recipe I learned from a pastry chef I used to work with at the restaurant in LA so it’s totally restaurant-quality dessert and you can impress anyone who loves chocolate this chocolate tart is silky and rich so you will be satisfied just like tiny slice this recipe seems a little bit challenging but if you follow step by step you can totally make it and you will be impressed by yourself impress yourself first and impress other people next and it’s totally was that thanks I cannot be Alex so a few years ago there was a trend where you roll up apple slices onto a pastry and made a little turret so I was wondering if there was anything I could to make that would look pretty like that and I came up with this idea using crepes instead of pyxi I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna walk first but I tried it anyways and when I think of crepes my favorite filling it’s strawberry and whipped cream so instead of apples I decided to use strawberries the important thing about making crepes is with the dough for at least 30 minutes because we are mixing with milk and flour which creates gluten and you don’t want to make chewy and rubbery crepes if you want you can also rest in overnight and make it the next day I chose cream cheese filling because it’s a little thicker so easy to work with you are ending up making a bunch of crepes for this recipe that will take time but I also think it’s fun as well so I tested this and made a pretty small version that was really really cute but when I make the dart I usually want to share so I don’t want to make it just for myself when you’re making at home it’s a little bit messy because you’re spreading cream onto the crepe and rolling it up but it’s what’s there for and most a man because it’s really pretty and I’m sure whoever you’re going to give it to will be super impressed make sure to cut the strawberry it’s very thin it’s similar to a crepe cake because it’s layered about just a different presentation because the crepes are vertical instead of fries on top so instead of stop being making small little tart I was just kept rolling and rolling and rolling and I ended up making a large crepe cake I think rolling it up it’s the most fun and difficult particles it’s kind of like building a snowman it’s the same cake all the way through it just gets bigger also after you make this roll the crepe a big enough then you can’t start laying it on the side instead of rolling then what you end up with it’s a super pretty roll of crepes all standing up with strawberry it’s kind of looking like a flower which is why I call this a rose crepe cake this is the perfect dessert to bring down afternoon tea party or just to make with your friends sometime I was filming this recipe late at night because I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna work so I was kind of testing and shooting at the same time and Alex and Scott was also shooting late at night so we shared together and both of them are super impressed so this recipe it’s something I’m really proud of because I’ve never seen this type of cake before so I would like you to make it and I also want you to be proud of it so this recipe was kind of assigned to me by Alden so he made a multi flavor sheet pan pie video and we as a team wanted to see what else can we make multi flavor I wanted to make something easy like I didn’t want to make each flavor from scratch so I wanted to make one cookie dough and a die-in defined flavors using brown sugar is very important in order to give the cookie that chewy texture that I like and also using a little white sugar helps giving a crispy texture it’s a good to combine balls it’s important to you to type of sugar to make this american-style cookie I feel like chocolate-chip cookie it’s very unique to America I feel like this chocolate-chip cookie it’s a little bit rustic shape each individual cookie it’s a different shape and kind of I don’t know like I feel like it’s imperfect but this imperfection make it perfect we kind of came up with simple flavor combinations that everyone likes like chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter and white chocolate macadamia nuts which is something that’s underrated I think I [Music] think it’s the best multi flavor skillet cookie recipe out there I don’t know how many out there [Music] I use the parchment paper to bake so I can take it out and transport it to a plate but if you just want to stop in a skillet you can do so you don’t need to use the parchment paper each cookies next to each other based on how well their flavor profile combined and of course everyone wants to eat the middle part because you can a whole flavor so each of six different flavors all in one cookie [Music] and also I cut it in a pea seed so you can enjoy different flavor combinations like chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter cookie and a white chocolate macadamia cookie with double chocolate cookies and I think this cookie does a good job of capturing a lot of different characters it’s difficult to make imperfect perfect cookie like if you have American chocolate chip cookie kind of has a crack and chocolate chip is sometimes not evenly distributed it may have a den somewhere but it’s Q in a way a hole imperfection makes a great cookie perfect it’s not something you can intend it to make it delayed but happens that way but it’s perfect in poker Hey not sure if you get it I feel like I’m talking about cookie philosophy I don’t know I think you just try make it and maybe you understand what I’m talking about [Music] so I was looking on the internet and the fabric is really cool cookie holder shakashaka cookies Chaka Chaka is onomatopoeia for shaking noise in Japanese so when you shake something and make knowledge that it’s Chaka the person made it to cookies glued together and put sprinkles inside so when you shake it you can see the sprinkles inside moving and it was very cute the recipe dough looks very complicated they use the special kind of sugar called the polyphenols which is no soul during regular grocery stores so I wanted to make it but make it very simple so everyone can make a home but something I always wanted to include in my video that’s something everyone can make a home that’s the great thing about tasty I think and making this cookie was very fun I made this video for tasty Junya initially and I had the opportunity to work with kids it was very fun to cook with little girls especially the child actor I walked through it she was so impressed she told me I could be a chef in the future and I should open the restaurant and it was very cute and sweet I was thinking maybe I could use store-bought candy and melt it there is also another cookie called a stained glass cookie which is very popular so I use the Jolie launcher instead of the special sugar and put two kids together with white chocolate so it tastes better when I was reading comment I saw some audience said Jolie launcher it’s too hard so if you buy into it you might break your teeth but when you bake it Jolie launcher spread very thinly so don’t worry about breaking a piece you won’t break your piece and look out for you [Music] this feeling becomes viral and I saw a lot of people make it I also saw some people made it for a bake sale and it’s a great feeling when someone actually make it and have fun with it I think also shakashaka cookies is a cue name for Japanese cookie but if you translate it it’s become shake shake cookie which it’s not so catchy it was our general manager uh Sharif who was sitting next to me and said oh that looks like an a Korean so that’s why I named it so don’t be afraid of breaking your teeth it’s actually tasty kids love that and you can customize that you can put a love letter in it and make it fancy make it fancy make you fancy [Music] [Applause] you