schools get reopened again thats boring books its brown coloured cover that cheap pencil box and that rubbish sipper and Mummy don’t buy me a new bag my whole life got ruined……… you are crying for bag and you love to do Fashion so how’s fashion related to all these… From which Stationery you bought this I too want to buy it new pencil box too new sipper I made it myself at home make it for me too I’ll make you learn so how you’ll take for this? not much! just 30,000 LIKES but how I alone give this much of Likes yes… all my friends are here so hit 30,000 LIKES for her so that she makes us learn so many beautiful things like this you’ve bought a new bag & didn’t tell me first of all we’ll make this Pencil Box just take two empty bottles you can recycle any waste cold drink bottle make marks like this on both bottles cut it with a heated knife now take a zip paste that bottles with the help of glue gun like this Here I am using glue gun Instead you can also use super glue which is easily available in the market apply glue gun and revolving the bottle like this cut the left over portion of this zip and apply glue at the end portion so that it doesn’t come out and our pencil box is ready Getting bored with that simple water bottle so lets make it little colourful for this we need and you’ll get this foam from any clothes packaging just tap these foam in colours and press it on the bottle like this and our boring bottle converted into a cute colourful bottle if you’ve got bored with than brown cover then try out this draw any of your favourite shape on the notebook I’ve made a Cupcake shape I’ve got a lot of comments from you that how do we use left over yarn that remained after making pom pom so that left over we’ll use here paste this left overs wherever you want using fevicol as this gives a 3D look to your notebook cover that top portion was looking weird thats why I paint it with yellow colour now lets decor the notebook from back side we’ll decor it just like that we decorated that drinking bottle I use glitter pen to make it more beautiful these type of 3D covers available at Rs. 200 to 300 from market now will make this boring bag little interesting For this we need cut to give it a star shape dip this star shape in any of your favourite colour and press it with on your bag like this make this dark portion more darker with a black marker now we gonna to make these bunny ears for this we need fold the wire to give it a bunny ear shape keep it over the fabric and fold and stitch it in this shape after stitching cut the left over fabric so bunny ears are ready tuck these on your bag strips like this and fix a pom pom at the end corner to make it look more beautiful and here’s our cute bunny bag got tired but your cute and beautiful DIYs make me happy and now you too have learnt so hit LIKE to this video and also SUBSCRIBE to our channel DIY Queen