(eats noisily) (triumphant music) – Alright, how’s it going? Welcome, it’s actually, random
fact straight off the bat, it’s Valentines Day, right,
today, whilst I’m filming this. I didn’t get your card but just
know that I always love you. Mrs. Barry she got me some
chocolate oranges, things, which is a theme for today’s video. A lot of you guys say
to me, Barry, how do you come up with ideas? One, I am one of the most
creative people in the world! Two, I just get ideas. Some are not so good, some are better and obviously, if that even makes sense, and other times you guys
help me out as well. Sometimes the name of a video comes to me before the actual video
is, and in today’s instance it could not be any more of that, thing. I wanted to do a video
where for some reason, and I don’t know why, it’s
ridiculous, this is great I just wanted to use three
two one, like, three two one. (gestures) But then I thought, let’s
take it up a notch, yeah? Like seven minute abs and all that stuff, let’s do four three two one. So today I’m going to be showing you four three ingredient recipes to
try at least once in your life. You like what I did there? And we’re doing it proper,
I’ve seen ingredients in the past, recipes where it’s like five ingredient, whatever, and
one of the ingredients is water, that’s not in
the ingredients list. And that, to me, isn’t
cheating, but to you, some of you guys in the comments box, will be like “that is cheating!” So we’re gonna keep it
proper, if we’re using water, that is one of our three. And the other cool thing
rather than doing all mains or sweets we are
doing a drink, a starter, a main and a dessert. So this is kinda like a twelve ingredient four course thing, including
your drink yes, yes. We’ll start with honey,
where’s the bottle, honey lemonade, so we’ve got honey, lemons, that’s it,
and the third ingredient yes, is water. So here’s what we’re gonna do this is my wizzy high powered chop up blendery thing also known as a bullet
nutrient and lots of other brands are available this isn’t actually one of those but it does the same things, very high powered spinny blades. Now what I’m gonna do for the moment, is take three lemons, now
if you want you do not have to do this, I am putting
the whole lemons in there. I’m gonna drizzle in my honey. So I’m gonna go for that’s
about one tablespoon, look at it run down, that looks great. So the water is going in,
I’ve got a litre here, but I’m only gonna go about
400ml, because we wanna just whiz it up first of all, in
fact we’re gonna pray it does, I might have wedged them in too much, and then we can tweak it. (blender whirs) It got that one bit of
lemon, that’s well cloudy, I think I might have shaved it, I have! Alright okay okay we’ll
do it in little batches. So that’s like one of
those things I don’t know if you guys have ever
worked in customer service and you sort of do that
line, “oh that’s no problem” when really to you, it’s a huge problem and you’re just being
really really polite. So we’ve taken half of
the lemon amount out, let’s make sure they’re
not wedged up, actually I might just slice them. Ah come on, there we go. (blender whirs) Smooth as a baby’s bum. Alright so we’ll get
the other bits in there, remember we’ve still got two
lemons but that’s more to tweak the flavour, it’s
all about just getting it in there first of all. (blender whirs) Beautiful. So remember at this stage we’re just going over the top with a lemony
taste, and I’m passing mine through a sieve, because
it will get rid of any of the little naughty gubbins,
but, if you want it zesty, if you want that little
bit of texture, just leave it in there, don’t worry about it. You see you’re left with
this pulpy stuff which I said, it can go in
there, I would prefer that but I want to show you
both ways, and but what we got in here is kinda like
a smooth lemony syrup and I’ve got some on the worktop as well, well, that’s fine. In here, we can now tweak this, so this is going to be quite bitter. (tastes lemonade) Yeah, it’s actually not so
bad, but we do need to add a bit more sweetener and
dilute the taste a little bit. So first just to take that sharpness away, we’ll start to add in about
100ml of water at a time, (upbeat music) A little squirt extra of honey. (upbeat music) Oh it’s nearly there. (upbeat music) It’s really best to do it in stages, because you don’t wanna
lose that lemonyness. (upbeat music) Alright I’m bringing it up
so I’ve got about a litre of total fluid now from
the water so that’s nearly all of it used up. We’ll make a larger amount,
to, might as well go for it. (upbeat music) That, it’s February and
I wanna be sat outside with like an umbrella in
my drink, that, is good. And I’m just gonna say it again, some of you will try this, and be like “oh my gosh that’s so bitter” but please change the ratio of the water and the honey to your liking, and you will find one that fits. Oh that looks good doesn’t it? And of course because, three ingredients, the lemon still fits in. Look at that! (laughs) He’s kinda blending in
with homer, there we go! Nice honey lemonade,
still cloudy, beautiful. This cake, which could
blow my mind, we’ll do next because it takes- Oh my gosh! (egg rolls away) This cake is three
ingredients, my favourite thing in the world on Christmas
day for years I’ve told you this before my
mum will get me a Terry’s chocolate orange rather than a tangerine. We need Terry’s chocolate
orange, we need butter, and, we need eggs. And that is it. So into a large bowl we
are gonna get eight eggs. (snaps fingers) There we go, so here are
three chocolate oranges you could use any type
of chocolate you want, mint chocolate- (loud banging) And we want about 450
grammes so about a pound. So we’ve got a little bit over, now I don’t know if you guys remember on the top of a Terry’s
chocolate orange it used to say “tap and unwrap” and half the
challenge was actually going (bangs on counter) tapping it and then you go
like this, you go like this- (laughs) It’s a struggle today ain’t it. And then it would sort
of open up and sometimes in fact yeah they’ve still got it. They have the stump
still, but they’re like already segmented, which is good for us. Few of these, in fact we’re
gonna need most of it, just, I think we’re gonna
need nearly all of it. Ah there we go, yeah that’ll do. So I’ve got two segments
left, but I’ve got another additional chocolate
orange for garnishing. So yeah you don’t need
to tap anymore, look! You go like that, you guys- oh no you do, a little bit, why doesn’t it say tap and unwrap? (grunts) I guess it’s got hot in my house. There you go. Alright so grab yourself a saucepan. (pans clatter) The heck… (pans clatter) Pan down. Medium low flame. If only I had a massive chunk of butter 110 grammes do one’s say, oh yes I do. In that goes. This is dedicated to
anyone that’s watching who is called Terry. And that includes Terry Hatcher. So we’re gonna melt it through, we’re gonna end up with a gorgeous chocolate orange buttery lake. And of course, one other
step, which I think my saucepan lid is kind
of praying I wish I did, you could’ve done this in the microwave on 30 second blasts stirring as you go until you get this all melted and smooth. Alright so this is our chocolate orange mixture melted into that butter. I’ve taken it off the
heat so it’s still warm, but we will let it cool
down just a teeny weeny bit. So I’m gonna move it just up here, boom. So it’s obviously the fats and the sugars are gonna come from the
chocolate orange and the butter, but so it’s here that’s
going to hold it together and also give it the rise. So we need to whisk this
for a good ten minutes. (Whisks) Boom, you see how bubbly that is? That’s like a bubble
bath when you’re a kid, you wanna jump in that
with your rubber duck. Out of shot here you will see I have got the chocolate orange mix. I’m going to add a little
bit of this in at a time, literally about that amount
like a tablespoon pour max. (whisking) And once it’s all in
there, you keep adding. (whisking) This is kind of therapeutic. (cheerful music) Boom, now believe it or not, that is the batter for this cake. It’s a lot wetter than normal batter, it does bake for a long time. (grunts) So this is a loose bottom
tray, you don’t necessarily need to have a loose bottom one. So you get a little bit
of butter round the sides, ♪ Go greased lighting I’m
greasing up my baking tin. ♪ Boom. Actually whilst you got
that, I’ve got this sharpie in my hand like, why have
a I got sharpie in my hand. We’re just gonna do a very rough outline. That’s very rough. (laughs) Like a glove. Or a piece of baking
parchment cut to size, whatever you wanna call it. Not sure if you can see how foamy that is, on the top still, that’s beautiful! We’re gonna pour this mix into our tin. Oh my gosh. I haven’t preheated my oven. Dammit. (laughs) My oven is at 180 c fan
or 200 c normal fan okay? It’s gonna take 45 minutes. My experience at doing
cakes like that before where you’re not using flour
and you’re using the eggs sometimes you get like a really good rise at first, and when you
take it out of the oven it does deflate slightly, so it might look a bit more like a torte. But that’s cool. Just had a bit of a boo boo folks, Because I’ve used a loose
bottom tin, some of it has dripped down into the next row, so I’ve put it on a baking tray that’s lined with a seal
or just baking parchment. So, make sure you don’t get any leakage. (laughs) Otherwise it really will be a lot lower than you’re expecting. Alright so for our three
ingredient appetiser slash starter we’re
going for bacon wrapped jalapenos poppers, sometimes they come in a breadcrumb but we’re
doing the bacon wrap and there’s a lot of flavour going on. So by sticking hardcore to
this three ingredient thing, no salt and pepper, no rub
or seasoning, or anything like that, you have to try and find some work-arounds in the supermarket. And there are some ways,
even the bacon, I’ve got some proper real
nice super smoked bacon so maximum flavour in
that, I mean, the jalapenos are just, that, it’s just really a shell, but you can do it with a
pepper, or something like that. And I struck gold in the supermarket, so this is just one brand of cream cheese, other brands are available but
they did lots of other ones, they did a salt and pepper
one, they did an herb one, they did a sweet chilli,
caramelised onion. So that’s already in this
cream cheese, so I’m gonna ram that into there, and
wrap the bacon around it. (kissing noise) Alright so all I’m gonna
do is slice the lid off the top like that. Remember, don’t, if you touch
any of these seeds and stuff, don’t rub your eyes, wash
your hands, all that stuff. Gonna halve it. You can do this with a
knife, but another way to do it is to just grab a
spoon and scrape it all out, just push it there, and
get a little bit of that whitey membrane stuff,
which, I don’t really like. And you can do that as
neat as you want but I mean that is it, you’re
effectively making a green witches nose, or a green boat. There you go. I’m not gonna do this very
pretty, I’m just gonna push the cream cheese
in, just so it fills it. (cheerful music) And then take a strip of
bacon, and we’re gonna just roll it at a slight
angle so it hopefully covers most of it. (cheerful music) So these are now on a lined
baking tray which is perfect! Because, bear with me, do do do, and when I say that there is
not a bear with me in the room there is a Mr. Bean and
a Homer cardboard cutout, as standard. Look, it is done exactly
what I thought it would. It’s dipped in the middle,
and I quite like that. Okay, there’s still a teeny
bit of wobble in there, I put a skewer through
it, you can see there, and the sides, and it’s come out dry. You must leave it to
cool in the tray fully. But we need the oven, oh my gosh! It’s gonna drop, it’s gonna drop- (laughs) Oh how did that not drop, wow. These are going in now until the bacon is nice and cooked through. Last up we are doing a
barbecue chicken sandwich. This is Bullseye sauce
and the reason I went for this one today is
because it was a smokey bacon one, so again, like the
cream cheese this is just gonna add another bit of
flavour into our chicken whilst we’re stuck with three ingredients. The other ingredients are
some nice brioche buns, and of course, barbecue
chicken sandwich, is gonna need chicken I actually went for thighs,
cause they’re cheaper and actually a bit more meatier. Now there’s one thing
that I want to tell you that I was gonna do and the
reason I went for thighs in the end I’m like that’s
cool, but I was gonna go for chicken breasts, and
I was gonna poach chicken. I don’t know if you’ve ever done that but that would’ve required me
the fourth ingredient, water. So, we’re just gonna
griddle them, without oil. Also for the way we’re
gonna do the barbecue sauce if you have some water to hand you might want to dilute it a little bit, we’re gonna go hardcore. We’re doing pretty well
today you could say we’re on a roll, in fact
this is a brioche roll. The only thing I need to
do is just, bear in mind the bacon jalapeno
poppers are cooking there, oh smells so good, so I’m
not gonna forget the smell. I just don’t wanna burn them. (elevator music) (slaps chicken down) So this is a chicken thigh, as you can see if you just let it naturally roll out, you’ve got quite a nice little sheet. See they roll out quite flat so they’ll cook quite quickly but
the other thing you can do like the chicken breast, bit
of baking parchment on top, whack whack whack, stress
reliever, very good indeed, makes it nice and thin. But we will grill them
like this, but first up, let’s do the buns. Alright, we’re gonna get this pan hot. Now there’s a fear of getting it too hot, because we’re not really using oil, we have to use the natural
oils from the chicken. It might stick to this
pan, but we’ll just have to go with it, yours will
look better than mine as I say, but there’s no
harm now if you want to, whilst it warms up, in
just sticking the bread sides down, face side
down, because we’re trying to maximise the flavour,
so by just having it, you know that’s why
you get em at McDonalds you get them toasted,
not only does that stop all the sauce soaking
in, but by charring it, aka burning it, that does
actually increase the flavour. So any chance here we’ve
got here to add flavour by natural steps like
this, we’re doing it. Did you enjoy my lecture
on, uh, no you didn’t. Let’s have a little look… Aw yeah baby, check that out, eh? Suntan, flavour, and protection
from drooping, in the sauce. Ooo the second batch came out even better, now, this might sound weird, and obviously if you’re
using oil you’ll be fine, but I’m going to let
this pan cool down before sticking the chicken in
it, if I stick that in right now, it’ll cling to it. Alright thought I’d just
try and grab a bit more of my coffee, but I’m just
gonna pick up maybe two, and uh you can see that
there wasn’t a sizzle there because, ah I gotta get, no
I’ll do it two at a time. And I really wanna try
and get some nice char on it like these. (sizzling) Alright. (sizzling) Ah yeah, that’ll do. I’m relieved because the actual fats from the chicken are coming out
and lubricating the pan. It is extremely smokey. The bacon, is done, I’m
gonna bring that out. (sizzling) Oh, the caramelization of that chicken, is gonna ram it full of flavour. Look at these, I’m gonna stick them up there out of the way. What we can do is just cut
it slightly, which is another good way of making sure it’s
cooked through, into chunks. I’m gonna grab our barbecue sauce. I’m gonna put about three
tablespoons in there. This is where water would be
really helpful to thin it out, so because of the sugar content in this, it will caramelise quickly and thicken. We want it to be thick and grip it, but then having water to hand will kind of loosen it up if you need to and make it a bit more drizzly, if
you want that effect, which I normally do. But I can’t. Due to the rules of this video. We’ll stir it round, till
just basically warm through this sauce, we’re not gonna
marinate it for hours and hours, which of course you could
do, I’m just showing you what you can do with three ingredients. And that’s it no joke a
minute later the steam caramelization from that
sugar being in there it wants to thicken and potentially burn quite quick so just get it off the heat whilst it’s nice and warm. I’m just laying our
barbecue chicken on top. Some nice crunchy cole slaw right now would go down an absolute
storm, I’m gonna lift that bit up that is a big ole bit. Look at that. And then our charred lid on top. (laughs) The three ingredient
barbecue chicken sandwich, look at that thing. So whilst I’ve got you
here, I just wanna show you the jalapeno poppers, I
put them into this basket thing I once got given, but look, the bacon is all charred and caramelised, the cream cheese has
stayed in place inside the chilli, they look amazing. And I’ve just literally
got some more cream cheese, not very pretty I know, but
I stuck it in a pot like that so you can dunk that, in that, and that’s still three ingredients! So we’ve got the poppers, the
barbecue chicken sandwich, and the lemonade, which I’ve
completely forgotten about, and, we got a cake! The chocolate cake is
finished off with a few of the chocolate orange
segments just overlapped on each other like this. I’ve just got some extra
melted chocolate orange that I’m just drizzling up and down it. I don’t know if I can
wait for it to be chill to be honest. (laughs) Ah, that’s what we want, there should be a gooeyness to the middle. When you put that in the fridge it’ll turn to more of like mousse-y vibe but I kind of like that, the
looseness of it, y’know? It’s not falling apart,
it’s not droopy, it’s good. It’s got the right set on it. Yes! So the jalapeno popper. Ah in, in the cream cheese. Oh wow, it reminds me of a pizza. I really like that caramelised
onion cream cheese as well that’s really hot, oh my gosh. I don’t have jalapenos that often, but, it reminds me of a barbecue pizza that a company called Romanos do quite often, that I’ve had, from time to time. Why don’t I try and cool my mouth down with some honey lemonade. That is super refreshing, there’s still little bit of sort of lemony chunks in it, but they all passed through
the sieve nice and fine. But like I said if you
don’t want it as bitter take the the pith and stuff
off the lemon before you do it. Just grate it and just
get the juice alright? Oh my gosh, the charrness
of the bun as well. (grunts) The chicken is charred,
tender, soft, and juicy also the charring in the bun comes through and that barbecue sauce
with the bacon vibe, wow. That is insane. If there’s one message I
want you to take away from this video it’s actually not only do you want to see more of
these, because I’m happy to do more, but also the
fact that this is just three ingredients, now
holding back the water and all that stuff. But imagine what you could
do with like four or five, and that’s up to you guys. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, that is so good. The moistness that kind
of semi-cooked stuff in the middle which is ideal. It’s its own self saucing
chocolate orange cake. I don’t know which one
of those is my favourite, they are all really really good. In their own way. Just like you. And if you want to see more of these, I’m happy to do more. So give it a go, send my your snaps, and I’ll see you next time. Buh bye! (fuzzy rap song) I know I said send us your
snaps, um, I know it’s Valentines day and all but
please, just food right?