hey YouTube and dig me here bringing you a revolutionary map today I saw a lot of you common thing to make it do a zone war so I had to give it a shot to see what I could do with the World Cup qualifier this weekend this might be the best and quickest and game practice you can find anywhere just a quick disclaimer because it says do ozone war takes a little more coordination than a solo to set up I put a 90 second timer at the start of each session so you have at least 90 seconds before someone is able to start the game this is a one-time thing it only affects the first round of the creative mode session so you don’t have to wait 90 seconds before each run anyways back to the map this is my volcanic zone where it takes place in the volcano island to look interesting terrain there’s so many features that I’m excited to show you guys so please stick around and watch the whole video I’m really happy with how it turned out and just so you guys know this is very important I’m releasing a solo version of the map ASAP so like and subscribe to stay updated on that it should be coming very soon all right back to the map this is a duo Zone one so it’s gonna be with a teams of two instead of sixteen individual teams if you try to play the map while you throw on team 9 to 16 you won’t be allowed to spawn in and play so make sure you’re on teams 1 through 8 so let’s start with how to select your team in the pre game Lobby there are 8 areas labeled with numbers 1 through 8 indicate what team you will be a part of find an empty team circle with your duo and switch to that team then stand at the team circle to let other people know that that team is already taken if you don’t have a dual partner no worries just switch to an empty team stand in a circle alone and wait for someone to join you once all the teams are set you can go ahead and start the game the starting zone is split into eight different sections each team will spawn into their own section with barriers between them and the other teams this map has forced respond so make sure you walk unto the traps in front of you after spawning in order to prevent a bunch of spawn books once you die from the traps and respond all you have to do is follow the path ahead and pick up some of your randomized items in the layout one of the teammates will spawn on the low ground so all they have to do is go up the stairs and start building their initial base before the barriers are broken the other teammates gonna spawn high above them so what they have to do is walk straight into the glowing pink bumper up there to fall safely towards your teammate you have to hit the pink bumper in order to avoid fall damage so definitely don’t try falling down without it once you fall all the way down you can link up with your teammate and set up for the start of the game if there are more than two people on your team before the game starts the extra people will spawn high above the map in a skybox from here you can actually see which teams have a spot available to switch to for the next game all you have to do is look down at the openings below and see if the items they were looted if a team has an open spot that no one’s gonna spawn at the top area and you’ll see an item and that team numbers window you can switch to that team for the next round to play 30 seconds into the match the barriers will go down and all eight teams will be able to fight the zone moves diagonally so be sure to follow the pink arrows on the mini-map in the top right hand corner to help guide you in the right direction of the zone there’s also a bouncing arrow that’s visible to build in terrain that you can follow to go the right direction the zone itself is a floor wall zone with four layers on each side one is a blue warning zone which is followed by a 10 a 50 than a 200 damage zone this map also has realistic farmable mats to help the punishment materials as you cross the terminal the terrain itself is custom-made with unique elevation change each player will start with the blue AR a blue combat shotgun a blue SMG 1500 mats one trap and one campfire they’ll also pick up a random weapon slash utility and a random trap I also placed two jump pads towards the back of the initial zone to help out teams that with the worst starting positions to top it off this map is only twenty thousand memory so it should run really smoothly on PC console and anything else because the duo is don’t lure it’s such a new concept there might be some issues that I haven’t anticipated if you find anything I could fix please comment below and I’ll get right on it please like subscribe and use creative code enigma zero zero zero zero one if you enjoy the map again that’s nickimja zero zero zero zero reminder that the solar version of this is dropping real soon so subscribe for that thanks for watching and hope you guys have fun [Music]