Hey, it’s Kristen and happy New Year to all of you I took the first week off of January But I am back with the January focus videos this month I already showed you a little sneak peek on Instagram with all the videos that are gonna be going up in January I got a few really good recommendations for some other videos so Maybe also in February I’m gonna be making a lot of vegan related content We’re gonna see how this month goes, but I don’t know Maybe I’ve mentioned this a few times on my channel, but I’m not really a cook I can’t really make amazing Food most of the food I make looks like a science experiment gone really bad and most of the times that’s what it is but there are specific things that I can make and I’m really good at and I’m not scared to share it with you guys because I know that once you Make it you’re actually gonna enjoy it. So these are my five life-changing vegan recipes these are foods that are Alternatives to what you might have used to be eating Gigi be a good girl. Okay, please so these are easy vegan Alternatives to foods that most people really love to eat that are not vegan and they’re also affordable. So, okay I’m gonna stop talking now and let’s go to the first recipe, which is something that blew my mind when I first discovered it which is Making plants milk at home and not the kind of plan milk where you take the almond and you soak them and then you put them in a bag and You squeeze the bag or like some weird? Medieval stuff like that. I don’t have the time for that I don’t have the patience for that and I imagine the most of you watching me don’t either so this is actually a very easy plant-based milk alternative recipe that you can make and you just take any type of nut butter So it can be almond butter peanut butter even tahini it takes two tablespoons of that you put it in the blender with 700 MLS of water and then for a sweetener and you can and Three to four dates make sure to remove the pits or if you don’t have dates you can add one to two tablespoons of sugar brown sugar Coconut sugar maple syrup any kind of sweetener that you like and then just add a little pinch of salt as well Blend it all together and you have plant milk and not only it comes at a fraction of the price of plant-based milk but it’s even more affordable than cow’s milk and It tastes good and it lasts about three to four days to me It lasts for a week because I don’t care because I’m I don’t care about things expiring I just don’t this is a great time GG for you to start eating, right? She doesn’t eat all day and then I start recording and she’s like, yes I want everyone to listen to me eat in the background of Kristen’s videos The next recipe is even it even is even more mind-blowing than the first one it’s chick pea cookie dough and It will just change your life forever instead of Eating something that is kind of a fattening dessert which is cookie dough. That is also Unsafe to eat if you’re making cookie dough with eggs in it. But with chick pea vegan chickpea cookie dough You don’t have the nastiness of eating raw eggs, but also you get the plus that you’re actually eating healthy Protein as a dessert. It’s just like Where have you been all my life? So this was supposed to be Rihanna singing “Where have you been all my life” but the video got a copyright strike so enjoy this spectacular royalty free music instead (-_-) *sigh* Pretty much tastes like cookie dough, but it’s super healthy and it gives you protein and Nutrients that you get from the chickpeas, so it’s awesome. Anyway, so you take 2 cups of boiled chickpeas You add half a cup of creamy peanut butter 3 tablespoons Of maple syrup. You add a little bit of vanilla You blend all of these together in a food processor? Afterwards you add the chocolate chips and you let it chill because it tastes so much better when it’s chilled. Don’t need it warm GGY mmm So good life-changing experience you get to eat cookie dough every Day, and it’s basically like good for you. And then another life-changing recipe that I discovered after I went vegan Probably this is something you’ve heard of but if you have not heard of this, this is the most mind-blowing Recipe probably in this entire video and it is banana ice cream. You basically just take bananas Make sure that they’re ripe with spots on them and stuff like that You cut them up you put them in the freezer and then the next day or after they’re frozen You blend them in a food processor and that becomes ice cream And you can literally have ice cream for breakfast every day This is what I do in the summer every time I get to eat ice cream for breakfast And I know it’s actually good for me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world like yes everything’s gonna be ok, because you’re starting your day with ice cream and then you can just garnish it with shredded nuts or seeds or coconut shreds or Hazelnut powder frozen berries if you want when you’re blending the bananas you can add strawberries in there or blueberries in there you can add cookies if you want to make it a little more unhealthy and another thing you can do is you can soak oats overnight maybe in coconut cream and you can add the ice cream over that and it’s just Y8 anything else This is a really great plant-based alternative to salad dressing salad dressing Usually has either egg or milk or both in it or cheese So another really delicious and very nutritious Salad dressing that you can create instead is a tahini based salad dressing tahini is just a must-have Item in your kitchen you can make hummus out of that You can use it as a spread over bread You can use it for a salad dressing you can use it for so many things so I’m not gonna give you exact Proportions here because it depends on how big your salad is But I think about two tablespoons three even four tablespoons of tahini Depending on how much sauce you want over your salad is a good starting base and then you add one whole lemon to that turn off the lemon if you want to be a little more conservative with the amount of dressing that you use On your salad and just add as much water as you want depending on what consistency you want The dressing to be and add salt pepper and a little bit of garlic powder and it is absolutely delicious And it makes your salads just so much more amazing especially if you’re into making salads that are kind of like butta bowls where you add I don’t know protein like chickpeas or Lentils and then your lettuce your tomatoes your cucumber a little bit of corn maybe or sweet potatoes and then on top of all of that if you add tahini dressing I eat that every day pretty much because it’s so good and then The final recipe so I made this pizza with my brother on New Year’s We spent New Year’s together and we made these pizzas in like five minutes maybe a little bit less and Just anyone that loves pizza, which is pretty much everyone in the world This is an amazing vegan pizza alternative that you can make and really enjoy. So what we did is we took just Regular pita bread that we use here in Greece for soup lighting and then on top of the pita bread We added barbecue sauce First a little bit of oregano over that then afterwards we added a little bit of a little bit of a lot of vegan cheese, which is Very readily available in all supermarkets here in Greece at least as far as I know and then on top of the cheese We just added a lot of extras like mushrooms We added dried tomatoes. We added onions I mean Of course
You can add whatever you like on your pizza on top of there and then on top of that we added another Extra layer of cheese and let me tell you is it was? so good the pita bread Remained soft but the edges were a little bit of a little bit crusty and like crunchy the cheese melted completely And it tasted just like a pizza that you order from any restaurant So good such a great way to make pizza on your own super quickly at home if you have no time And you just want to eat something. That’s really tasty More Gigi, are you gonna sing for us in the background of the video? Everyone loves hearing you sing? Honey come on you don’t know if could be Huge the reason why I love these recipes is because they are easy and they are affordable They’re for people like me that are so lazy in the kitchen. I hate having to cook I hate afterwards having to do all the dishes. The only part I like is the eating part Thank you so much for watching and make sure to like this video if you liked it subscribe for more videos like this but also a lot of ethical and Sustainable living related videos as well Make sure to share this video Maybe with any friends of yours that are kind of lazy that you want to push them to start eating a little bit more vegan Okay, stop talking Cristen this video. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week. Goodbye You