Hello Friends, welcome to my kitchen at Healthy Kadai Today I will be sharing how to make fruit cream without using milk or cream This is quick and simple recipe which is relished by everyone. So lets see how to make Fruit cream without cream To make fruit cream I will not be using cream or milk. We will use Vanilla Ice cream Soften the ice cream at room temperature. Vanilla ice cream gives really creamy consistency. It will take just 5 min to prepare creamy Fruit cream Once the ice cream gets soft, add in diced fruits (mangoes, bananas, kiwi) Add tutti frutti or pomegranate seeds as per choice. Add in chopped nuts of choice (Walnuts, pistachio etc) Mix everything nicely. No need to add sugar, mix the cream or milk One can quickly and easily prepare this 5 min fruit cream recipe After mixing, place the fruit in refrigerator for 3-4 hours for chilling Once chilled serve in the glasses and garnish with chopped kiwi, nuts and tutti frutti