So I was just going to run some ideas by you, and you can just give me your brutal opinion about these pun ideas. OK. “50 Shades of Grapes.” Ooh. I like that. “A Million Little Reese’s Pieces.” (Laughter) Do you remember that book? I do. “Tart of the Deal.” (Light laughter) That’s stretching it a little bit. How do we feel about that one? It’s a stretch. (Upbeat music) So an Edible Book Festival is sort of a celebration of fun literary food-themed creations. Some people go the route of, like, making something that looks really edible and attractive to eat, like fancy cakes and things, and then other people go the route of making things that are less edible but have more of a pun. We had a brainstorm going of different, like, plays on words for book titles. And we decided that “50 Shades of Grey Poupon” was the punniest, so that’s what we went with. There’s some pretty good ones. “Game of Scones” looked really good to eat, just in general. “Handmaid’s Ta(ma)le” looked really good. This book was based on “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” It’s a book that I read in my childhood. It was found in a lot of school libraries, and it wasn’t the most kid-friendly book. It was kind of horrifying. I think it’s a celery root is the gnarly head. We used corn husks to make the little spider legs, and fondant for the body and details. You made the cake. I made the cake, which is actually quite delicious. (Laughter) (Music gets louder and then fades out)